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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Industry Prepares for the Launch of Mi6 LLC!

The Reggae, Dancehall and Soca industries prepare to collectively shift in preparation of the launch of Mi6 LLC, the Marketing and Branding design agency focused on Caribbean-Urban clientele.

The all female boutique agency, lead by Natasha Von Castle and Wendy Morgan, is a multi-disciplined boutique marketing agency that provides strategic solutions for today's brand sensitive artist and clients. Specializing in radio, public relations, brand strategy, marketing, promotions and event planning, Mi6 LLC connects the artist and clients with a vast network of relevant influencers and strategic partners which leads to their brands exposure commercially.

Operating on a joint basis from offices in Miami, Toronto, The UK and Jamaica, Mi6 LLC, in addition to being an agency specializing in marketing and promotions, will also act as a booking agent for several artists with a core focus in the Canadian, European, Caribbean and American market.

Specializing in publicity, Natasha’s experience and knowledge have allowed her to work with Canada’s leading Reggae Festivals, as well as the largest North American festival of Carnival culture, Caribana.  In addition to publicity, Natasha’s wealth of experience as Editor-in-Chief for L3 Magazine, the leading Caribbean-Urban publication as well as music distribution to a network of specialty DJ’s.

I am excited to be a part of Mi6 LLC, working with Natasha and the other ladies involved we will be able to provide a unique and much need service in today's return on investment minded music and entertainment business.”

No stranger to marketing, Wendy functioned as the VP of Brand Marketing/and Marketing for Slip-n-Slide Records. She was responsible for overseeing contract negotiations with corporate clients, pr objectives, marketing strategies for artist including media relations, online media, and grassroots campaigns, corporate positioning of the label and artist signed to the label on a local, national and international level. She implemented event conceptualizations and executions of promotional programs which included: album launches, artist listening parties, product management, product integration and marketing for artist such as Trina, Rick Ross and Trick Daddy to name a few.

Mi6 LLC is a collective of a team of leading women who are specialists in their territory and field in Canada, The UK, Europe, the Caribbean and the U.S., and are seen as the ‘go to’ resources in additional areas such as website and graphic design, radio promotion, web development, social media networking and textile solutions.

Additional details on the launch of Mi6 LLC will follow shortly.  Inquiries can be sent to

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Italy Reggae Radio - Playlist

Look who's getting Reggae Radio play in Italy!

Reggae Radio Station Italy Playlist – September 23Th, 2012

11.30 p.m. - 02.00 a.m. (European Time)

[MAKAKO JUMP] real rasta
[RANKING FORREST] the bubbling
[SKRILLEX& DAMIAN MARLEY] make it bum dem (dreadsquad remix)
[PARANZA VIBES] agosto ska
[PARANZA VIBES] reggo tutto
[PARANZA VIBES] nient’ e cagnat
[KOSHENS] simple song
[KOSHENS] gal a bubble
[SIZZLA] hipocrytes
[MELLOW MOOD & FORELOCK] Nah from di ghetto
[BUSY SIGNAL] whine deh shot
[BOUNTY KILLA] dem buss up
[PARANZA VIBES] taralluccio e vin
[MR VEGAS] gimme the lights
[SNOOP LION] la la la
[BEENIE MAN] dweet again
[KONSHENS] mek it boom
[MILLION STYLEZ] come my way[
[TOMMY LEE] me nah tek dis
[LADY SAW] take friend
[CHAM] back away

Download @
02.00 A.M - 06.00 A.M. (European Time)

[Tony Co] Cost Of Living
[determine] who am i
[Tafari] Money In My Pocket
[steele] Good Old Days
[Richie Stephens & Gentleman] I Found Heaven
[ras askia] Protect My Life
[noah powa] 11 stress free
[Gyptian] Overtime
[Faze ft. Patrice] Can I Have You
[Daville feat Charley Black] Never Let You Go
[Cocoa Tea] A Love Like Yours And Mine
[roundhead] maraton run
[king david] the prayer (No More Tears)
[sizzla] care less gal
[rula brown] Lips Of Wine
[honorebel] Ravin & Clean
[robert sutherlad] pound of cali
[Piero Dread] Leave You No More - Redeameer Riddim
[Mr. Lex] Image
[Laza Morgan] Love Me
[Jlogix ft. Fire Lion] Party Hard
[Lutan Fyah] Tired Of The Suffering
[Richie Spice] All Kind Of Things
[gappy ranks] wine po de edge
[chris demontague & cherine anderson] stick by me
[Fuze] Red carpet
[marvin gaye] I heard it through the remix (dj Scara rmx)
[lukie d] Book of Rules
[sandra cross] Special Love
[rhoyal sound] levare
[raging fyah] sunshine
[gappy ranks] Faith In Jah
[Morgan Heritage] The Return
[New Kingston] Your Turn Cry
[Snoop Lion ](Snoop Dogg) La La La

Friday, September 21, 2012

Chantelle Ernandez - Gimme What's Mine!

