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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

♠ ZJ Sparks Presents ♠ HOTTT New Reggae - City Streetz Riddim!

Just as you rely on the words of your Doctor regarding your health, is just as you must rely on our words as being the truth about the riddim called 'City Streetz!'
A co-production by ZJ Sparks for Twelve 9 Records and Dynasty Records, the riddim boasts 12 artists from Delly Ranks to Sizzla to Gappy Ranks.  Each chune reflects 'talk' on the City Streetz as to what's going on in people's lives.
For example, we have Bobby Hustle talking about the good love his girl gives him, to Warrior King proudly telling the world that all his days he'll be praising Jah, to Sophia Squire who says that somehow, some way, she's going  to find a way.
The chune that you have to trust us on, comes from Lutan Fyah called "Hush!"
Addressing the plague of women who have a child or children with a man who leave without
paying any child support, Lutah Fyah says:
"if ah dat ah gwaan young man stop it / nuh
tell me dat yuh pickney ah jacket ... dah one
yah name Hush / baby madda / nuh badda worry
bout dih deadbeat fadda / him run gone leff you
an yuh pickney / not a red cent him nuh come
sen gih Britney ...." 
Now that we've looked at the lyrics, let's look at the riddim itself.  The bassline is where the
addiction rests as it carries the chord progression.  It starts you off in one key, takes you to another, then brings you back to the original key.  After listening to even one chune on the riddim, you will be hooked ... no chance to escape!
Preview the Lutan Fyah chune at the link below and make sure you leave a comment!


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