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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Announcement from Maestro - Formerly of Swatch International

Some of you are aware that Maestro has left Swatch International,
and some of  you are not aware.  As Maestro is a great friend, and
as we are very supportive of his career, we're sharing this press release
with you.
One thing the press release does not talk about, but is worthy of
mention, is that Maestro's knowledge of music is at Encyclopedia
proportions.  It matters not if you're inquiring about Beethoven and
why he composed Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, or Fats Dominoe
and the significance of his song "Walking to New Orleans," or the
latest and hottest Dancehall chune that is running the streets red.
If it's music, it's Maestro, hence his name.
Hotta Maestro Parts from Swatch International

After 18 years with the International Sound System Swatch International, Maestro, one of the systems most visible selectors, has parted ways with the sound.

In his personal statement via his Blackberry broadcast list, the award winning selector said “I’m very grateful for the time I spent with this entity and wish them all the best.”  To his fans, he said “I’ll be out bigger and better; thank you all for understanding.”

Maestro surged to Dancehall prominence in part to the Passa Passa DVD video’s which featured the selector selecting the hottest and latest Dancehall chunes which dancers from across the island created dance moves which were imitated around the world.

“It’s time for me to spread my wings and fly on my own” said Maestro from his studio in Kingston.  “I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for Swatch.  Now it’s my turn to start my own and do the same for the artists I work with.”

Maestro will be focusing on his music production where he develops riddims in all genres, and works with established as well as up and coming artistic talent.  Stay tuned for details and new releases from Hotta Maestro Music.

Contact Maestro directly at


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