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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grace Happens

A lot of folks tend to think, when they are pursuing their dreams, that when things aren't going the way they "want" or the way they "planned", that they should give up. Many of my clients and readers want to give up when things get a little tough. And it's interesting to me to see how easy it is for people to BELIEVE the negative voice in their head, far more than their positive and neutral voices.

It's almost like we are so afraid of getting our heart broken by our dream not coming true that any sign of setback, let down or unmet expectations are an excuse to stop trying.

But see, the thing is, walking on The Path will very rarely ever meet your "expectations". The Uni-verse speaks in paradox. What looks big, is usually small; what looks scary is usually joyful; what seems impossible is very much achievable and what seems hard can be easy. It's just being able to understand the paradoxical nature of The Uni-verse as well as having the emotional fitness and humility to not have to buy into the thought that everything has to go "your way".

Instead of judging a situation as "bad", a "setback" or a "quitting point", look at it this way: see GRACE.

You have no idea how protected, guided and looked after you are. When you look back at this moment in a few weeks, months or years, you very well will look back and see a blessing instead of a setback. So train your mind to refrain from judging a situation. Believe in grace. Instead of running away from your dreams, just sit with the uncomfortable feelings, meditate, take care of yourself and let them pass through you.

Do not run away because it is uncomfortable. Stay BECAUSE it is uncomfortable. Let your fears be purified by facing them. Let your judgments fade by not reacting to them and seeing how they play out over time. Humble yourself and know that things don't have to go YOUR WAY for you to be happy. There could be a way that is being guided from The Uni-verse that is much greater than you could ever imagine.

Emotional fitness, humility and a grace-filled mind will take you where you need to go. Let go of the judgments. Let go of the expectations and just show up fully with whatever you are feeling today. But do not turn back. Stay in the fire. You are not being burned - you are being purified.




Monday, May 30, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Dancehall! ♠ Patexx ft. Bounty Killer & Busta Rhymes - Summer Time (Remix)

When a song is HOTTT, you have to do a remix which is exactly what happened with Patexx and Bounty Killer for the Riddim Syndicate produced chune "Summer Time." 
Set to a heavily synthesised Dancehall riddim, both Patexx and Bounty talk about the lovely
sites that happen in the summer time.  Now, with the remix, Busta Rhymes brings his way
too HOTTT American flavour making this chune an easy selection in a Dancehall segment, or
when crossing over to a Hip Hop segment.
Speaking on behalf of the gents, the Five Star general, Bounty Killer DJ's:  "summer time is a party time / when mih clean an mih out an the summer is fine / an mih drinkin liquor of every kind / an mih deals wid mih girls dem one at a time / fine / inna Gucci an Louis design
you know anno war / is ah party time ..."
Patexx adds "when yu see the sun hot like fyah / all inna cool breeze we ah perspire / an yuh see the hot girl dem attire / it's summer time..."
Busta Rhymes laces these lyrics:  "you see it hot big big big gyal tek off yuh pants an put on yuh shorts / dan dadda wid dih lyrics an mih masta dih art / mih mash up every ting an you don't want me to start ..."
Together, this trio brings authentic Dancehall flava to get the bodies moving!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

To Love is a Choice

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

Love is more than a feeling. Love is a state of being, a choice, a verb and, when chosen, a very powerful force in the Uni-verse.

When you choose to love someone, you love them even when you don't necessarily like them from time to time. Love transcends moods, circumstances or money. The choice you make to love someone unconditionally is one of the highest choices you can ever make.

If you make your intention to enter into relationships with the mindset "How may I serve" and "How can I grow", instead of "what can I get", that intention will reveal to you so many wonderful things.

The promise of loving someone isn't that they will stay with you for the rest of your life; the promise of loving someone is that you will learn so much about yourself. Many times we have to go through a lot of different relationships to understand what we really want and who we really are. It is through the pain of relationships ending that we truly learn about ourselves and why we make the choices we do.

It is only by wholeheartedly loving the people we choose to be in relationship with that we can see how deep and real the relationship is. If you're in a relationship with someone who doesn't enjoy you being in your power, then the lesson isn't that they are a jerk; ask yourself why you chose to be with someone like that.

It is only by loving deeply that we can live meaningfully and learn about ourselves. Don't live to avoid the pain of heartbreak. Instead live with your heart wide open and let yourself learn the lessons love is trying to teach you. If you don't learn the lesson, you'll just keep attracting the same person in different shoes.

But if you learn the lessons, do the work, and keep your heart open - each relationship will get better and better until you finally find someone that you really gel with - you will find your life partner.

So, today, live openly. Learn the lessons from relationships of the past. Keep your heart open and know that each time it breaks, it's not getting weaker, it's actually getting stronger and wiser.

Finally, don't seek out the perfect lover. Don't chase love. There is nothing and no one to chase. Spend your time being a person who is worthy of being loved and love will be yours in the perfect time.

Learn the lessons. Stop the chase. Open up. Get busy being love-able and all love-able things will flow to you. This is the promise of love.




Announcement from Maestro - Formerly of Swatch International

Some of you are aware that Maestro has left Swatch International,
and some of  you are not aware.  As Maestro is a great friend, and
as we are very supportive of his career, we're sharing this press release
with you.
One thing the press release does not talk about, but is worthy of
mention, is that Maestro's knowledge of music is at Encyclopedia
proportions.  It matters not if you're inquiring about Beethoven and
why he composed Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, or Fats Dominoe
and the significance of his song "Walking to New Orleans," or the
latest and hottest Dancehall chune that is running the streets red.
If it's music, it's Maestro, hence his name.
Hotta Maestro Parts from Swatch International

After 18 years with the International Sound System Swatch International, Maestro, one of the systems most visible selectors, has parted ways with the sound.

