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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

♣ HOTTT New Music! ♣ Light Edition!

An article was recently published called
'How to make a Million Dollars,' which
offered advice to making the millions.  The
ideas presented are basic, yet effective.
Here are the top 5 ideas:
1.  Be a leader in your industry
2.  Upsell your customers
3.  Stay focused
4.  Develop best practices
5.  Experiment
I won't go 'in' to hard about the above 5,
however I will say that there is room for
all in our industry which means your
leadership skills can shine!  Upselling
customers can include offering to market
and promote an event to your e-mail database
for the event you've been hired to play.
Staying focused is sometimes difficult
with the amount of distractions around.
Know what you're doing and why you're
doing it and keep your eyes on the prize.
Develop best practices; maybe remember
that without fans, there is no pay.  Show
up on time, and interact with fans!  Lastly,
experiment!  Don't be afraid to do things
that are not necessarily 'the norm!'  Step
out and show the world you, even if 'you'
is a blend of this that and the third!
Difficulties will come, and events may take
place that look like failures, but that is
never the case.  All things are designed
for your benefit!
HOTTT New Music!
2Pistols ft. Jovi Rockwell - I Touch Myself
*Nice party jam.  Jovi on the hook is MADDD!
*Courtesy of Bottom Feeder Music Blasts
Beenie Man - Pree We Fah
*Beenie speaks / DJ's about some of the
madness going on with entertainers...
Benzino - Goodtimes
*Bar-B-Q Jam!
Black Sheep ft. Jean Grae - Party Tonight
*HOTTT Hip Hop with a pinch of West Coast
R-Cee - Why (R-Cee formerly went by the name Razor B)
*Nice conscious flow to the 'Hold Yuh' riddim
Robin Thicke - My Life
*Ladies love Robin, and this chune reminds you why!
Shareefa ft. Rick Ross - By My Side
*Nodding my head saying 'yes!'
Sophia Fresh ft. T-Pain - This Instant
*Courtesy Bottom Feeder Music Blasts
DJ Q remixes Keith Sweats "Twisted" to the Feminine
Riddim.  HOTTT!
In The Mixxx!
DJ Snypayush:  Water Pumpin'
*Nice singers mix
Kalibandulu:  Dancehall Mix Vol. 6 - June 2010:


Atlanta, Georgia – Sisters of Today & Tomorrow (SOT) will host its 3rd annual “Sisters of Tomorrow” Conference (SOTC), “Embracing the Art in YouWednesday – Friday, July 14-16, 2010, 10am-5:30pm (doors open at 8am) at Big Bethel Village, 500 Richard Allen Blvd., SW., Atlanta, Georgia. Registration: $150.00. ($50 a day), ($15-per workshop).

“We have some of the most enterprising and innovative women in business, politics and art/music, participating in this year’s conference,” says Carla Morrison, Founder/Executive Director/Producer of Sisters of Today & Tomorrow.  

All the women involved in the 2010 SOT Conference have embraced and mastered the art in themselves and have blessed others through their art form.  GA State Rep. / Author of “No Apologies, Powerful Lessons in Life, Love & Politics”, Alisha Thomas-Morgan will be conducting a workshop on Leadership;  Atlanta Native/Music Executive/Author of the “Hip Hop Professional” Shanti Das will discuss her 15+ year career in the music business; Photographer extraordinaire Donna Permell, of Prime Phocus, will discuss the art of business and capturing the perfect picture; Karen Mason of Honor Music Group, Mecca Moore of National Sales Network and a host of other prominent women will discuss their craft and bridge the generational gap during the “Careers Workshop” and “Sisters Circle”. 

More details are available at:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

♥ HOTTTTT New Dancehall! ♥ Ammoye and Rise Ashen - Mad Dem!

