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Saturday, May 21, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Reggae! ♠ Chuck Fenda ft. Cherine Anderson - Call On Me!

With the backing of a rocking riddim, Chuck Fenda and Cherine Anderson team to deliver the HOTTT New Reggae chune called "Call On Me!"
The magic to this song is the way both artists use the music to emphasize their minimal wording, thus causing a maximum effect.  For example, when Cherine sings the first words of
her verse, "Baby," she times it so the enunciation sits on the high-hat (cymbal), immediately getting our attention (the 0:48 marker).
As for Chuck, his vocals with the electric guitar at the beginning of the song are the equivalent to a tailor who has made a custom suit for a suitor.  It just fits perfectly!  Together, Chuck and Cherine make musical magic.  So magical is the union, you don't want the song to end.  With a run time of 3:22, you'll feel the song isn't long enough!  It's clear Chuck and Cherine have a musical chemistry, reminiscent of their 2006 chart topping song "Coming Over!"
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Chuck Fenda and Cherine Anderson with the chune "Call On Me" at the link below!

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