In his personal statement via his Blackberry broadcast list, the award winning selector said “I’m very grateful for the time I spent with this entity and wish them all the best.”  To his fans, he said “I’ll be out bigger and better; thank you all for understanding.”

Maestro surged to Dancehall prominence in part to the Passa Passa DVD video’s which featured the selector selecting the hottest and latest Dancehall chunes which dancers from across the island created dance moves which were imitated around the world.

“It’s time for me to spread my wings and fly on my own” said Maestro from his studio in Kingston.  “I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for Swatch.  Now it’s my turn to start my own and do the same for the artists I work with.”

Maestro will be focusing on his music production where he develops riddims in all genres, and works with established as well as up and coming artistic talent.  Stay tuned for details and new releases from Hotta Maestro Music.

Contact Maestro directly at


Saturday, May 28, 2011

1% Better Than Yesterday

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

One of my favorite things about life is that we all get a chance, once a day, to start over.

The morning comes bearing gifts of renewal, redemption and a chance to start all over again. The fresh dew on the Spring leaves glimmer as the sun is just starting to poke her head out from the horizon and imbue each morning with the promise of revival. Moments like these remind me that life goes on.

And not only does life go on, but this very morning you have a chance to make a new decision about HOW it goes. I know I don't get it perfect; I mess up every day. I try to kick sugar and I fail 20 times a week. But I try and try again. And each day I am closer to my result

The same thing goes for goals, achieving dreams and the quality of your life. You may not have gotten it perfect in the past, but perfection is never what we can really achieve - only progress. When you stop trying to be perfect and embrace progress OVER perfection - you free yourself to live a life on your terms. We, my friend, are human beings, and by our very nature are not perfect.

But what we can do is welcome the promise of the morning, of each new day that reminds us that we can try again and today get it 1% more right. We can be 1% more on our own side, we can love ourselves 1% more and we can come 1% closer to our dreams.

You and I don't need to get it all done today, because we can't; but we can achieve 1% more than we did yesterday. We can forgive ourselves 1% more than we did yesterday. We can show up for our loved ones more than we did yesterday.

The promise of the morning inspires me every day. Today, I am to do 1% better than I did yesterday. Day-by-day, slowly but surely these small incremental changes will bring about MASSIVE change in our lives.

Embrace the promise of renewal each morning, and for today, don't try to be perfect, just be 1% better than you were yesterday.

Let's get there, together, one day at a time.




Vybz Kartel addresses Corey Todd, Jah Vinci Departures...

Many of you have heard or seen the recent accusations made by my former associates in the past few weeks. I don’t know why all of these individuals, think the most appropriate action to take after a philosophical difference occurs is to go to the press and attack me.
I can only say that I am reminded of Bob Marley’s admonishments when he said man is so unjust, you don’t know who to trust…your best friend can turn out to be your worst enemy…I shall say no more, other than who the cap fit, mek them wear it. I am issuing this statement because I think these accusations are due to a breach of confidentiality as certain individuals got wind of my upcoming projects and initiatives and they know they can’t stop me without resorting to underhanded tactics.

See Jamaica, Vybz Kartel has been carrying a secret for a very long time and I think it is time that I reveal it before persons try to derail the projects that I have put together by continuing to make false reports about me in their attempt to have me muzzled.two years ago, I had an epiphany whilst on stage. I saw thousands of people screaming for Kartel, jumping up and down, listening to ever word that I uttered on stage, it was like the people were eating out of the palm of my hands. At that moment, something strange came over me, as I heard the people screaming for more, I suddenly realized that my calling was to be more than a Deejay.
I realized that the people were not eating out my hands but they wanted to hear Kartel speak because finally somebody was telling their story in a profound no holds barred manner. Whether I was addressing sexuality,poverty, police brutality, injustice,the trials and tribulations of the ghetto I was finally giving ghetto people a voice – a big voice like society never heard before.

I know I am not the first that has ever attempted to do this. Because when I researched I saw that Marcus, Sam Sharpe, Paul Bogle all spoke directly to the powers that be on behalf of the people but were ostracized and in some cases killed. Later, Marley, Tosh, Jacob Miller did the same thing and all died young under unique somewhat mysterious circumstances. I have seen what they have done to ancient Rastamen, People’s Telecom, the Marcus Garvey Political Party and other entities that attacked Babylon head on.

I did not want the same fate to reach me at the time, I did not want them to muzzle me also, so I took a decision that I felt I had to, I had to trick Babylon. I realized if I kept doing outrageous and outlandish stuff, they would write me off as just an attention seeking artiste and not realize that since July 26, 2009 behind closed doors I have been writing my book and setting up my GEL (Gaza Education and Literacy) program. So they put the spotlight on me, not knowing that they were actually putting the spotlight on themselves because Vybz Kartel is not about braces, bleaching and hairstyles but I am about elevating the cause of Ghetto people.

Please understand Jamaica sometimes you have to trick Babylon with confusion. If I revealed my intentions two years ago, do you think the people that control the media would report everything I do? Babylon, you have been tricked. For 500 years, the system has been using reverse psychology to trick my people,I have now used reverse psychology to trick them Let’s see societal hypocrisy for what it is. Now that my book is going to be released, now that most of my songs will have a more cultural overtone as i have already taken the decision to stop deejaying gun lyrics, now that I am going to be providing educational opportunities for young people,will you be giving me the same attention?