Ammoye has done it again!  Hotter than
100 pepper seed's, Ammoye teams with
Rise Ashen (the same Rise Ashen who
remixed Trouble) to complete an album
called 'Haffi Win.'
The album is a nice musical array of Reggae
fused with Dancehall and Roots.  Lyrically,
Ammoye deals with the case wickedly on
all chunes, especially "Mad Dem!"  Whoiii!
Sample the lyrics:  Coca Cola bokkle shape /
ah it ah guh mad yuh / peppa all around mih
back / ah it ah guh mad yuh / spice hot hot
hot hot / ah it ah guh mad yuh / you won't
get another bite...
Now set those lyrics to a pounding beat of
'one, two, three,' and a hyperactive beat per
minute, and you have the recipe for a ridiculously
HOTTTT Dancehall chune froma chick who
rides the riddim tighter than a vice grip (did
I really just say that?!)!  Lawd!
This is a chune you definitely don't want to miss. 
Whether Radio, Dancehall, Club or mixtape,
don't sleep, pause or blink, and don't say I
didn't tell you!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Ammoye
and Rise Ashen with the chune "Mad Dem"
P.S.  As you read this (provided that you're
reading it on June 29th), Ammoye is performing
live in China for international delegates from
around the world!  She will also be performing
at the 3rd Annual Ottawa Reggae Festival.  More
details to come! 

Monday, June 28, 2010

:: ♥ Gather Together! ♥:: Jahbandis - What A Joy!

Almost one month ago, Jahbandis delivered
a reminder message to us saying "Jah Will
Neva Leave."
Today, Jahbandis chants "What A Joy" of
salvation to be in Jah deliverance.  These
words are set to a sweet blend of drumming,
melodic bassline, and emphasis from back
ground singers who help to bring home the
point that Jah's deliverance is a joy!
Deeply spiritual, this chune brings all who
hear it together!  I admit that this chune is
not for Dancehall selectors, however, for those
who know they will have to play for a diverse
audience at some point in time, or for those
who will have to play at a Rastafari gathering,
this chune is a 'must add' to your playlist.
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Jahbandis
and their new chune "What A Joy" here:
P.S.  Jahbandis thanks you for all your support.
Since their introduction to the network, they've
performed at the Sierra Nevada Reggae Festival,
and have worked with Don Carlos.  Positive
vibes with more to come!
Jahbandis Crew...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Events, Events, Events!

Congratulations to Mikey Million out of Boston,
MA who is celebrating one year on the radio.
Last year, Mr. Million launched Datz Hits Radio
servicing the Caribbean market with his all
star DJ line up.

If you're in town, this is the only place to be!


♠ Video Update ♠ Director Wayne Benjamin and "Mama Teachings!"

Last week, the chune "Mama Teachings"
was introduced and distributed to the network,
which immediately received great support.
DJ C-Roy from Florida debuted the chune 
on Frantic Friday Fete on WAVS 1170 AM
and totally flattened Florida.  Callers called
in from all parts to give Kali's music great
Sir Daddy D and the team at Reggae 4
was the first to debut the chune in the UK
which had rave reviews, as did Master K
from Ram Jam and the list goes
Wasting no time, Wayne Benjamin from
the video production company Fabrikated
Projex, created a treatment for the video,
assembled his team, and shot the video in
various locations including the beautiful
'Holiday Haven' Hotel and Condo Resorts in
Run Away Bay, St. Ann's, Jamaica (1-876-973-4893).
The video looks good, and will impact Caribbean
television in the coming weeks for sure!
Catch the behind the scenes look at the making
of the video, or download the chune (if you
haven't already) here:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

♠ ♠ ♠ Sounie Productions Presents: Khool - It's Khool E Nuh!

Sounie Productions, the team who produced
the Crank It Up and the O-Nine Riddim
which featured artists like Morgan Heritage,
Thriller U, Anthony B and Beenie Man (to name
a few) has a new artist they're introducing to
you, and they want your feedback.
Khool, the lyrical Dancehall newcomer, is Sounie
Productions newest artist.  Based on his music,
you'll appreciate Khool's way of telling a story,
and his punchline delivery.
In his chune "It's Khool E Nuh," Khool begins
the chune by saying:  "unno dun wid dih war /
buy out dih bar / every man grab a gyal / mek
we dance yah star / good life / party ..."
Khool's style, combined with Sounie's productions,
reminds me of the days when DJ's worked with
riddims that profiled their DJ skills and listeners
could understand every word they delivered!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Khool with the
chune "It's Khool E Nuh" here:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

►►► Throwback Thursday! ►►► This is a Priority!

