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Thursday, September 30, 2010

►►► Throwback Thursday! ►►► Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See!

One of the scariest phrases to hear from a
police officer is 'put your hands where my
eyes can see.'  If a person hears those words,
it usually means the officer has their weapon
drawn and things could get sticky...
In 1996, Hip Hop artist Busta Rhymes made
those words famous by rapping them in a
Grammy nominated chune, "Put Your Hands
Where My Eyes Can See" which helped to
take the edge out of the phrase, and in a
rebellious way, show authorities that the Hip
Hop community will find entertainment in what
some zealous officers use to intimidate...
In 1997, Patrick Roberts picked up the riddim
and re-licked it with a Dancehall vibe that
had the masses 'getting jiggy wid it!'
Beenie Man's chune "Badmind is Active" was
the lead single and named the riddim.  Beenie
sang "Everybody's talking all this stuff about
me / why they just don't let me live / tell me
why / he's the girls dem sugar (sang by a female
vocalist) / it is my decision / that's my prerogative...
What's interesting about Beenie's chune is the
un-seeming connection between the backup
vocalist and 'The Girls Dem Sugar,' yet without
her, the chune wouldn't be as sweet (just my
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch the Bad Mind is
Active riddim, including the original chune by
Busta Rhymes here:
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L3 Magazine & Publicity Announcement!

L3 Magazine & Publicity is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Davis and Veronique McCuaig to the Publicity and Music Distribution divisions of the company!  

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Lisa’s extensive background in music, film and television begins with being taught classical piano by Silvia Sweeny, sister of the late Oscar Peterson, and alto saxophone by Saheed Abdul Alkabeer, Saxophonist for the legendary Dizzy Gillespe.  She has walked beside additional greats Miles Davis and Art Blakey to name a few.

Lisa studied acting in New York City at the Meisner School of Film and Television, later appearing in three movies, and cast as the print model for Salem cigarettes.  Building on her background, Lisa’s experience enabled her to develop the visibility of various organizations in Ottawa, and plan events and festivals in multiple genres of music.  Lisa also explored Carnival Arts and Soca music where she developed relationships with key award winning and multi-national touring Soca artists who are known on an international level.  Lisa’s participation in Carnival festivities in Trinidad, Toronto, Miami and New York makes her highly regarded in her field, exceptional in her approach and the ‘go-to’ person in Ottawa.  Lisa can be reached at

Veronique McCuaig heads the French division of L3 Publicity out of Montreal and Gatineau, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario.  Veronique’s passion for the music industry has lead her to successfully obtain a television and publicity diploma from one of Quebec’s leading schools.  For the past 7 years, she has been recognized as one of the top event organizers, tour promoters and publicists.  Having worked with all sizes of venues, and with independent as well as Grammy award winning artists in all music genres, the industry looks to Veronique as one of the best organizers on Canadian soil.  Veronique’s exceptional relationship with French media in Canada and around the world is second to none.  She is professional to work with and a great addition to the team.  Veronique can be reached at 

Please join L3 Publicity in welcoming these two exceptional ladies to the team, and please add their e-mail addresses to your address book.  You can also send comments and feedback to

Natasha Von Castle
L3 Magazine & Publicity

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Exclusive Video! Macy Gray ft. Bobby Brown - Real Love!

Greetings Famous Facers!

We've just been hit with a Macy Gray exclusive!  Our favourite L3 Chica has just released her video with Bobby Brown for the song "Real Love". 

Be one of the first to see the video by clicking the song title below!  As always, let us know what you think so we can pass on the feedback!

Seal Bares All in Video ft. Heidi Klum - Secrets!

Exclusive!  Thanks to our friends at, we have the new video from Seal ft. Heidi Klum.

Shot entirely in black and white, the video shows the two intimately and completely nude.  We LOVE it!  The only thing we don't love is Seal wearing black nail polish (what's that about?!).

Click on the song title to watch the video and let us know what you think!

Rum & Redbull - Birthday Edition!

Boston, Massachusetts is about to get the party of a lifetime as Mikey Million from Datz Hits Radio, 99.7 FM joins friends to celebrate his earthstrong (birthday!) being called the 'Scorpion Sting'.

Mikey will be joined by men like Noah, the kid wid dih powa whose musical selections are guaranteed to turn the dance over, as well L3 Gent, Fadda P who will host the party!  Additional guests include DJ Anaconda, DJ Tragic, Enterprise Squad and Mad Sound International.  The event goes down at Kays Oasis.

Mark your calendar, hire a baby-sitter, get your best dress and shoes, and get ready to party until 6am!  Deets below!

Jae Blaze Calls On All Dancers for October 3rd!

Jae Blaze Calls On All Dancers for October 3rd!
If anyone knows what it is to work their way up from the bottom to the top in the world of dance and music visualization, its Toronto native Jae Blaze.

Beginning her dance career at a time when Dance was not such a major focus for vocal artists performing, Jae has come a long way!  In 2010, she choreographed the electrifying dance routine by Bree Wasylenko and Edgar Gilbert-Reyes on the hit television show So You Think You Can Dance Canada.  The routine, was performed to Vybz Kartel’s hit song, “Clarks.” Jae also choreographed dance for the ‘Songs Segment’ at the 81st Academy Awards (held in Hollywood on February 22nd, 2009), and for the movies “Make It Happen,” starring  Mary Elizabeth Winstead, “The Cheetah Girls” starring Raven SymonĂ©, and “New York Minute” starring Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen.  Jae understands that in order to get there, dancers have to go through the early stages which includes music videos.