In so far as business is concerned, I don’t agree that rum and a night club is an Empire. The Portmore Global Empire has been in the works for some time with proper infrastructure currently being put in place. I had anticipated certain moves and I have been in consultation with Attorneys in Pembroke Pines, Florida about proper branding, contracts, representation and protecting my legal rights globally. The team I have been working with are all degreed in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Mass Communications and have the expertise that I will need – it is funny when I hear "nobody can tell Kartel anything" when I have trained consultants who have aided me in planning my future projects. I have not finalized any decisions as yet but I have invested considerable resources to take my business endeavours to another level, so again, like Bob Marley said, half the story has never been told.

Now I know a lot of my fans are probably surprised but understand this,I feel called by a power greater than me. Black people have been suffering too long, we have been in poverty too long, we have been brutalized too long and Vybz Kartel is now advising the world that I will use the spotlight that you have put on me to highlight their cause. I am not na├»ve and I know based on recent interviews on TV that my life and freedom is more in danger than ever before because I have no intention of easing up on the system or their agents. However, I am at peace with this decision.The Gaza ladies, you are still my babies, so don’t worry, the black race must procreate so I will giving you more “Dumpa Truck” to drive in, you can still “Get Wild” and you will still ride your “10 speed bicycle” in “Slow Motion.” I will never stop deejaying for you. The “thugs,” you all built Kartel, so I will never alienate you but you may be getting some new messages from me.

It is unfortunate that I have been forced to prematurely make this statement as my book was slated to be launched on July 23, 2012 – His Imperial Majesty’s Earthstrong, my GEL program was for the September 2011-2012 academic year but the forces against me are rising on TV and in the newspaper so after consultation with the few trusted advisers I have left, I decided to make this release so that if they take my life or my freedom, the projects will continue. Keep in mind that the greatest black man that ever lived, Marcus Garvey, was betrayed by trusted individuals and endured continuous character assassination, so I guess I am in good company. We nah stop say Gaza4Life, we just upgrading the message.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Toronto Prepares for a Bam Bam with Chaka Demus & Pliers And Tiger!

Kingston Class Reunion is pleased to confirm that Tiger, known for his hit singles “Bam Bam,” “Puppy Love” and “Boombastic” will be joining the original Dancehall duo, Chaka Demus & Pliers for an evening dubbed ‘Bam Bam’ in Toronto on July 2nd, 2011.

Now in its third staging, Kingston Class Reunion will give the city of Toronto an unprecedented night of entertainment as three Dancehall legends take the stage at the Phoenix Concert Theatre (410 Sherbourne Street)!

With their careers spanning more than three decades, Chaka Demus & Pliers are the first Jamaican act to place three consecutive singles in the top five of the British music charts.  Attaining additional accolades such as having performed at the 2007 American Music Awards with Alicia Keys, and having their song featured in the movie soundtrack for Poetic Justice (starring Janet Jackson & Tupac Shakur) and Save the Last Dance (starring Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas), fans of three generation have a love for their music. 

Tiger, whose music career began in 1978 rose to Dancehall prominence in 1986 with the release of the song “Puppy Love,” followed by the 1988 hit, “Bam Bam” and the Steely & Clevie produced “Ram Dancehall.” 

Tiger has recorded with the Award winning group the Fat Boys, and has had his music featured in the movie ‘Cool Runnings.’  He was later signed to Columbia Records where he released an album featuring production from Sly & Robbie, The Brand New Heavies and a guest rap from the infamous group Tribe Called Quest.

Joining Chaka Demus & Pliersand Tiger are hosts Natasha Von Castle from 88.1 CKLN and L3 Radio, and Delroy Sterling from CHRY 105.5 FM and supporting artists Mel Dube, 2011 Award nominee Ammoye and veteran artist Uncle Jonny who will be backed by Canada’s number one band, EOP (Essence of Praise).  Additional music will be provided by Wiz International, Massey Sound, Tre-Jah-Isle International and DJ Chocolate.

Since the announcement of Chaka Demus & Pliers and Tiger on The Caribbean Crucible with Luther Brown, the city of Toronto has declared this concert to be the most anticipated on the event calendar.

For additional information about Kingston Class Reunion and the show, log on to, or call 416-525-3394.  Blackberry users can add the pin 26ACD6D5.

Tickets are available at 2-Lined Music Hut, Nicey’s (Brampton & Scarborough), Granny’s Place, Gem’s House of Jerk, The offices of CHRY 105.5 FM, Tre-Jah-Isle Records and Tapes, and Play De Record. 


◄◄◄ Throwback Thursday! ◄◄◄ Garnett Silk!

Today we're going to pretend that we have one shot and one chance to impress you with just one Reggae song for today's Throwback Thursday.
Our chune selection is "We Could Belong Together" by Garnet Silk!
Produced by the legendary duo Steely & Clevie, this chune can easily be called a classic, but
rocking the throwback jersey for a minute, the voice of the great Garnett brings out the goose
Originally recorded by Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson in 1986 (titled "Friends & Lovers"),
Steely & Clevie built an uptempo riddim featuring their trademark synthesised horn section at the intro, as well as computerized drum track, the icing on the musical cake is the sweetness of the bass line.  The result of this is a totally new chune is authentic 'rock an come een' vibes with only lyrical reminders of the old song.
Add to this, Garnett Silks vocals as well as the backup vocalist (we don't know her name), and we end up with this certified classic.
New York's famed Federation Sound says, it's impossible to over state the importance of Steely & Clevie to Dancehall and Reggae music and we whole-heartedly co-sign.  Songs
like this are reminders the masses need to hear!
Click on the link below to sample this 'must hear again chune' produced by Steely & Clevie called "We Could Belong Together" performed by Garnett Silk!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eva Pigford Guests with Taylor Boi!