13 tracks for this fusion artist who has skillfully combined her Reggae roots with R&B, Soul and a pinch of Dance sounds here and a dash of Bollywood style there
After a very busy winter and summer season on promotional tour in Europe with Chantelle Ernandez, in Jamaica launching Malijah's album and recording some succulent new tunes for future releases, Reggaeland is happy to finally and officially announce (with a little delay on the online stores that beat us) the release of the much anticipated debut album ofChantelle Ernandez 'Gimme What's Mine'.

As rumors already suggested, this young veteran of the Reggae industry delivered a very colorful piece of work: on the 13 tracks Chantelle has skillfully combined her Reggae roots with an R&B and Soul touch here, a pinch of Dance sounds there and even a dash of Bollywood style, defining herself as a Reggae artist with a Fusion twist.
But it's really also the lyrics that determine the album and the artist. Consciousness and social awareness are taken to their fullest extent through the successful singles 'Reggae Reasoning' and 'If Women World', and the new tunes 'Songs Of Redemption' about the state of things of her beloved Jamaica; 'Take Dem Down', an up-front social condemnation of sex related crimes; 'Love Can Heal The World' a lucid interpretation about the faults of our society; 'The Change'- in combination with Dutch artist Joggo - about the hope for a better world.

Chantelle's sensitive side also emerges from her love tunes as 'Touch', 'You All The Time', 'Sweet Spanish Man', while the title track 'Gimme What's Mine' has a clear reference not only to the content of the song, but also to her expectations regards this album.

Chantelle Ernandez is ready to take over the Jamaican music industry and set a bench-mark for new generations of female artists in a country that has given women scarcely any attention.
Sky is the limit!

Richie Spice Speaks the Language of Acoustic Reggae

Subtract the hard-hitting drums and heavy bass-line from reggae music and focus on the guitar (not electric) the instrumentation and in particular the voice, and what you get is acoustic reggae. More precisely, Soothing Sounds: Acoustic, the soon-to-be-released album from reggae stalwart, Richie Spice.

Already being praised for his bold move into an area of reggae much that many artistes shy away from, the eclectic Richie Spice surely isn’t doing this album for the cameras. “It’s not about show-and-tell,” Spice explains mildly.

Soothing Sounds: Acoustic is another step in my journey as I seek knowledge and try to pour out what I have learnt into other vessels,” the uber conscious Rastaman explains.

He agrees that in reggae music, there is no real mould for the acoustic, and it is this which has challenged the singer’s creativity and enhances his overall sense of achievement on the project. Free, the first single from Spice’s acoustic set, has garnered much critical acclaim since its release and, not surprisingly, the album seems poised for international success. Perhaps even a Grammy? 

With his trademark lingering smile, Richie Spice thought about the possibility of a Grammy Award for Soothing Sounds: Acoustic.
“Well, we have definitely put in work that is of the highest standard, musically. No cutting back. The truth is that we don’t judge our work based on whether or not it wins an award, however, to the world those things are considered important. Winning a Grammy will not make it a great album, and not winning a Grammy will not mean that it’s a bad album. But if a Grammy award is what it takes to make the world stop and listen a bit more keenly, then that would be a good thing,” the reggae singer declared.

Interestingly, there is precedence for an acoustic album claiming the coveted gong, as in 2010, Stephen Marley won with Mind Control Acoustic, having previously won a Grammy for Best Reggae Album for Mind Control in 2008.

Acoustic reggae has been likened to jazz and Spice, wearing the cap as producer, turns up the volume with acoustic rock, Spanish guitar, jazz and African drum beats. Soothing Sounds: Acoustic can definitely be considered a collector’s item and for Richie Spice it is a “personal, close-to-the-heart production”.  

The first official single, “Free,” is currently available on iTunes and the second single “Crying”, will be released on iTunes and radio on September 25. The video for Crying was shot recently on location in Jamaica.

Other tracks on  Soothing Sounds: Acoustic, which is scheduled to be released in October,  include “True Love,” “My Heart” and “My Girl”. 