I received an e-mail from a friend this week
who said words that have resonated with me.
She said "Natasha, this is a priority..."
Me being the wordy nerd that I am, focused
on the word 'priority' which means to give
special attention, which is what I'm hoping
you will do for me today.
Luciano, great Reggae singer of songs that has
consistently uplifted listeners, the man who is
behind closed doors as he is in music; the healer
of many, the player of an instrument, he, will be
releasing his album 'United States  of Africa'
on August 3rd, 2010, and he is the priority.
The chune "Moving On" is the first release from
the album, and an instant classic.  My guess is
that the riddim is a Peckings original riddim, and
the introductory voice is from Shorty the President,
a well known DJ from President Sound System
from August Town, Jamaica.  I know some of you
will let me know if I'm close with my guess, or way
With these uplifting words:  "As I travel on Life's
road / making my way home / with no one to
lend a hand / I often trod alone / and though it
seems so hard / I'll travel on / I've already come
this far / so I'll journey on...  Jah he holds me by
my hand / guide me on my way / Angel's light
each step I take / cause me not to stray..."
Combine those words with Luciano's voice, and
the melodic instrumentation of the riddim, and
we have the recipe for a HIT record!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Luciano's
"Moving On" from his album 'United States of
Africa' which will be released on August 3rd,
2010 here:
P.S.  After you've listened to the chune, please
send me your feedback so I can pass it on! 


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

♣ Updates + HOTTT New Music! ♣ Stash House + Zip Jock Sparks + Lady D + DJ Naz + Jay-Z + Eminem + Pitbull + More!

There are a couple of updates that I have
to share before I get into some new music!
Congratulations to Stash House who is
receiving overwhelming response to yesterday's
e-blast.  Every continent around the world
e-mailed to ask for more 'stash' which means
their sound and vibe is in demand.  Just
in case you're looking for more, you can
and "Get Down" by clicking on the song
titles.  If you want even more, visit Stash
Nicko Rebel and Kali Blaxx with the chune
"Mama Teachings" have also received incredible
support.  Nicko is really happy, as is Kali and
both thank you for the support!
is live on the radio on Friday's from 4-6pm.  Make
sure you check her out!
DJ Naz, a.k.a. Mz. Gurl Power, has launched
her website with her 'State of Emergency' CD
as the focal point.  So far, Naz has had over
1,000 downloads, and a lot of support from
her fans.  Catch DJ Naz here!  

Mafia McKoy and Zip Jock Sparks have lots
of reasons to celebrate!  Their hit single "Too
Much Bull" ft. Macka Diamond, Mystic, Mumzel,
Queen Latisha and Mad Michelle is about to
be added to the Caribbean Series music pack
which is serviced to radio in the specialized
South American Market!  Kaboom!  Look out
for an official announcement about this and
other updates coming soon!
Congratulations to DJ Bubbles and the launch
of Island Beats Radio.  Bubbles is open to 
cross marketing opportunities, so make sure
you hit her up by visiting: 
HOTTT New Music!
Eminem ft. Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie
*Deep lyrics
Jay-Z - Threat
*Hip Hop heads and Jay-Z fans will love this!
Pitbull - This Is For
*I LOVE this chune!  This is for the Latino's
and is certified HOTTTTTTTT!  Preview copy!
Pitbull ft. TKZee & Dario G -  Game On
*World Cup Anthem with sweet African sounding
grooves.  Excellent production with a world feel!
Pleasure P ft. Lil Jon - 1 More Drink
Ricardo Drue - Like Glue
*This is a Riddimstream pick, and is HOTTTT.
Loving Ricardo's style more and more!  Soca
to di werl!
Serocee - Sound di Vuvuzela
*Excellent for the World Cup segment on your
radio show or mixed tapes! 