What happens when Taylor Boi, Eva Pigford, DJ Scream and Coalition DJ's get together at the same location at the same time?  Apart from a room filled with beautiful people, a video shoot is what happens.

Taylor Boi's single "Irene," featuring So Supreme is blazing a path, creating demand for a video, hence the shoot this memorial day weekend.  If you want to be there, check the flyer below for the details!


Unrequited Love

"Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go."

- Anon

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

We live in a world of instant gratification.

I had a thought yesterday; it was:

"The only unrequited love that truly exists is towards ourselves."

It seems, so much in our lives, we can experience this sense of love unreturned to us by those we want it from.

You're a lover; I'm a lover; we're all lovers here in The Daily Love community. Deep down all we want is to love and be loved in return. That's the true pulse of the human condition.

Regarding, romantic love specifically, I find it funny (and at times SUPER GNARLY PAINFUL) the dance we all dance. It's like Girl A likes Boy B, but Boy A likes Girl A, and Girl B likes Boy A. I know, that confused me, too. I just think it's funny how many times we desire the one that doesn't want us, or that isn't the best one for us. And yet, at the same time, we have little to no interest in people who desire us. This obviously isn't how it always is, but here in Los Angeles, I find this trend running rampant (in my life, too).

It's really easy to get bummed when someone you really like in that way, doesn't like you back in that way. You know what I'm talking about - you desire them and they think of you only as a friend. Yeah - the friend zone. It happens to the best of us, guys and girls. And, not only that, we are also perpetrators of putting people who like us in the friend zone. It's a two-way street.

The key, though, as we dance, is to remember who you are. Unrequited love from someone can be a bummer for sure, but I don't think that actually exists. Why? It's not because I have never been the recipient of unrequited love; quite on the contrary - it's familiar territory (being on both sides, actually).

When we forget to Love Ourselves, when we forget The Uni-verse is on our side and wants us to thrive, when we forget that we are co-creators of our lives with The Uni-verse, then it's easy to feel unrequited love and have it really affect you. But, I believe that the unrequited love we are feeling isn't from the other person who we desire - it's actually from ourselves.

When we love ourselves, we remember that rejection is protection. When we love ourselves we are careful whom we give our hearts to. When we love ourselves, we see every event of our lives as lessons and know that there are no shortages in The Uni-verse. We know that if it doesn't work out with that someone you had your eye on, or that job you really wanted, something greater is on the way.

We love ourselves and are filled with this love; it's nearly impossible to feel unrequited love from someone else. It's only when we have given that person power over our lives and control over our emotional well-bring that we can feel unrequited love from them. Feeling unrequited love from someone is a symptom of low self-esteem and a misalignment with your power.

So, if you're feeling this way, take your power back today. Put your trust in the things that The Uni-verse has in store for you. Let go a little and see what's next. There is no shortage in The Uni-verse. There is someone perfect for you out there and they will find you as you become more and more of your authentic self.

When you are feeling the low vibrations of unrequited love, don't go chasing after it from other people. STOP, check in within yourself and be still. If you seek out the path of trying to fill yourself up from other people or substances, you will only make it worse. Take care of yourself. Do you! Stay in your power and do things that nurture your heart and soul.

This is what I mean when I say, "The only unrequited love that truly exists is towards ourselves." When we love ourselves, we are not seeking others to fill us and we are free to detach and welcome in the perfect person in the perfect time. And in the meantime, we fill ourselves up so that we have the serenity and joy - so we can step into savoring the waiting, instead of dreading it.

Feeling unrequited love today? Take your power back, love yourself and watch it go away.




♠ HOTTT New Reggae! ♠ Geoffrey Star ft. Sade - I Don't Understand!

With his laid back voice, and sultry style Geoffrey Star epitomizes all that Lovers Rock is for the younger generation.
Warming hearts with his words, and soothing souls with his melodies, Geoffrey Star, and his new song "I Don't Understand" is sure to be one of your most requested songs of your favourite DJ!  You'll also be hitting the repeat button when its selected on a mixtape!
Singing for those with broken hearts, Geoffrey says:  
"Now if you're sure about love the way
you say you do / how come you are lonely / I
don't understand / I don 't understand / and if
you say you love me / the way you say you
do / why am I still lonely / I don't understand / I
don't understand ..."
Add to this, Sade's classic vocals:  "you think I'd leave your side baby / you know me better
than that ..."  Murdah!
Musically, the riddim to which the song is voiced is perfect.  Geoffrey's vocals lay on top of it like satin sheets on a Queen sized bed!
Click the link below to listen to the chune and let us know what you think!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Dancehall! ♠ Charly Black ft. Fuze - Baby Storm!