HOTTT New Reggae! Andrae Carter - In This World

As the fall season comes upon us, and we spend a little more time indoors, world reflection (and self reflection by extension) becomes a focus.  Andrae Carters new song “In This World,” produced by Notice Productions encourages that reflection in a way you will appreciate!

Performed to the melodic one drop riddim called Heart & Soul, Andrae’s lyrics draws us in as he sings “Life is a journey with lots of signs / sometimes surprises they blow your mind / so beware / and if you don’t listen to the prophecies / you’ll end up in places you don’t wanna be / beware …

Andrae’s voice is one we need to take seriously.  In addition to singing, Andrae toured the world with Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley and Nas on the Distant Relatives tour as lead guitarist.  He did that for 4 years.  Andrae is also a member of the group Further Notice.  Believe me when I tell you, this young man has a serious arsenal of music that will be coming to you over the next few months, and will be performed on a stage near you and your listeners beginning in the spring of 2013.  

For more information about Andrae on a Management level, email Virginia at  Fans can also hear more from Andrae via his Reverb Nation >>>

P.S.  Join team Andrae on Twitter via @AndraeCarter with a cc to @L3Magazine

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trinidad & Tobago’s Young Talent Takes ‘Coolness’ to the Silver Screen

The upcoming film “The Cool Boys” which will premiere at the 2012 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival has been generating high anticipation locally, regionally and within the international Caribbean Diaspora.  Mainstream media outlets as well as social network sites have been buzzing with eagerness from film goers and industry insiders about the production that features a youthful cast of budding Caribbean talent.

The Cool Boys explores a young man’s take on the reality around him and his attempt to express how he experiences life at this time. The film stars a combination of new thespians and many familiar faces in the local TV and theatre fraternity such as Aria Geiser, Pauline Mark, Danielle Ryan, Jeanine Lee Kim, Bradley “Young Stunner” Caesar, Anthony Lawrence, Kevin Nathaniel and Carlos Quashe. Also, making their film debut is Sean Padmore, of the local hip hop group Nebula 868 and Soca star Olatunji Yearwood.

Geiser who recently acted in the play “An Echo in the Bone” by Dennis Scott enjoyed her experience working on this film and stated, “They say, if you love the job you do, then you never work a day in your life. That’s how I feel about having worked on “The Cool Boys”. Despite the fact that it was a short and quick production and that there was a constant momentum to be maintained while filming, I personally never found it to get overwhelming”.

Regarding her experience working with director Michael Mooleedhar she shared, “Michael was a wonderful director to work with, for many reasons. One in particular being that he gave the actors a great amount of creative freedom when it came to carving out and fashioning our characters.

Similar to Geiser, Padmore who plays the lead role of Alpha also expressed positive sentiments about his time on the Cool Boys set. “I was a bit nervous as it was my first time but I eventually got comfortable in the environment. I learned a lot from the film and from the other actors, and I got the opportunity to meet people and explore a different side of myself which I never thought I would have enjoyed so much. Michael is a cool guy, he is willing to learn, very humble, and open to advice or criticism”.

Olatunji Yearwood who is the son of the late actress Mairoon Ali is no stranger to performing on stage and enjoyed the new challenge of film acting. “It was something different for me but it was fun and exciting due to the young cast and crew. Michael was excellent in his role as director, he let us bring our own unique vibe to the project, and I’d like to work with him again. The current lead singer of the Rhapsody New Generation band shared that he enjoyed playing the character ‘Wes’ and gained a new appreciation for film actors and all involved in the craft of film making.
He further stated, “I’d really like to be a part of more film projects and carry on the legacy of my mother as well as work with others that I respect in this industry.

Even with a relatively young cast, this film which has a mixture of action, comedy and romance is relevant for a wide cross-section of viewers inclusive of parents, social workers and youths.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Delly Ranx Album Launch - Toronto Edition!

Veteran Dancehall and Reggae artist Delly Ranx was in Toronto this past weekend to launch his new album, The Next Chapter.

Hosted by L3 Magazine and MYC Entertainment, Delly was surrounded by fans and industry movers and shakers who were treated to an intimate and interactive listen to the new album.

The 18 track disc was well received by fans as well as media.  Seasoned radio personality Ron Nelson commented on how impressed he is with Delly’s new album saying “it shows just how much Delly has grown as an artist.  He performs Reggae and Dancehall.  This album shows off his Reggae versatility.”

