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Monday, May 16, 2011

♠ HOTTT-ed New Reggae! ♠ Busy Signal - Deal Wid It!

I hope you had a great weekend that was filled with music, music and more music!
As the headline states, we have something new and HOTTT-ed from the one, the only,
Mr. Busy Signal.   The song is so certified HOTTT, we'll begin with a little back ground story!
DJ Krush, from Krushproof Muzik has been producing music for several years, workign with artists Ce'Cile, RDX, Khago, I-Octane and more.  When he and Busy teamed up, the result was what we call 'lyrical and musical mastery!'
Imagine a guitar that sounds like it's being plucked as opposed to being strummed; build to that a bassline that purposely keeps the riddim slow and methodical (like a pace car that drives in front of a Nascar pack before the race begins) and add to that Busy's untempered aggression as he tells you how he had to 'deal wid it!'  Kaboom!  This chune is like Vodka ... you only realize you're drunk when you try to stand up!  All of this at 126 BPM!
Some of the lyrical play that you will LOVE is when Busy says:
"Yuh waan see how me deal wid it / caw me nah
stoop nar deal wid it / gyal caan hear so she ago
feel wid it / dih length weh me have she only ah
see wid it / she ah banana peel wid it / every
ting sign an seal wid it / yuh waan see how Victoria
bruk out / everyting buss out / dih secret reveal
wid it / so my girl / how you ah gwaan like seh /
me caan get it today like seh / me caan tek it
today like seh / me caan wet it today or wreck
it today like seh ...."
This song made its debut for listeners in Canada and the UK via Natasha Von Castle and L3 Radio, and the feedback was immediate!  The fans LOVE it!  One female caller asked if Busy would come and 'deal wid it' so we have no doubt, Busy will stay in demand!

Listen to the song at the link below, and let us know your feedback so we can pass it on!

©®Natasha Von Castle for L3 Magazine.  Please e-mail for re-print permissions.


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