When we first heard from Dancehall artist Fuze (@fuzeatdem1), it was because of his Dancehall banger "Fly Pass Dem."  In that chune, the artist made it clear:  we don't have time to even think about the bad mind - we ah fly pass dem!
Today, Fuze has teamed with Dancehall soldier Charly Black and Drop The Bass Records for a new chune called "Baby Storm" which is another banger and especially worded for fans who can see a 'baby storm' coming, and laugh in advance!
Once again, the theme of the chune is so universal, it applies to all people who are being 'hated' on.  From the office space to the street space, we all go through the hater-aid.  Pree Fuze's lyrics:
"We nuh inna no talking / no skylarking / from dem
diss / dih dogs dem barking / ride pon a bicycle while
dem walking / page dem / as dem dun throw offering /
tell dem / watch what dem starting / when dih storm
rise / ah dih whole place parting / dem deh pon tar /
police ah white chalking ..."
For the Dancehall appreciating masses, this chune connects. It's only people's 'yap yap yap'  that's heard when a 'baby storm' passing through town.  With a real soldier, it's just scenery!
Click on the link below to preview the chune!


Turn Disappointment to Success!

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

We've all had major disappointments in life. Things didn't go the way you REALLY, REALLY wanted them to. Maybe a job fell through, that person you had a mad crush on likes someone else or you got a NO when you really wanted to hear a YES.

Enter disappointment.

Depending on the level of our attachment to an outcome, disappointments can range from just slightly disappointing to heart breaking.

No matter what you're going through, don't see this momentary NO and a final NO. When The Uni-verse says NO to us, it is invariably part of a greater YES that we cannot yet see.

So, what do we do in the meantime with the feelings that are left over from letdown, heartbreak and disappointment? Well - you have two choices, you can either choose to self-destruct through ramping up your addiction du jour, or you can choose to take the anger, sadness, confusion and disappointment and channel it towards fulfilling your dreams.

The contrast of not getting what you want fills us with energy (usually anger, sadness, etc). This energy and these emotions are powerful. If we ignore them, then they can get the best of us. Every addiction and negative habit we have at its root is an avoidance of ourselves. So, when things don't go our way, when we feel let down, we our hearts break, we can tend to run from those emotions, instead of facing them and using them to push us forward.

There have been a few times in my life where I have been truly shattered: twice because of girls and once because of a business partner. The first time my heart was broken, I allowed it to get the best of me. I went out more, drank more and ignored my feelings. But that didn't bear any good fruit, just more sadness, more anxiety and more negativity.

I learned about Kundalini Yoga and it changed my life. Doing Kundalini helped me face my negative emotions and actually rid my body of them. From that point forward I've had two major "disappointments", but what I've done has been to channel that energy into fueling my dreams. I had a business partnership that didn't work out. My whole identity was based on this business working out; everything I believed, everything I knew was this business and it faded away. I realized that I was more than just my circumstances.

I was angry, I was sad and I couldn't understand why. But what I did know is that I had a choice; I could choose to self-implode (again) or I could use that energy to build my dreams. Anger can be a positive motivator sometimes. Anger isn't always bad. I believe it's important to celebrate what motivates us.

Using the pain of disappointment to push you even further towards your dreams is a wonderful use of that energy.

So, how do you do it? You take care of yourself, first and foremost. Try Kundalini Yoga, eating an Alkaline Diet, hydrating well and exercise. Get your program down. Then take all those emotions and get busy creating. Those emotions are the primal force of The Uni-verse that exists within you. That energy can be used to make something beautiful or tear down your life. That choice of how to use the primal energy of your emotions is up to you.

Today I challenge you to use your setbacks as gifts, giving you even greater energy to push forward. Channel your feelings towards creating something beautiful, positive and productive. Let go of how you thought things should turn out and get about the business of creating your dreams.

Sometimes The Uni-verse shakes us to wake us. Use disappointments as opportunities to push through.

This energy is within you - how you use it is up to you. I challenge you to use it for creating something valuable, something beautiful, something that will erase the feelings of letdown that you are currently feeling and instead be a beacon for Love, for inspiration and for hope.




♠ ZJ Sparks Presents ♠ HOTTT New Reggae - City Streetz Riddim!

Just as you rely on the words of your Doctor regarding your health, is just as you must rely on our words as being the truth about the riddim called 'City Streetz!'
A co-production by ZJ Sparks for Twelve 9 Records and Dynasty Records, the riddim boasts 12 artists from Delly Ranks to Sizzla to Gappy Ranks.  Each chune reflects 'talk' on the City Streetz as to what's going on in people's lives.
For example, we have Bobby Hustle talking about the good love his girl gives him, to Warrior King proudly telling the world that all his days he'll be praising Jah, to Sophia Squire who says that somehow, some way, she's going  to find a way.
The chune that you have to trust us on, comes from Lutan Fyah called "Hush!"
Addressing the plague of women who have a child or children with a man who leave without
paying any child support, Lutah Fyah says:
"if ah dat ah gwaan young man stop it / nuh
tell me dat yuh pickney ah jacket ... dah one
yah name Hush / baby madda / nuh badda worry
bout dih deadbeat fadda / him run gone leff you
an yuh pickney / not a red cent him nuh come
sen gih Britney ...." 
Now that we've looked at the lyrics, let's look at the riddim itself.  The bassline is where the
addiction rests as it carries the chord progression.  It starts you off in one key, takes you to another, then brings you back to the original key.  After listening to even one chune on the riddim, you will be hooked ... no chance to escape!
Preview the Lutan Fyah chune at the link below and make sure you leave a comment!


Monday, May 23, 2011

CARIBANA™ Will Not Be Renamed – 2011 Festival in Serious Doubt

Put your plans on hold as CARIBANA™ 2011 is in serious doubt.  The CARIBANA™ ARTS GROUP (CAG), festival owners, founders and trademark holders of CARIBANA™ have not been able to reach an agreement with the Festival Management Committee (FMC), after numerous attempts, causing this year’s festival to be in doubt.

