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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

♠ The HOTTT-ed Update on Kimanda Cunningham! ♠

One thing we can say about Kimanda Cunningham is that no matter what, she will continue to strive and improve all levels of her game!
Imagine our surprise when she called with her cute King-Stonian accent saying "Mih waan yuh check yuh e-mail.  Mih juss finish ah photoshoot an mih waan know weh yuh think!"  
Firstly, for us to get a phone call about a picture or pictures is enough for us to (quietly) say 'what the heck?!'  When we opened the e-mail and saw the pictures, all we could say is "OMG!"  Kimanda Cunningham has taken her image to a whole new level, and all we can say is HOTTT!
With her HOTTT-ness in tact, we had to revisit some of her music, in particular, our favourite song "Let's Go" which features Busy Signal.  Listen to music, and see some of her pics below!

If you want to contact Kimanda directly, send an e-mail to!




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