“Some of the first people who embraced me along my journey were music video directors like Hype Williams who directed Nelly Furtado’s song “On The Radio,” Little X (now named Mr. X) who directed Sean Paul’s song Get Busy and Kardinal Offishall’s Belly Dancer.  That’s why this casting call for dancers is special to me – I know what it can do for a dancers’ career!”

The casting call that Jae is referring to is for Dancehall artist Razor B’s hit song “Hot Girls to the Ring” which is receiving significant airplay on stations Irie FM, Zip FM and Fame FM within Jamaica, and a host of radio stations internationally.  The video, which will be directed by Wayne Lowers of Burnt Facez Productions will use Jae’s choreography experience and expertise for the dancers routines.

When asked why this shoot is so special to Jae, she said “shooting a video in my home country of Jamaica, and to a song as hot as ‘Hot Girls to the Ring,’ yuh done know!”

Dancers are invited to attend Victoria House, located at 11 Lindsay Crescent on October 3rd, 2010 at 12:00pm for auditions.  Jae Blaze will personally be on hand to choose the dancers who will work best for the video’s dance segment.  The video shoot will take place at various locations in Kingston on October 4th and 5th, 2010.

Media can preview / download a copy of Razor B’s song here

Pictured:  Jae Blaze - Choreographer
My Photos | L3 Magazine

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

♠ HOTTT New Dancehall! ♠ Xyclone ft. Strawny - Champagne Life (One Day Riddim)

Xyclone's popularity in Dancehall continues
to grow, this time thanks to Seanizzle from
Seanizzle Records, and producer of the 'One
Day' riddim, and thanks to the feature artist
on the track being Strawny!
Both artists have fun as they ride the 'One Day'
riddim singing and DJ'ing about Champagne life,
and the kind of life it is!  Sample the lyrics:
"I'm living the life / Imma party tonight / let's
drink tonight / I'm living the life... Champagne
life / multiple trips to the bar / money tall like
P. Escobar Ace of spades nexx to me / an mih
girl got a rose nexx to har..."  MADDDDDD!
This chune is an excellent addition to the already
HOTTTTTTT One Day riddim!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Xyclone ft.
Strawny and the chune "Champagne Life" on
the One Day riddim here:
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Montreal's Reggae Splash...

Eric of EB Lounge just hit us up with the details about Montreal's Reggae Splash.  Starring Freddie McGregor with sons Chino and di Genius, this show is guaranteed to be off the chain!  Hosted by K-Dogg and Mawga K makes the mix even better!

Check the flyer below for the deets which includes the promoters contact information, links and address for the event!

Girls Power - Miami Carnival!

Well, well, well!  Miami just got 100 degrees hotter!  Island United presents the 'bun down' of all 'bun down' shows as they present 'Girl Power' with Machel Montano, Patrice Roberts, Ricardo Dru and more!

It all goes down at the Calder Casino & Race Course.  See the flyer below for the deets!

DJ Naz Presents - Prements - The Buju Banton Mix...

Certified Diva and L3 Chica, DJ Naz from Bess FM in Jamaica, and Synergy's first Lady has released a brand new mixed CD called 'Prements - The Free Buju Banton Mix' which includes exclusives from the imprisoned artist.

Naz joins the support movement in favour of freeing the Reggae icon via her street certified mix!  Don't sleep on this blazer ... click the title below to download!

Monday, September 27, 2010

DJ Phyre Going Coast 2 Coast!

Certified 'Famous Face' Gent and DJ, Mr. DJ. Phyre has released 'Heat For the Streetz - The Saga Continues' in conjunction with Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes.

This mix puts the best in the game in one mix which Phyre made available exclusively for Famous Face blog readers!  Artists like Nipsey Hussle, Jadakiss, Mikey Factz, Lil Wayne, Mack Maine and more get their shine on thanks to Phyre, and you get your heat on by clicking the title below! 

Make sure you give us feedback so we can pass it on!

Great Independence!

Over the past year, we've had the opportunity
to work with some of the greatest independent
artists in music. 
Ranging from Dancehall to Reggae to Hip Hop
to R&B, we've been on a GREAT musical ride!
Today we look back at some of those great
talents.  We've listed the #1 chunes they've
created which we're proud to say we promoted
to you, the record breaking DJ / Selector / Mix
tape King and Queen / Record label executive /
Publisher / Stage show promoter / Tastemaker.
Team L3 Magazine & Publicity has expanded,
and now includes Lisa and Veronique.  This
expansion means more diversity in musical
offering with the same greatness you've experienced
Enjoy the re-cap!
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More great music from more great artists coming soon!
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Natasha ~ Lisa ~ Veronique
Additional supporters:
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Kingston Band Rocks Santa Barbara!

Dancehall, and Reggae trio, New Kingston Band, is currently on tour with Collie Buddz, performing in Santa Barbara, California this past Friday night.  Fans from every walk of life can't stop raving about how amazing the band is.

Made up of three brothers, New Kingston Band has backed many Reggae greats, and are currently developing their sound via new songs they're releasing to radio DJ's and fans worldwide.

One song that put them on the map is "In The Streets" which is a Dancehall tell tale of how rough street life can be if you don't know who you're dealing with.  One fan, who saw New Kingston Band perform live in Kansas City with Collie Buddz and Cypress Hill said "This song changed me life seeing it live, they played right before Collie Buddz and Cypress Hill an Slightly Stoopid in KC. It was one of the coolest things I've ever witnessed..."

With that fan feedback as an intro, click the song title below for the preview / download.  As always, send us your feedback so we can pass it on!