Sponsors are advised to withhold committing to contracts with the unauthorized manager of the festival as an injunction to stop the FMC in its tracks from attempting to rename the festival created and owned by the CCC (now CAG) is pending before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Contrary to perception, the court did not order a name change for the Caribana Festival. At a hearing on May 12th, 2011, the court made it clear that the Caribana trademark cannot be used by the Festival Management Committee.  The ruling says, in part: R (Respondent) "will no longer use the trademark ‘Caribana’.”  It (FMC) “consents to an order preventing such use."  The CAG, creators and owners of the festival, did not seek to withdraw use of the Caribana name for the Festival. The idea to change the name was introduced by the FMC in a desperate attempt to circumvent CAG’s legal rights.

The judge’s decision was only part of an application by CAG to protect its trademark which includes the Caribana Festival. The proceedings to bar the FMC from attempting to re-name the festival are to continue in court as early as May 31st 2011.  Changing the name of the festival is a desperate attempt by the FMC to avoid coming to mutually agreeable terms with the CAG.

Henry Gomez, Chair of the CARIBANA™ ARTS GROUP advises, “Sponsors and patrons who pay for costumes in the masquerade bands should be very cautious about putting their money into a festival that might not happen this year, and bandleaders should also be cautious about promised seed money.”  He also stated, "Neither should they be aiding in the attempted theft of the Caribana Festival from our community, to profit a few individuals."

In keeping with the judge’s ruling, the CAG will return to court at month’s end with the details necessary to have an injunction which will prevent the FMC from holding a festival with the characteristics of Caribana on the Simcoe Day weekend.


CARIBANA™ ARTS GROUP (CAG), formerly known as the Caribbean Cultural Committee (CCC) was incorporated in 1967 as the Caribbean Committee for Cultural Advancement for the purpose of celebrating Canada’s Centennial. The CAG is the legal owner of the CARIBANA™ Festival and Trade Mark and is chaired by Henry Gomez.  In 2006, the City of Toronto appointed the Festival Management Committee to manage the CARIBANA™ Festival for one year only.  FMC was intended to be the management arm of the CARIBANA organization, but wants to report directly to the City of Toronto, and not acknowledge CAG as the legal owners of the Festival.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Reggae! ♠ Chuck Fenda ft. Cherine Anderson - Call On Me!

With the backing of a rocking riddim, Chuck Fenda and Cherine Anderson team to deliver the HOTTT New Reggae chune called "Call On Me!"
The magic to this song is the way both artists use the music to emphasize their minimal wording, thus causing a maximum effect.  For example, when Cherine sings the first words of
her verse, "Baby," she times it so the enunciation sits on the high-hat (cymbal), immediately getting our attention (the 0:48 marker).
As for Chuck, his vocals with the electric guitar at the beginning of the song are the equivalent to a tailor who has made a custom suit for a suitor.  It just fits perfectly!  Together, Chuck and Cherine make musical magic.  So magical is the union, you don't want the song to end.  With a run time of 3:22, you'll feel the song isn't long enough!  It's clear Chuck and Cherine have a musical chemistry, reminiscent of their 2006 chart topping song "Coming Over!"
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Chuck Fenda and Cherine Anderson with the chune "Call On Me" at the link below!

People Who Have More Than You...

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

Will Smith said it best: "You can tell how far in life you'll go by the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with." I remember the first time I heard this quote it totally rearranged my whole brain. I took a look around me and - BOY - did I see that some changes had to be made!

If you want to go far in life, it's VITAL that you surround yourself with people who love you, people who are looking out for your best interests and people who want you to win. Also - and PLEASE HEAR ME - when taking advice, not everyone's advice is equal - please, PLEASE take advice from people who HAVE what YOU WANT.

You wouldn't ask a plumber how to treat your cold and likewise you shouldn't ask people who haven't accomplished - how to accomplish. There may be PLENTY of well-meaning people in your life who are giving you horrible advice.

It could be their own limiting beliefs playing out, it could be that they want you to live a safe life and that taking risks is equivalent to possible failure, who knows, but believe me when I say that you don't want to take advice from "guessers". Guessers are those people who haven't accomplished something that you are asking for advice about. Since they don't know, all they can really do is guess.

If you want to start a business, get advice from SUCCESSFUL business people in your field. If you want LOVE advice, get advice from someone who has an amazing relationship (not the closed down person with a chip on their shoulder).

Who you choose to surround yourself with and take advice from is a huge factor in how successful you will become.

So, who are you hanging out with these days?



Friday, May 20, 2011

Let's Do It Again with JBoog!

One of the most talked about artists in Reggae is JBoog!  Born in Hawaii and living in California, this artist has the most loyal fans who have shown him steadfast support, and now, they can do so in person!

On May 28th, JBoog performs live for fans at the Red Lion Hotel located at 1401 Ardenway, Sacremento, California.  At the top of his performance list is "Let's Do It Again," "So Far Gone" and a few special treats!

Take a look at the flyer below for JBoog's performance and ticket info.  You can also click on the link to preview what you're going to hear from Mr. Boog live!

Mess Becomes Message!

Before we get to the message from Mastin at The Daily, we have to share a quote that he shared with us:

"What anyone else has or does not have has nothing to do with you. The only thing that affects your experience is the way you utilize the Non-Physical Energy with your thought. Your abundance or lack of it in your experience has nothing to do with what anybody else is doing or having. It has only to do with your perspective. It has only to do with your offering of thought. If you want your fortunes to shift, you have to begin telling a different story."

- Esther Abraham-Hicks, best-selling author.

