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Monday, March 29, 2010

♠ HOTTT New Dancehall! ♠ Gappy Ranks - Stinkin' Rich!


I hope you had a GREAT weekend filled
with music, music, music!

We have all fallen in Love with the voice
and vibes of UK hottie Mr. Gappy Ranks.
Although he's been performing for years,
most of us have come to know him for the
chune "Heaven In Her Eyes."
Since those days, Gappy has been recording
music that shows off his versatility. Not
only is he a balladeer, but he can also flip
it and perform hardcore Dancehall as well;
"Stinkin' Rich" is another example of that
Dancehall versatility.

Performed on a slight variation of the great
'Eighty-Five' riddim produced by Dave Kelly,
the title of the chune says it all, and the clever
word play confirms the message! Regardless
of what, we have to be stinkin rich!

Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Gappy Ranks
"Stinkin' Rich" here:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Core DJ's Retreat!

The Core DJ's have announced details for
their next retreat which will be in Orlando
from May 7-10.  If you're a DJ, get on.  If
you're an artist GET ON!  If you're a music
industry executive (up and coming or otherwise)
you definitely need to get on!

Details below, and reports live on location
the days of...

Ky-Mani Marley's Story...

One thing we are never short of in the music
world, especially the Reggae and Dancehall 
fraternity is drama!

Ky-Mani Marley's new book, 'Dear Dad'
was drama filled after the artist shared some 
of the contents of his story with family members 
who were not too happy with how some things 
were presented.  By the time Ky had changes
ready, the book had gone to print causing a
rift between publisher, Ky-Mani and the Marley

Looks like they've been able to work things
out because the book tour has been announced
which sees Ky and the publisher in places like
Miami / Atlanta / Detroit / Cleveland / Los
Angeles and more!

Check the book here or see the ad below to buy 
your copy!

♠ HOTTT New Music! ♠ Bling Dawg - Father God Guide Me!

There is some 'bling' news coming out of the
Jukeboxxx Productions camp, and the
'bling' news is that Jukeboxx will be doing
some work with Dancehall DJ, Mr. Bling
Bling has been somewhat out of the spotlight
for a few minutes, but he's come back, and
come back hard - I'm talking God hard!
His newest chune "Father God Guide Me,"
was produced by the Star Player Music
Group, and has been endorsed by Shane Brown. 
Lyrically, DJ's who have heard the chune so
far are appreciating Bling's lyrics which go
like this:
Father God guide me / nah obeah me no buy /
when me testify / mih test dih money anno
lie / avoid me / just walk past dih I / Jah
will rescue me from ....
Speaking directly to his listeners, Bling gives
testimony of some of the things God has seen
him through and protected him from which are
things all listeners can relate to!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Bling Dawg's
latest chune "Father God Guide Me" here:
P.S.  Bling will be doing some hardcore production
in the next few.  Lock in your dubplates and ting
More Jukeboxx news:
This week, Juke Boxx Productions released
its version of the popular Stalag riddim often
referred to as Stagalag.  The updated version
of the phenomenally successful Stagalag features
tracks from Busy Signal, Elephant Man,
Assassin, Kip Rich and DeMarcoTarrus Riley,
Chuck Fenda, I-Octane and Romain Virgo
also take turns on the riddim cover. 
Timeka Marshall and Spice represent for
the ladies, while singjays Chino and G Whizz
bring their youthful flair to the iconic riddim.
Riddim run soon come!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Celebrity Soccer Fest - Caribbean Style!

Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm!  On Monday 
May 31st, 2010, Ladies will get the
most eye candy they can handle at an
event called 'Celebrity Soccer Fest 2010.'

The event is hosted by One Caribbean
International, and features Twins of Twins,
Wayne Wonder, Baby Cham and the ever 
HOTTT Mr. Vagas.  Joining these fine men 
will be Macka Diamond and Giselle from 
Mixx 96 and more!

The team names have been announced,
and are:  Promoter / Media v. Celebrity,
Christian v. Sinners, Jamaica v. Haitian,
and Dancers v. Selectors.

L3 will be on site, so pictures and juicy 
details to follow!  Lordy - the idea of
seeing Mr. Vegas in soccer cleets, and
soccer shorts is just too HOTTT!

It all goes down at Central Broward Regional 
Park, 3700 N.W. 11 Place, Lauderhill FL.

More details to follow - you know how
we do!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Tales from the Charly Black Tour!

So we've been blogging for a few seconds about
Dancehall artist Charly Black.  We told you that
chicks can't keep their hands off the dude, and
what we say is true!

Charly crushed the crowd in Montreal, Canada,
the latest tour stop, and made the girls 'bubble 
inna trouble.'  Don't even ask what happened when
he performed the chune "Buddy Inna Pum Pum!"
If you want to know what happened with that 
chune, you'll have to see the pics.  Pay attention 
to pic #15 for the reaction shot to "Buddy!"

We got you covered here:

Mix Tape Madnesss!