Fams who attended the launch favourited the lead single “The Next Chapter,” “One Away Soldier” as well as “Life After Lifetime” which features living legend, Bunny Rugs from Third World.  So much were the songs favoured, Delly performed at the launch, even though it wasn’t planned.  “The vibes were so strong tonight I had to touch the stage – my way of thanking all the people who came out” said Delly.  “To see so many people support me and the album brings a joy to my heart and I’m thankful!”

In addition to Delly’s performance, Toronto’s Empress Minott, JLogix, Terminal DG and Kafinal performed as well as Bigga Boss and Frazah C-Lection spinning music.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nefetari is Having a Great 2012!

2012 thus has been a year filled with overwhelming success for Nefatari. Her journey has been marked with many accomplishments and part of it has been documented with the help of Soul & Legacy in a new documentary.
The documentary "I AM ART" takes an in depth look at the singer as she reflects on how she started in the business to lead her to one of the biggest moment in her career performing at the largest event celebrating African-American culture and music in the United States, the "2012 Essence Music Festival". Nefatari also offers her personal views on Jamaica's bleaching trend, and much more! 
Nefatari who recently premiered her video "What U Think About Me" on Hype!TV has already garnered over fifteen thousand views on youtube. The video directed by Icey Jace factory is also on rotation both internationally and locally on several video shows including RE TV, and CVM.
Modeling as always played a part in Nefatari's life, she has had editorials features in Vogue, WWD, Glamour and other great fashion magazines, so it was an added pleasure when the singer was picked to be the new face of K.Dupont clothing line based in New York (more information to come).
Her summer has seen her perform all over the United States and her home of Jamaica, with her latest in Portland at Iyara's stage show "Iyara Di Ting Deh". She is slated for many more performances as this year comes to an end, keep up with the dates visit her on twitter/NefatariMusic and


In October 2011, Cruz CEO was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. This was a result of having his PSA checked on a regular schedule. 1 out 3 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. This is a curable disease, however too many men are waiting too late; mainly because they aren't aware of this disease.

Having battled and so far winning the war against this cancer, Cruz wanted to do something to raise the awareness of Prostate Cancer. Therefore, Cruz has reached out to Zero-End Prostate Cancer Project.  ZERO leads the fight to end prostate cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men. By promoting greater awareness of the need for early detection and leveraging public resources for life-saving research and new treatments for those with advanced disease, we will win this fight.

We now look to the future to achieve our ultimate goal of creating a life-giving legacy for our sons and grandsons: the first generation of men who are free from prostate cancer—"Generation ZERO."

Join us in creating this new generation, where prostate cancer becomes an obsolete health condition, much like polio. This new day is coming sooner than you may think.

Cruz will launch a Prostate Cancer Awareness campaign for Saturday, October 13th
They're inviting models, bikers, cars and photographers from near and far to participate in one of the largest models, bikes and cars photo shoots on the East Coast.  We will have Prostate Cancer Challenge/Dash for Dads 4 mile walk and run and more...

Vendors and Health Care Providers are encouraged to participate

The main focus will be to encourage every man to take the Prostate Cancer Screening Test.

We would like your participation. If you are a Model, Car Owner/Car Club, Bike Rider, Bike Club, Photographer, Vendor or you would like to participate in the "Dash for Dads", complete the form at

Mighty Crown's 'All Konshens' Mix Tape!

This summer, Mighty Crown teamed up with fiery act Konshens to produce the "Bounce it in Da Street" Mix.  A thrilling Dancehall and dub-infused spin of Konshens' hit  "Mental Maintenance" album, this mix was produced in Mighty Crown's Yokohama, Japan studio. As both Mighty Crown and Konshens boast maximum respect for each other's leading roles in the Dancehall movement, the musical connection of these powerhouses is phenomenal, yielding more than than 30 heavy tracks.

Dancehall fans will not be disappointed by this special mix. From start to finish, the tunes are pulsating. From customized Konshens tracks and anthems to music from select Dancehall artists, this mix leaves no stones unturned. If you love Konshens and rate Mighty Crown's hardcore juggling style, then this mix is for you.

Mighty Crown is one of the world's most visibile and successful sound systems. Heralded as clash kings, hardcore jugglers and a well-rounded business entity, Mighty Crown is the driving force behind Japan's Reggae Dancehall movement. Their annual stadium concert, which features top Japanese acts, alongside some of Reggae Dancehall's largest names, attracts over 30,000 people.

