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Friday, May 6, 2011

►►► Classic Friday! ►►► Miss Ivy Last Son!

This weekend, DJ's and Sound System Selectors are preparing specials in honor of Mother's Day!
Dancehall DJ and Alliance founder, Bounty Killer recorded a beautiful tribute to his Mom, Miss Ivy which not only speaks for him, but speaks to all Mothers around the world.
As one of the few women who can soften the heart of the killer, the DJ says:  
"without mama's love and tender care / and Jah mercy / I wouldn't be standing here today / so I have to give thanks and praise / to be ungrateful / no / anno me so I have to say / respect to mama / from my heart you are precious to me more than in every way / if all the riches should fade away / I wouldn't worry because mama's love is here to stay ...."
The artist goes on to sing that no matter how many mistakes are made, mama never turns her back on her son (daughter).  If we look at our own lives, we would agree with this statement.
On a different note, there are some of us who were not raised by our Mothers but were raised by Aunties, Grandmothers, Cousins, nannies etc.  No matter who raised you, the principal is still the same:  Motherly love!
Preview the heart warming song from Bounty Killer (on the 9-5 riddim produced by Chiney K Productions) at the link below!


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