In this episode of Mixtape Madness, we have
2 HOTTT mixes to share!

Immortal Vybez has a new disc on the street
called 'The Art of Jugglin.'  It features 2 of their
newest Selectas being Pun and Marvin, who are
certified good to go!

Featuring artists Busy Signal, Charly Black, Chino,
Ricky Blaze and more, the mix is pure fire!  You
can be in the mix here:

Kalibandulu, the Sound Soldiers from Italy also
have a new mix out for the month of March.
Simply called the 'March Edition,' their mix
features Busy Signal, Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco,
Konshens and Sean Paul.

Kalibandulu is known for their mixes and remixes
so this is a tape you don't want to sleep on!

Catch the mix here:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

♠ HOTTT Music Re-Cap! ♠ Charly Black - Rich Dis Year Tour!

Charly Black is in North America promoting
his soon to be released album 'Rich Dis Year.'
So far, Charly has teased fans in Toronto with
a quick pass through, and gave a full performance
in Montreal last night (Big up Don and the entire
Little Thunder Family!).
The ladies have made it clear that Charly is their
DJ of choice.  I'm not gossiping, but I'm telling
you that getting Charly out of the venues have
been a challenge.  Ladies won't let him go.  Oh Boy!
Charly will have a day off from the performance
track, and will use that day to record dubplates;
looks like it will be Sunday.  To get your hands on
dubs, call Niyah at 416-206-9106, or e-mail
Charly will be in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton,
Baltimore, and Virginia Beach with Joe Swynger
from Crazy Love Sound.  More details to come!
In the meantime, broadcasting at 320kbps, and
including the new chune "Informer" on the Negril
riddim, catch a few chunes from Charly here:
Charly's next performance...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jah Cure Con Exposed!

It seems like not only the Hollywood Rich and
Famous are susceptible to people wanting to
scam and make money off their name.

According to Jah Cure's management team of 
Danger Zone Music Group, a promoter in Belize 
ordered dubplates (paid for them)  from the 
Universal Cure which didn't materialize.  The 
promoter became suspicious after not receiving
his dubs, and contacted DZMG who had no 
knowledge of monies exchanged for dubplates.  
Lawd!  The promoter is out money, and DZMG
has made it clear:  anything you need from Jah,
go through them!

The things people will do to profit off of the cure!

Jah Cure (pictured)

This and That for Friday March 19th, 2010!

Do you remember Raz B from the boy group
B2K?  Well, it seems the dude has gone from
'boy' to King as per his newest mixtape that
hit the streets today!

The mixtape is called 'Boy To King' and has
been co-signed (so we're told) by Raven Symone, 
Freeway Ricky Ross, Sway (MTV/Wake Up 
Show) & Josh Powell (L.A. Lakers).  Interesting!

The tape features appearances by Fizz, Boog
and Slim (of 112), plus a few more.  If you're in,
grab the mix here:  

Want more news about Raz B?!  It's 'hinted'
by his handlers that he has a new 'business partner'
who goes by the name Tila Tequila.  Maybe she
liked his 'package' that was exposed via the internet
about a year ago.  Hmmm....

Listen to the two of them get down on the chune
"Romeo" here:  Romeo

Charly to the B-L-A-C-K in Toronto!

Looky here looky here!  Eye spy with my little
eye, some fine piece of chocolate candy who
goes by the name Charly Black!

The former selector turned Dancehall DJ has
landed safe and sound in Toronto (despite all
the drama - more on that later), and was immediately
greeted at the airport by a hot honey in a beamer! 
L3's spies say they did the hotel check in, and 
re-emerged a few minutes later to hit one of the 

Charly is in North America from Jamaica as a 
part of his 'Rich Dis Year' tour.  Pics of Charly
in YYZ, and of him being rushed by the ladies

***More tour updates to follow***

Mother's Day Weekend Gets Better!

The people in New Jersey are a lucky bunch!
Not only do they get to enjoy Sanchez and Terry
Linen for Mother's Day weekend, they also get
to enjoy Marcia Griffiths too!  This event is one
I would call 3 the hard way!

Rupie T will be the host for the evening which
means non stop entertainment between sets.

Check the flyer below for details!

***More news on Sanchez coming soon***

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mangoville Ballroom for Easter Saturday!

Two of the best promoters in Queen's, New York
is the tag team of DJ Roy and Chef Garfield!  These
two have been putting on parties for years - from
large to small to inbetween.  They also run a very
successful restaurant called Genesis (their food and
staff are amazing by the way) which is home base
for planning of events.

On Saturday April 3rd (Easter Weekend), they,
the dynamic duo will do it again as they host David
Rodigan (live and direct from England), Stone Love, 
Supa Claude, King Midas and Road International
for a night of 'big people music' and mature entertainment.

It all goes down at the Mangoville Ballroom.  If I wasn't
travelling, I would be there as I was last year and the
year before.  My loss, but details below!

Boogie Nights!