Konshens burst on the scene over four years ago and has since cemented himself as a well-respected fixture in the Dancehall industry.  Delivering mostly up-tempo tracks, which inspire the massive to move, Konshens has solidified an international following with anthems like "Do Sum'n" and "Gal a Bubble" among others. As if Konshens couldn't get any hotter, he recently released a skin-baring video (featuring Leftside) that has everyone talking!

Download Here:

L3 Magazine September Issue 2012!

The summer of 2012 belonged to Cham and O as the Husband and Wife team laced fans with the hottest Dancehall songs to hit the airwaves.  Taking their show on the road, Cham and O performed (and are still performing) for fans around the world.  How do they balance their busy careers, making new music, and family?  Natasha Von Castle sat down with both Cham and O to get the answers!

What did O say when Natasha asked “Did you have a secret desire to perform with Cham?!”  Read the full interview for the exclusive scoop! 

Being the sons of Reggae legend Jr. ‘One Blood’ Reid is not easy.  On the one hand you have some who won’t give you a chance because of a famous Father, on the other hand you have others who want to use the name to advance their own careers.  Discussing this and other subjects, Tricia ‘ZJ Sparks’ Spence sits down with Wada Blood for an insightful interview; his truthful answers to this topic and more might surprise you.  This is a must read!

You may have never heard of the duo Mr. and Mrs., but Dave Stewart, one half of the famed group The Eurythmics has and he’s impressed with their talent.  The real life Husband and Wife take Rap with elements of Dancehall to a new level as they combine her Jamaican roots with his American roots.  Marcus Weller sits down with the two and we like what we see and hear!

This month, Heike Dempster brings us the roots conscious fashions of Mamayashi; we also take a look at the film The Cool Boys which will make its debut at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival.  If you missed the Montreal International Reggae Festival we have photo highlights!  We also have Music Charts, Video Charts and Ms. September who is the beautiful Desyray, photographed through the lens of our Centrefold Editor, Jerome Dupont.

Young artist features include Joggo from The Netherlands (Reggae), Tracy Cruz (Soul), Gloria RyAnn (Soul) and J-Haze (Hip Hop), and we showcase Art in the Dancehall as seen through the eyes of renowned world artist and curator, Robin Clare.

All of this and more in the September issue of L3 Magazine available here:


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stephen Souza's Video for Sounds Explosion!

One of the most popular riddims for a live band to beat, especially on a Festival or live stage show stage, is the Hi-Fashion Dub riddim originally produced by Studio One.  From the time the people hear the trumpeting sound of the horns, they know they’re about to get their money’s worth from the featured performer.

Stephen Souza is that featured performer!

Stephen’s introduction to the network comes by way of his debut single called “Sounds Explosion.”  Performed over the rebuilt Hi-Fashion Dub riddim, Stephen delivers these lyrics for an original chune:

Now Europe massive are you ready / Jamaica massive are you ready / New York / Say when I’m ready people hold on steady / as it’s jamming time / Reggae music playing all night long / take a tip this is Stephen Souza with a brand new chune / come fih nice up yuh avenue now / sounds explosion / people get ready for Dancehall and Rocksteady….  Kaboom!

Stephens’ voice is not too much, and not too little.  As a matter of fact (and because we’ve heard his catalog), we would say he is that voice which runs in the vein of Beres Hammond, Tinga Stewart and George Nooks.  With the quality productions Mr. Souza is working with, you’ll be hearing great material as the months go by.

P.S.  Add Stephen for shows in the Tri-State area!  Speak to DelRose Productions via 347.853.2734 and email:


Friday, September 7, 2012

Anthony B's New Single Condemns Slaying Kayan Lamont

Known to the world for his spit fire lyrics used to confront political injustices and bringing the issues of the people to the forefront. It is no surprise that Anthony B has once again vocally demonstrated the recent alleged police murder of, eight months pregnant, Kayan Lamont, in Yallah St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Anthony B is no stranger to singing about police injustice, one of his most popular, yet controversial tune was "Good Cop, Bad Cop". He shined a light on some of the unfair and illegal behaviors inflicted on the people of his island Jamaica.

Eight years later, after the release of Good Cop, Bad Cop, Anthony B is speaking for the people again, with his new single titled "Too Hard Now."

"When I first heard of the recent police killing of the two sisters, in my country of Jamaica and knowing that one of them was only a month away from having a new born baby; I say to myself, this is too much now" said Anthony B.