Turn Your Mess Into A Message!   My friend Don Nash said that to me... I think it's genius.

The most important part of life, and the only part of life that we can truly control is our perception. We may have influence over other parts of our life, but the only thing we have 100% control over is how we CHOOSE to perceive the events of our lives. 

One of the FUNdamental messages of TDL is that you are not a victim, but a co-Creator of your life with The Uni-verse.

It's easy to play the victim and a lot of people out there will try to convince you that it's easier to blame other people for the circumstances of your life. One of the reasons it's easy to be a victim is because you give away the response-ability of the outcome and circumstances of your life to some other person or entity.

As a victim, we tell ourselves that it's not our fault; it's the Government's fault, or our significant other's fault, or our friend's fault or our parents' fault. If you really get creative you can imagine a whole range of people to blame for your life.

But the truth is that you are the one making the choices in your life. YOU have the free will and ability to CHOOSE to connect to Love, or not.

If you're like me, you've probably made a mistake or two in your life (or dozens... lol). For a long time it was easy to blame people for the outcome. When things didn't go the way I WANTED them too I would just make it someone else's fault.

But, I started to learn differently. Thanks to teachers like Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, M.Scott Peck, Jan Shepherd, Sophie Chiche and most recently Jesus, I began to learn how to take my power back. I began to see that the way we thrive is by making out INNER WORLD stronger than the outer world.

Tony Robbins will tell you that the story you tell yourself about your life will dictate the outcome of it. Caroline Myss reminds us that CHOICE is the most important power in The Uni-verse. Dr. Dyer teaches that it is the power of your INTENTION that forms the outcome of your life. Mr. Peck will tell you that life is hard and that when you realize and accept that, that life is no longer hard. Jan would tell you to put the loving first and to keep your dreams and visions grounded and in real time. And Sophie would remind us to love ourselves big time and to keep our thoughts in alignment with what we want, rather than what we don't want. And of course, the big JC teaches unconditional Love and says we can experience this Love when we have right thought, take right action and keep our focus off of ourselves and keep it instead on Love.

How could you possibly let yourself be a victim knowing all these things?

If you really get that these lessons are REAL and TRUE and WORK, then, if you're like me, you will feel called to turn your mess into a message.

Add value to other people's lives and value will be added to your own. Being of service and taking the wounds of your life and turning them into lessons and sharing your experience with others will do more good to you and the planet than almost anything else.

To be human is to be messy, to screw up and to not get it right - that just comes with the territory. But it's not right thought or action to assume the role of the victim. It may seem safer and it may even seem true. But what's true is that you can take the wounds, messes and tragedies if your life and use them for good.

You can take your power back from people, groups and anything else that says you are powerless. You are POWERFUL, but you have to choose to be in your power and to step up.

Keep your thoughts on Love. Take and assume respons-ability for your life. Things may have happened in your past that you have no control over. But what you DO have control over is how you respond to those events. Do you want to let those events get the best of you, or do you want to rise to the occasion, pick yourself up by the bootstraps and say, "I got this?"

You may not have been able to control what happened in the past, but you have 100% control over what you CHOOSE to believe and as a result where you go from here.




Thursday, May 19, 2011

All of You!

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

For many years there were a lot of things about myself that I hated.

I just could not accept myself.

I could love other people just fine, but when it came to me I held the bar so high that ANY flaw, any mistake or any misstep was not only wrong, it made me a bad person in my own mind.

I had no connection to my Creator; I didn't even know what that meant or felt like. Love was some Valentine's Day gimmick and even though I seemed "confident" on the outside, it was false. It was cockiness used to cover up insecurity. That insecurity ran deep. I thought I had to have all this money, all these things to be worthy of a woman's love. I thought I had to be uber-successful to earn my parents respect. I thought I was nothing without achieving in the world.

All that has come crashing down. I have learned through much pain and trials that all those worldly things do not define me. Not because I'm in denial, but because I have learned that outer circumstances change ALL the time and that if I defined myself by what is happening on the outside, then when

Things change, who I am also changes.

That is a setup for craziness.

Also, as I have cultivated a deeper relationship with my Creator, I've come to accept myself for my flaws and insecurities. I was made the way I was. As Lady Gaga says, "There's nothing wrong with loving who you are, 'cuz He made you perfect babe".

I realized this past weekend that the things I dislike about myself have been created in me by The Uni-verse. It's almost as if how I programmed, with my flaws, insecurities and "bad habits", are all habits that eventually lead me back to Love.

The Uni-verse knows how to get my attention, too. Most of the major changes and discoveries in my Spiritual life have come from women. My mom has been a major spiritual influence on me. And most of my life, The Uni-verse has sent me my next spiritual steps through really cute girls who any guy would be crazy not to have a crush on. It's actually a recurring theme in my life.

I was reflecting on this the other day and beating myself up for it. I didn't like it. It made me think I was vain, or unloving, or that there was something wrong with me. But I had an insight and realized that's how I was created by The Uni-verse. That's how I can be spoken to. It kind of like going into France and speaking Japanese. The Uni-verse talks to us in the language that we understand.

The two places I can be spoken to best are through entrepreneur's I respect and women I admire. And as soon as I realized this is how I was programmed and that my Creator loved me anyway, everything became lighter.

Now I'm not saying that this is the only way I learn, or that the only people I learn from are entrepreneur's or women; I see everyone I meet as a teacher in some way. But when The Uni-verse really wants to drive home a point, that's how It does it.