Yes yes y'all!  Remember how they used
to 'boogie' back in the days?  The hustle,
the jive, kung fu fighting and the bump were
just some of the dances they used to do
back then.

Well, the people in Florida are about to
get 'boogied' as 'Boogie Nights' hits the
FLA this Saturday March 20th, 2010.

Join Teddy Vassell, Wayne Alexis, Gary
Heart, Peter T and C-Roy as they give you
non-stop 70's and 80's music all night.

Check out the details here:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

♣ HOTTT New Music ♣ - Omarion ft. Snoop + Mary J. Blige + Lloyd ft. Mystical + Bling Dawg + More...!

Wasp came to Toronto for the first time
this past weekend and showed off his lyrical
skill, charm and swagger.  If you haven't
seen him perform, you should take him
in.  All the talk is true!
HOTTT New Music
Kellis - Acapella
K'Naan ft. Drake & Justin Beiber & More - Wavin' Flag
Lloyd ft. Mystical - Set Me Free
Ludacris ft. Dru Hill - Rollercoaster
Mario - Lady
Mary J. Blige - The Very Best Thing
*Smoothed out Mary!
Peersonile - Backwood Fronto Sensi
*Certified HEAT!
R. Kelly - Speakin' My Language
Tifa ft. Tami Chynn - Certified Diva
Usher - Making Love (Into The Night)
*Baby maker!
HOTTT New Reggae
Bling Dawg - Father God Guide Me
Tifa - Never Love Like This (Gala Riddim)
HOTTT Remixes
Olivia ft. Maino - Take It Off 
Omarion ft. Snoop Dogg - Last Night (Kinko's Remix)
Rihanna ft. DeMarco - Rude Boy (Island Remix)
Catch all of the above here:
MixxxTape Madness!
Mountain High Sound - Rougher Yet - Studio One Mix
Massive Hype Sound's latest mixxx and new website:
DJ Steel's latest mixxx and website:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 Has Launched!

The UK has long been known as one of
the major hubs for Reggae music outside
of Jamaica.

One of their newest online radio stations, has launched, and
is receiving rave reviews!

Find out what all the 'buzzz' is about here:

Kingston Class Reunion!

Well, well, well!  Look who's coming
to Toronto for the Kingston Class Reunion.
None other than Mr. DC himself, Sugar

Not only will this Dancehall legend grace
us with his presence, he's bringing his band,
The Black Roots Band, which features
Tamar Minott, Popsy Bling and Devon Hype.
Not too bad!  

Opening for the great one will be Uncle Jonny,
Ammoye, and Boogie ft. 2 Mel Dube.  This
all goes down at Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas
Street West.  Check the flyer below for more

♠ Boardhouse Records Presents ♠ Rihanna ft. Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco - Rude Boy!

Rihanna is out of order; either that, or she
doesn't know who a real rude boy is!  One
thing a woman never, ever, ever does when
dealing with a true rude boy (I'm talking an
authentic yard man rude boy) is to ask him
if he can get it up.  Wha?!!!
As if he's been provoked, Assassin, a.k.a.
Agent Sasco deals with Rihanna's case
wickedly on this "Rude Boy" remix. 
Produced by Boardhouse Records, the
music is stripped down focusing on the drum
pattern, as if to say 'I want you to hear me
clearly' when I say:  "man ah yard man / man
ah badman / man an nah no dude / nah treat
yuh like no food / caw me give it to you good,
" then goes on to say "me ah show you Jamaican
style / we ah do it hotta dan Kingston...." 
You've heard just about every Rude Boy remix,
but this one is a 'must play;' it's too Certified HOTTT!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, let your listeners know
how a true Rude Boy, Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco,
deals wid dih ting here:

WASP 'Stings' in Toronto!

Wasp delivered a mighty 'sting' to his Toronto
audience who couldn't get enough!  Pictures from 
his performance below with a download link for 

Wasp with L3's Natasha

Wasp with fan Keisha!

Monday, March 15, 2010

♠ Stainless Records Presents ♠ The Return Vol 1. - Street Certified Mix...

Stainless Records, a.k.a. DJ Karim has
been going strong since the year began.
Karim has produced chunes for Bling Dawg,
Icecold, T.O.K. and Busy Signal to name
a few.
Karim brings several of his productions
together on this certified mixtape classic,
'The Return Vol. 1.'  From Canada, to the
U.S., to Jamaica and beyond, feedback
has been high.
Thanks to Selecta Jeckell, download a
copy of the street certified 'The Return
Vol. 1' here: 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Peersonile – Certified Weed-A-Cologist!

First off let me say, I LOVE this dude 
Peersonile (pronounced personal).  From 
record one, P has been performing chunes 
with lyrics that talk about weed / ganja / 
herb, so his latest release is no different.

Flowing to a HOTTT Hip Hop riddim, P 
let’s em' know what time it is on "Backwood
Fronto Sensi!"  If my words don’t get you, 
the picture below should!

Hit up this HOTTT chune here: