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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Abundance Within You!

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

As I was going to San Francisco this last week to meet with possible investors, I started to feel small and unworthy. So I asked The Uni-verse what I should do. The response I got was: "You are not going up to San Francisco to beg for abundance, but to represent the abundance that is already within you."

This realization changed everything. Instead of meeting these possible partners from a place of lack, I was given the insight on how to meet them as equals.

It's interesting how most of my life I wasn't representing the abundance within me. I kept outsourcing it - to people, to money, power, prestige and many other outside places. I felt an extreme sense of comfort and happiness going to up to meet with these folks who could dramatically change my life with one decision. There was no fear. There was no anxiety. There was no neediness.

I felt at home in my skin and as an equal. It was wonderful to be able to trust The Uni-verse and know that the best outcome would happen. And applying what I learned last week about rejection, I also knew that no matter the outcome, it would be perfect.

I think this is what our Souls really know and what The Uni-verse really wants for us. To no longer chase and beg from an inner place of lack, but to remember who we really are and Where and Who we came from.

This is what Wayne Dyer means when he says: "Abundance is not something you create, it's something you tune into". The abundance of The Uni-verse, be it money, love or anything else is already there. Our job is to get in alignment with the abundance that The Uni-verse WANTS TO GIVE US.

You can't fill a cup with wine that is full of water. You must empty the cup of water for it to be filled with wine. You can't give abundantly to someone who doesn't have the self-esteem and confidence to stop chasing and open up and receive abundance.

Know this: YOU ARE and WILL BE PROVIDED FOR. When you step out into The Path and begin to realize your unique gifts, you shift you power from belief in man-made reason and timing to that of something much larger, which is timing and reason of the Divine Uni-verse.

I realized this week that our job is not to beg of The Uni-verse from a place of lack, but to represent the abundance of The Uni-verse from a place of already knowing we have it. I'm starting to see that the goal isn't so much worrying if The Uni-verse will provide, but switching and starting to walk in the knowing that when you're on The Path, The Uni-verse WILL provide.

Flip the script from lack to abundance within you and watch the Miracles unfold DAILY.




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