I started to see after I realized this that there are a lot of other "flaws" that I have that The Uni-verse has used for good. Take my deeeeep unmet desire to love and be loved by a woman. That pain of unfulfilled love has been used to teach me how to love myself AND create TDL in the process.

Pretty amazing, huh?

That's how compassionate The Uni-verse is. It knows us perfectly. When we can learn to love ourselves as The Uni-verse loves us, flaws and all, the charge goes away. The self-judgment goes away. We step into self-acceptance and as a result can give and receive better.

From that place of self-acceptance we then have the inner conviction to create any kind of outer world we desire. We are undefined by the outer world, and rather defined by inner conviction and Love of our Creator.

This is how we connect with the unchanging. No longer defined by outer circumstances, our deep love of ourselves right where we are is solid ground to from which to live life. In this day and age of massive consumerism and "magazine beauty" driven fashion, radical self-acceptance and self-love is a revolutionary stance.

Join the revolution! :o) What can you love about yourself today? Ask The Uni-verse how you can use your "flaws", "insecurities" and "bad habits" for your growth and success. There is an answer in there - I guarantee it. All you gotta do is ask!

"Dear Uni-verse, show me how to love and accept these crazy parts of myself! Show me how to use them the way You intended them to be used. Show me how to see the beautiful gifts in my flaws, my insecurities and my bad habits! Show me how to accept myself as You made me."

Ask, and it is given. Wanna ask?



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Surrender to Love...

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

It feels like a perfect moment to write about surrender.

There is so much confusion about this topic. On the surface, surrender seems like giving up, giving in and being lazy. It seems like a passive and weak approach to life. In war, to surrender it means to give up and let the enemy win.

But - from a Spiritual point of view surrender is one of the greatest tools in your tool box.

Let's define surrender before we take another step. To surrender means to "submit or to yield". So with that in mind, it's vital to understand WHAT we are surrendering to. If you surrender to fear, or to anger, or to low self-esteem, then you are letting that force run you. You are giving up and giving into energies that don't serve your Greatest Good. In war, to submit to an enemy that is threatening to kill your family is also not a good idea. These kinds of surrender I'm not talking about.

I'm talking about something much greater, grander and more meaningful than negative energy, and if we all cultivated the kind of surrender, there would be no "enemy" because we would realize we are all brothers and sisters floating through space on the same rock with limited resources.

The kind of surrender I'm talking about is surrender with a capital S. To Surrender is to Surrender to Love. Love is the Energy that created our Uni-verse. This Energy is kind, creative and knows us FAR better than we do. This Energy of Love gave you gifts, talents and a purpose. So when you Surrender (capital S), you do not surrender to human beings (who are fallible), nor do you submit to a negative thought pattern.

When you Surrender you give up the control of your life to an Energy that will guide you perfectly. When you Surrender to the Energy of Love, you let go and let yourself be lived by It. Faith in this process is the soil in which you will flourish. This is no different than a seed being firmly planted in the right soil and watered. You are the seed, Faith is the soil and Love is what grows you. The seed effortlessly grows into its fullest expression, not by force, but with ease.

If you're having a hard time believing that a kind, wise, loving and compassionate Energy created The Uni-verse, I'm going to ask you to do an experiment. Try. Try for 30 days to let go and let Love guide you. Not romantic love, not emotional love and not your love of cookies - I'm talking about Love with a capital L, that Creative Energy that made us all. Surrender (capital S), to Love, give IN to it... Let It guide you.

When you do this, all the illusions of your life that do not resonate with Love will burst. It may seem like your world is turning upside down - totally normal. It's kind of like waking up from The Matrix. You're gunna see things all kinds of differently. Just stick with it.

If you have problems, worries, or desires, just hand them over to Love. Lay them down at the feet of Love and stop trying to solve your problems with your mind. Give Love room to step in and help guide you. When you do this, you will be led to the strangest and most beautiful of places. Some people will leave your life; new ones will come. You may be fired, or feel called to quit your job. You may realize you are not in a Loving relationship. Whatever it may be, whatever you feel Love is guiding you to do, jump in.

Faith in yourself and in Love pays massive dividends. We are energetic beings and Love is the Highest Energy in The Uni-verse. Some people say that Love doesn't pay the bills, but I call B/S. When you do what you Love, you will go through a phase of trials, but at the end of that process, if you stick with it, you WILL be rewarded not only with a greater sense of purpose and accomplishment, but with financial reward. Love protects anyone who pursues Love and welcomes Love in his or her life.

People change, the economy changes and life can be confusing - but Love never changes.

Surrender to Love; give it a try for 30 days and let me know what happens. Heck, maybe even give it a year. If your way hasn't worked so far, perhaps this may be a better way.

In Love,



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

♠ The HOTTT-ed Update on Kimanda Cunningham! ♠

One thing we can say about Kimanda Cunningham is that no matter what, she will continue to strive and improve all levels of her game!
Imagine our surprise when she called with her cute King-Stonian accent saying "Mih waan yuh check yuh e-mail.  Mih juss finish ah photoshoot an mih waan know weh yuh think!"  
Firstly, for us to get a phone call about a picture or pictures is enough for us to (quietly) say 'what the heck?!'  When we opened the e-mail and saw the pictures, all we could say is "OMG!"  Kimanda Cunningham has taken her image to a whole new level, and all we can say is HOTTT!
With her HOTTT-ness in tact, we had to revisit some of her music, in particular, our favourite song "Let's Go" which features Busy Signal.  Listen to music, and see some of her pics below!

If you want to contact Kimanda directly, send an e-mail to!