The Roots ft. Blu & Phonte & Patty Cash - The Day
*Nice to see The Roots sticking to their original
formula.  This is Hot and Sweet Hip Hop!
DJ Q Remixes B.o.B fr. Mars Bruno - Nothin on You
Drake ft. Gyptian - Find Your Love (Jon FX Remix)
Heat Wave remixes Natalee Storm & Footsteps - Play di Ting
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch all of the
above here:
P.S.  Bajan came to Toronto last week,
and we sat down to talk about the music industry,
where things are headed and not headed.
You can catch the interview here:  Bajan

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥ Funk + Soul + Disco House = Stash House

The subject line says it all when it comes
to the house group Stash House:  Funk +
Soul + Disco House = Stash House.
One more quote that sums up the group
nicely is 'the math is basic but the groove
is timeless.'
Catering to an audience in true appreciation
of the beauty and vibe of their music, Stash
House offers deep grooves that fans will love.
Mixed format radio shows will especially
like the 'stash sound,' as will live DJ's who
select for raves around the world!
Today's download features five minutes of a
trumpet in 'mute' mode, and a females vocals
saying 'take me higher / high high high.'  All
this accented by a motivational hand clap,
synthesizer and active drum beat which make
for non-stop movement on the dance floor!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Stash House
and the chune "Take Me Higher" here:

Buju Banton Part of's Top 10 Reggae Video's of All Time List!

Buju Banton, Reggae and Dancehall icon, as well as singer of the hit 2002 song “Wanna Be Loved,” is a part of VEVO’s top 10 Reggae video’s of all time list on the popular website.

Joined by Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley (as an individual and with songs featuring Stephen Marley and Bobby Brown), Matisyahu, Sean Kingston, Shaggy ft. Natasha Watkins and Patrice, Buju Banton’s video joins an elite group of 10 all time favourite video's as voted by the team at

“It doesn’t surprise me that Buju is on the list” said longtime radio personality and radio station owner Rico Vibes.  “Buju’s music is classic and has earned a permanent place on all lists that are Reggae and music related.”

For younger generations who are just getting to know Buju and his music, acts as a perfect portal as fans can access six of Buju’s popular and earlier works such as “Champion,” “What Am I Gonna Do” featuring Nadine Sutherland and “Untold Stories” from the artists’ award winning ‘Til Shiloh’ album.

To date, over 2.8 million people have accessed Buju’s catalogue on ensuring the artists popularity in broader markets, as well as the Caribbean.  Artists such as Ke$ha, Christina Aguillera and Martina McBride have premiered their video’s on the premiere video website.

In partnership with Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music entertainment (SME) and the Abu Dhabi Media Company, is the number one premium music video and entertainment service with over 750 million worldwide streams, and nearly 40 million unique visitors in the U.S. each month.  Made available across the VEVO Network, which includes (the service’s marquee destination site), on YouTube through a VEVO-branded channel, and through a VEVO-branded embedded player, the service also serves as a syndication platform for additional internet destination sites, including AOL and CBS.


Monday, June 21, 2010

♠ Nicko Rebel Music Presents: ♠ Kali Blaxx - Mama Teachings!

Nicko Rebel, the producer from Florida,
and the man responsible for Shaka Pow's
chune "Life" is back with another production
that I know you and your listeners will appreciate!
Working with Kali Blaxx from Jamaica,
Nicko releases the chune "Mama Teachings"
which I predict will be a radio and mixed
tape hit!
Built to a smooth piano based riddim with
accents of acoustic guitar and subtle drum
pattern, Nicko creates a canvass for Kali
and his lyrics to shine.
Kali describes one of Mama's golden rules
which is to not keep bad company.  He also
goes on to sing:  "blessed is the child who
has his own / me nah no time fih waste mih
ah go fih my own / I ah walk pon a straight
path / with Jah deh by my side an love inna
mih heart / mih caan figet Mama teachings ..."
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Nicko Rebel
with Kali Blaxx and the chune "Mama Teachings"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flyers You Should Know About!

Peep this!

♠ HOTTTTTT New Reggae! ♠ J Boog - Nice To Know You! Major & Minor Riddim...

Every now and again, we get a surprise in Life!
We could be shopping and receive a sweet discount
on our purchase, or we can recieve an unexpected
cheque in the mail (I wish that upon you!), or, we
can hook up with a one night stand that turns out
to be the Love of a lifetime!
Where am I going with this?  J Boog!  J who?!  J Boog!
Track one on the Major & Minor riddim, produced
by Don Corleon, features a chune by J Boog called
"Nice To Know You" which is a pleasant surprise!
J Boog is originally from Compton, California, but lives
in Hawaii where he began his music career in 2007. 
He's been to Jamaica where he collaborated with Richie
Spice (at Big Yard), Yami Bolo and the ever talented
Gramps Morgan!
His rustic yet sweet voice has caused ladies to ask
for a 'pull up,' pushing the young artist in the category
of one of the fastest rising sensations.  If I had to guess,
I would say album coming out soon along with a tour;
J Boog is that serious!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch J Boog and the chune
"Nice to Know You" here:
P.S.  Is that Sean Paul I hear doing backing vocals on
J Boog's chune, or my ears deceiving me?!  Tell mih
nuh!  :)

The Drum And The Chant!