Kayan Lamont and her sister were allegedly coming off a bus in the coastal town of Yallah, St. Thomas, when a police officer attempted to arrest her for "indecent language". He then allegedly shot the 25 year old, eight months pregnant Kayan in the head, and then shot her sister in the upper body. Eyewitnesses state the officer was apparently aiming at the third sister but his gun ran out of ammunition.

"When will we take a firm stand, to stop this innocent slaying of our people" said Anthony B. Looking at everything happening in the world, as well as what is being done to our reggae and dancehall culture, Anthony B voiced "Too Hard Now".

Too Hard Now Babylon a gwan too hard/ Down yah inna yard police man a gwan too hard/ Imagine the land of reggae music no dance cyah keep/ As the sound tun on/ You get raid from police/ Don't lock it off dem wah kick out yuh teeth, So wat happen to freedom of speech.
"Too Hard Now" was produced by Irie Vibration out of Austria and Anthony Bs label Born Fire Music. Set to release on 9/11 Anthony B is currently scheduled to take his voice to the media and airwaves.

Richie Spice Ready to Open the Next Chapter

Conscious reggae singer, Richie Spice, explored the depth of his musical ability with the 2011release of his fifth studio album, the critically acclaimed Book of Job.

Rated as the most digitally sold Reggae album for 2011 by iTunes and the New York Times, Book of Job, distributed by VP Records, peaked between #1 and #4 on the Billboard Reggae Charts for a period of six months, from the date of release.  Propelling the popularity of Book of Job were hits such as Black Woman, produced by Raging Fyah, Yap Yap, produced by Lenky Marsden, Legal, produced by Richie Spice, and New Day, which held down the #1 spot in Kenya and Grenada, for three months.

However, as successful as the Book of Job proved to be, Richie Spice is not one to sit on his laurels and is a firm believer in the saying, 'the best is yet to come'.

"Book of Job did well for reggae, not just for me Richie Spice. With all the talk about reggae music not having an impact, it is important to understand that there are a lot of great songs being produced by reggae singers, producers and musicians, but unfortunately these songs, for whatever reason, are not being heard. I have songs which have topped charts in Kenya and other countries in Africa, yet Jamaica hardly plays these songs. And I am sure that it is the same for a lot of other reggae artistes. But we do what we have to do and keep on putting out good, cultural, conscious music for our fans to enjoy," the usually quiet reggae singer declared.

Richie Spice, who is always in demand internationally, noted that whatever the obstacles, he is committed to staying true to his roots as he continues to stimulate his creative processes in the production of great music.

Christened Richell Bonner, the singer has traversed the globe, so much so that his Jamaican fans yearned to see him, and when they did, it was pure musical inspiration.

"Yeah.. I had a great time at A St Mary Mi Come From," Richie reminisced with a big smile.

And it was obvious to those in the audience that he did. Performing in a segment that included artistes such as Singing Melody, the duo of Jigsy King and Tony Curtis and Chuck Fender, Richie Spice held the stage steady and skillfully engaged his audience.

"I would love to perform in Jamaica more, but as we all know the shows are just not happening, so we have to go to the festivals in Europe and California because that's how we make our living," the singer explained simply. 

Despite a hectic tour schedule, Richie Spice has still found time to work on yet another album, which is scheduled for release this year.

"This one will be really special," he promised. "I have been toying with this idea for a long time, but nothing happens before the right time...and that time is now," he stated. 

Since 2004 Richie Spice has been elevated as one of reggae’s most in demand talents and the recipient of numerous awards and accolades. He received the Most Cultural Artist Award at the 13th annual South Florida Reggae Soca Awards in 2005; he was voted and received the Male Singer/Singjay of the Year at Jamaica’s IRIE FM Awards in 2007 & 2008 and following his performance at the first annual “Black My Story” concert held in Kingston in 2008 Spice was honored for his positive musical contributions.

His 2004 album “Spice in Your Life” was listed as the year’s best reggae release by the New York Times; “In the Streets To Africa”, reached number 6 on the Billboard Reggae chart and one of the album’s biggest hits “Youth Dem Cold” peaked at number 59on the Billboard Top 100 Singles Chart and ranked at number 29 on Vibe Magazine’s Best 44 songs of 2007. “Gideon Boot” debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard Reggae chart, in May 2008.

According to Richie Spice, “My responsibility is to use the talent that God gave me as an instrument to uplift people who are facing the struggle worldwide and let them feel happy in themselves. It is all about righteousness, and endorsing the love of the people, good over evil and life over death.”