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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Taken from Mastin at The Daily

Ever get jealous? Yeah, me too.

It's only natural. But, did you know that jealousy has its roots in lack consciousness? As I observe myself getting jealous, the only time it happens is when I forget that the love, abundance or success that I wish to have is already there for me. It happens when I step away from my purpose and The Uni-verse's will for my life and forget that I'm already taken care of.

I've come to believe that The Uni-verse will not withhold from you the things that are for your greatest good. So, what's that mean?

It means that when you walk in your purpose, when you are doing what you Love and expressing your gifts, all your Heart's deepest desires WILL be given to you in perfect time. Where jealousy arises for me is when I forget that all is already being done FOR me instead of TO me.

The two places I get caught up in jealousy most are in business and, of course, with women.  I mean, it's only natural. But it can be SUPER unhealthy. Focusing on what others have or who they're with takes your focus off of your purpose, your gifts and your Path. Instead of being in your flow, you see what you believe you are lacking of what The Uni-verse "isn't giving you". But again, I repeat, The Uni-verse will never withhold from you the things that are meant to be yours!

I'm trying (key word: TRYING) to stay in a mindset that the success of others only leads to more of my own and that if there's someone I like and it's not working out, to stay in the space of faith that the perfect person will show up in the perfect time.

This used to be a lot harder for me when I was first starting on The Path. I had a strong habit to let my Negative Mind run the show. But as time goes on and I see how things turn out, I understand that I have been guided and protected with every step.

The things I pined over ended up not being right. The businesses I was jealous over didn't create the kind of company that I thought they would. And, in setting others free I have been freed to dive deep and co-create my life the way that I truly desire.

It all comes back to remembering who you are and Who made you. To remember that all the things that are for your greatest good will show up in perfect time. There is no lack in The Uni-verse and the only lack that exists in our life is within our own minds.

I've come to know that my only job is to show up and do the work that's in front of me, one day at a time and then to surrender the outcome and the miracles to The Uni-verse. The work is your job; the miracles are The Uni-verse's job.

If I could sum it up I will say this: there is great treasure that's waiting to be revealed to you one day at a time. Your job is to show up, do you work and let go. The rest is a mind game that doesn't serve your purpose OR help you express your gifts at the highest level.

When jealousy pops up, remember Love, remember who you are and know you will be and currently are provided for in the best way possible. Then take your power back, send people love and let the gifts of The Uni-verse be revealed.




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