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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Dancehall! ♠ Charly Black ft. Fuze - Baby Storm!

When we first heard from Dancehall artist Fuze (@fuzeatdem1), it was because of his Dancehall banger "Fly Pass Dem."  In that chune, the artist made it clear:  we don't have time to even think about the bad mind - we ah fly pass dem!
Today, Fuze has teamed with Dancehall soldier Charly Black and Drop The Bass Records for a new chune called "Baby Storm" which is another banger and especially worded for fans who can see a 'baby storm' coming, and laugh in advance!
Once again, the theme of the chune is so universal, it applies to all people who are being 'hated' on.  From the office space to the street space, we all go through the hater-aid.  Pree Fuze's lyrics:
"We nuh inna no talking / no skylarking / from dem
diss / dih dogs dem barking / ride pon a bicycle while
dem walking / page dem / as dem dun throw offering /
tell dem / watch what dem starting / when dih storm
rise / ah dih whole place parting / dem deh pon tar /
police ah white chalking ..."
For the Dancehall appreciating masses, this chune connects. It's only people's 'yap yap yap'  that's heard when a 'baby storm' passing through town.  With a real soldier, it's just scenery!
Click on the link below to preview the chune!


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