The drum is the oldest known instrument.  With
skin stretched over a bowl, a drummer strikes
the skin creating sound.  African civilization is
the first known to use drums as communication
with other tribes, and for celebration.
In 1995, Bobby Digital Dixon produced the
Kette Drum riddim which focused on the chanting
of the artist and the beat of the drum.  The riddim
acted as a 'calling' to all listeners, and a calling to
Jah's ears to hear the plea of the singer.
Bobby cleverly includes a male voice humming
in addition to the drumming and parallel to the
bassline enhancing the listeners experience without
them consciously knowing.
Garnet Silk chanted: "Be still all ye enemies of
God ... let the righteous be glad / sing onto God ...
Bounty Killer chanted:  "Before dem seek God /
dem seek dih devil / dat's why dem life so miserable /
but dih Killa say it's God / and not dih devil ...
Cocoa Tea chanted:  "Holy Mount Zion I'm coming
home to you ...
Mutabaruka chants:  "We know weh yuh up to / yuh
gih dih yute dem coke  / now dem tek coke fih joke /
yuh gih dih yute dem gun / now dih gun dem ah tun ...
simple Simon / met a pieman going to the fair / said
simple Simon to the pieman / gimme what yuh have
we nuh care / there was an ole lady who live inna shoe /
had so many children / she neva know weh fih do /
she gave dem some porridge without any bread / now
a gun man come een an shot dem all dead...."
Additional artists on the riddim include:  Beenie
Man & Determine / Cobra / Frankie Paul & Edi
Fitzroy / Josey Wales / Morgan Heritage /
President Brown / Shabba Ranks / Spragga
Benz / Terror Fabulous.
*In addition to Bobby Digital releasing the Kette
Drum riddim on his 'Digital B' label, chunes were
also released on, Donovan Germaine's Penthouse
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch the Kette Drum
riddim produced by Bobby Digital Dixon here:
P.S.  Happy Birthday to DJ C-Roy from Florida!  :)

Not A Financial Levy - A Reggae Levy!

If you go to, and look up the
meaning of the word Levy, the first definition
you see is 'to collect or assess money that's
In the case of the Reggae Levy, he's collected
Reggae fans around the world, assessed the
issues that concern them, and sings about them
through his music.  Whom do we speak of?
We speak of of the one and only Barrington Levy!
Barrington began his career in his early teens
by forming a band with his cousin Everton.  They
recorded a chune called "My Black Girl" in 1977
to good reviews.  Barrington didn't look back!
Since that initial recording, he has gone on to
record classic chunes such as "Shine Eye Girl,"
"Prison Oval Rock" and "Too Experienced" just
to name a few titles.
Building such a strong musical foundation has
ensured that Barrington's music reaches fans of
all age groups, and keeps him recording with
younger generations on a consistent basis.
Artists such as Rascalz, K-Os, Snoop Dogg,
MIMS, Jr. Gong, Shyne and Bounty Killer
have recorded with the Reggae legend and all
comment on his incredible focus, and commitment
to putting out the best chunes.
Currently, Barrington is on Tour.  Europe and
North America will see him first, then the rest
of the world.  A little birdie tells me that he just
might make an appearance at the 3rd Annual
Ottawa Reggae Festival.  Sweet!  I'm also told
that the artist will be releasing yet another studio
album soon which includes collaborations with
Buju, Jr. Gong and Beres Hammond to name
a few.  Should I mention Lil Wayne too?!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch a selection of
Barrington Levy here:
P.S.  If you heard the rumour that Barrington fired
his band, I assure you it's not true.  What is true
is Barrington has been featured as an i-Tunes
top artist on the Hip Hop page, causing his sales
to go through the roof.  What's also true is his
spin count on mainstream radio his more than
a spinning top.  All this for a man not signed to a
major label.  Not too bad!