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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Busy Signal's Reggae Music Again on Royal High!

Busy Signal shows some reggae swag and a sensual side in his latest video.
“Royal Night” is the third single from his hugely popular album “Reggae Music Again”, and its release will keep the momentum of the popular reggae album on a continuous high.

“Reggae Music Again” was released in mid 2012 and almost immediately made a name for itself on several international charts. It was named reggae album of the year in Kenya, Uganda and Portugal and Busy took the title of Reggae Artiste of the Year in Germany. 

This album is a true reflection of the diversity of Busy Signal and also his attempt to highlight Reggae music. The album was listed as one of the top 25 albums of 2012 by a wide selection of BBC music critics, DJ’s and radio presenters. Reggae Music Again was the only reggae album on this prestigious list, ranked high on the list at number 7.

To continue the steady stream of success of the album - the 2013 “Reggae Music Again” tour is almost in the final stages of planning, with performances slated for the Caribbean, Europe, Dubai , Africa and the Pacific.

The video for the roots reggae hit, Royal Night, is now in rotation both locally and internationally.

Peter Runks Teams Up With DJ Pauze For Unique New Album!

Reggae artist Peter Runks has teamed up with one of the best reggae DJs out of the UK - DJ Pauze for a new album.

For the album Peter Runks is turning some of Pauze’s poems into songs. The artist and DJ are combining their creative forces in this unique and unheard of collaborative project. Says Runks, “The poems DJ Pauze has written inspire me. They are uplifting and come from real life experiences.”
The DJ, known for PauzeRadio and the Unique Reggae Mix Show, has been a big supported of Runks’ since Runks’ hit single “Badness Outta Style” in 2008. He helped to get the song in even higher international rotation. The two have continued to connect online to share ideas and views about music and life. Their shared love for reggae music and similar vibe eventually led to the decision to collaborate. 

This new project will be the first time Runks will sing songs written by someone else but their mutual respect allows for creative freedom and adjustments. Runks and Pauze, “an excellent writer and poet,” have written 15 songs within a two week period and are still continuing to pour out new material. They will select only the best to be composed into an album which they plan to release in the summer of 2013. A few singles and music videos most likely will be released prior to the album. 

The Bahamas/ UK connection will undoubtedly create a very special and unique reggae album, blending musical influences, cultures and experiences but all based on the same values. Runks explains, “Pauze writes real life experiences just like I do, so I can relate. We are all human, no matter which part of the world we are from. We feel the same pain. This is a natural link up because both of us are passionate about what we do. We can network like this to create vibes to reach out and touch the world. Bahamas and London unite.”

Peter Runks and DJ Pauze truly embrace the spirit of reggae by sharing their powerful poetry and music about life, struggles, love and unity.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Gappy Ranks Featuring in L3 Magazine March Issue

Fans know the artist Gappy Ranks musically as does the industry, but L3 Magazine’s Portia Clarke takes us into the world of Jacob Williams as well as Gappy Ranks where we learn everything from decisions he makes as an artist, to running his record label Hot Coffee Music to what he cooks for his family come dinner time.

When Portia asked Gappy about the beef between he and fellow UK artist Stylo-G, how did he answer?!
Find out >>>!

Tricia ‘ZJ Sparks’ Spence sits down with the lyrical Fiyah Cali P who gives insight into his new album produced by legendary producer Bobby ‘Digital-B’ Dixon, and Ayeola George speaks to Bahamian sensation Sammi Starr where fans get to know the artist in 20 questions.

Our features of the month includes our pick of influential women of the Caribbean, a provocative look at payola or ‘pay for play,’ as well as music reviews of the Gyal Season Riddim produced by Justin Jus Bus Nation and Bambino Muzic, The Soul Reggae Riddim and the Sparkling Riddim produced by Twelve 9 Records and Zion Freeze Records.

Rounding out the March issue is a new section on Food (recipe included!), our centerfold Jasmine shot through the lens of our star photographer, Jerome ‘Neu Era’ Dupont, music charts, new releases and an expose on the Rosenblum Foundations art exhibit called ‘Futurespective’ and more.

Don’t miss our Editor-In-Chief, Natasha Von Castle’s fiery editorial to the Grammy’s about the Bob Marley tribute.  All of this and more at!

Courtney John's Black Cinderella!

‘Future’ is exciting for The Courtney John Project with a new fusion twist to the sounds of Errol Dunkley’s original Black Cinderella.

With the release of this single, it brings the Courtney John Projects new album ‘Future’ one step closer to international release.   This version is just one of three hit singles, which is showcasing their ability to reach a broader audience. 

The creative fusion of Courtney’s lovers vocals with The Wizard and Lenky’s expert blending of contemporary dub-electronica, is tweaked so that it’s haunting mix enhances the original.   The listener has much to identify from the Rootstronic fusion sound as it drops. 

Quaking vibes enhance the narrative in Courtney John’s vocal style as the lyrics suggest loss beginning and throughout.   The auditory feast on this track makes it a truly unique revive tune.  It has the potential to draw in both young and old fans alike, with its rich tapestry of melodic sounds.

The Courtney John Project’s long term super-producer, Nastassja Hammond better known as ‘The Wizard’ fuses sample sounds of aircraft and movement in time across a spectrum of dub beats, creating an astonishing fusion with Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden beautiful dub-style piano solo. The intermittent beat plates and subtle dub-horns take the listener on a personal journey from beginning to end.

The auditory feast on this track makes it a truly unique revive tune, one to gain momentum in the future success of the album.

It's a Family Affair! Romain Virgo Joins Jukeboxx!

Vikings Production and Shane Brown’s Juke Boxx Production have collaborated their efforts with regards to the management of the singing sensation Romain Virgo.  This move is an integral step in the effort to propel the international career of the rising reggae star to a new level. 

Juke Boxx’s relationship with Romain goes as far back as 2007 when he had his first studio recording experience with Brown while a finalist in the Digicel Rising Stars competition. Their synergy continued in the following years and has produced songs such as “Live mi life”, “I know better” and “Dem a coward.”

“Romain just has that “it” factor that will have crowds all over the world wanting more and that's exactly what this partnership will bring…our aim is to make Romain a reggae superstar and a household name worldwide” said Brown.

Romain has been managed by Vikings Productions since winning the popular talent competition 5 years ago and the team have released two albums in that time, the most recent being “System”.

“Vikings production and Juke Boxx have been working together for years on building Romain’s career . This is just the formality of making the partnership official and showing the focus we both have on taking Romain’s presence internationally to another level” stated Dawin “Vikings” Brown.

Romain is extremely excited about the plans his team have for him and he cannot wait to experience their combined synergy as they all work to making him a stronger and a more rounded artiste.

I believe this is one of the best movements to help my career move forward. Shane’s experience coming together with Vikings experience will only make a much stronger team and I believe it's a true blessing and I cannot wait to hear the plans they’re working on.” said Romain.

Juke Boxx Productions is also responsible for the management of reggae/dancehall superstar Busy Signal. Busy and Romain share a brotherly and musical connection so this will only strengthen the family bond. 

Juke Boxx will also be handling bookings for Romain.