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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cherine Raises Awareness in Jamaica about Breast Cancer

Actress/Singer Cherine has been busy this month, teaming up for a third year with Yoplait Yogurt and Wysinco in partnership with the Jamaican Cancer Society in the fight against breast cancer during October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month. An active member of the Jamaica Cancer Society for the past five years, Cherine was asked to rejoin the campaign this year by the Wysinco team as the spokesperson for their Yoplait Yogurt Save Lids To Save Lives 2012 Breast Cancer Campaign.
Cherine gets ready to give an emotional performance for Cancer Survivors on Smile Jamaica TVJ
Each year Yoplait and Wisynco play an enormous role in supporting the fight against breast cancer in Jamaica through the Yoplait Save Lids Save Lives campaign. This year under the theme "so good to help so close to home" Wysinco has committed to donate $8.00 Jamaican dollars for every 6oz tub of Yoplait yogurt sold from October 1st - November 10th to the Jamaica Cancer Society's efforts in increasing awareness of the disease, screening and support programmes.

When asked about her involvement Cherine says "It's an easy decision to support the Yoplait Save Lids Save Lives campaign. This is extremely important and I truly want to encourage all young women in Jamaica as early as age 20 to do Breast Self - Exams because early detection can save lives. Like I always say we 'eagles and doving it' - let nothing hold us Jamaican women back, we're strong and resilient and our health is our responsibility."

In support of the cause Cherine has made the rounds on popular programmes such as "Smile Jamaica" - TVJ , "Up & Live" o- Hype TV as well as radio shows including ZIP FM's "Zip Info", Fame FM "E-Blaze", Irie FM's "Entertainment Buzz" and LOVE FM to help bring awareness especially to a younger demographic of Jamaican women - as many are not focused on these critically important health matters. Additionally, with the help of her own R.O.C Jamaica (Reach One Child Jamaica) team members, they have organized a group of people who will be supporting the Jamaica Reach for Recovery 5k Walk/Run on November 3rd to further support the efforts.

SOLIDARITY!!! Women come together to support the fight against breast cancer
(L-R) Ms. Sharon Neins - Country Manager of General Mills Jamaica , Mrs. Yulith Gordon - Administrative Director of The Jamaica Cancer Society , Cherine - Yoplait "Save Lids to Save Lives" 2012 Campaign Spokesperson/Co-Founder of R.O.C Jamaica

Cherine on Smile Jamaica
Cherine performs a special song for cancer survivors on Smile Jamaica
According to statistics Breast Cancer account for approximately 30% of all reported cancers in Jamaica. The incidence rates in Jamaica is among the highest in the Caribbean. Wysinco and Yoplait, along with the Jamaica Cancer Society hope to show solidarity with all women impacted by breast cancer and encourage others around Jamaica to do their regular self-exams as well as to help raise general awareness.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October, highlights the importance of early detection as the best defense in the fight against cancer. All women are encouraged to do regular breast self-examination starting as early as age 20 and routine screening as recommended by your doctor, based on your age and family history of breast cancer. We can beat breast cancer but we must take proactive steps which starts with our own breast self-exams.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bunny Rugs Does Serious 'Time' in South Florida!

Time is what you make of it and last weekend Bunny Rugs, the lead singer of 10-time Grammy nominated band Third World, had an exciting time with friends and fans promoting his new solo album appropriately called, Time (preview). Indeed, Bunny made great use of time with a seemingly endless series of scheduled radio interviews from Friday to early Sunday morning capped by a meet & greet at VP Records retail store. Despite the packed media schedule, the eager excitement of reggae fans both new and old prove Time is really on Bunny's side.
Eggman HLove and Bunny
Eggman, H-Love and Bunny
The weekend kicked off with Bunny Rugs passing through a live remote hosted by his good friend Jamusa of WAVS 1170 radio fame. After a number of radio call in's to radio outside South Florida, Bunny joined Jorge Rodriguez on for the Byron Eggers Show with the Egg Man and H-Love. A Caribbean themed variety talk show covering politics, culture, and reggae music also heard locally on Powertalk 1420 and streamed on, Bunny was the theme of the show and covered a lot of ground, geographically and musically as well. Time was played from beginning to end with everyone vibing to the album and sharing personal stories drawn out by the music including Bunny Rugs early days in the business, memories of Bob Marley and reflections on Rastafari as well as Marcus Garvey.
BunnyRugs and Flagga Dupes WDNA
Flagga, Bunny Rugs
Saturday got rolling at South Florida's serious jazz station, WDNA, in Coral Gables for the Reggae Ride with Howard 'Flagga' Duperly, one of the industry’s most knowledgeable personalities. Flagga philosophy on the Reggae Ride focuses on "Reggae the way it ought to be, and music you don’t hear on the average station – if ever". Here, the conversation delved into Third World's early days with Bunny acknowledging Third World as his closest musical family of all time and Flagga celebrating the fact that Third World will be celebrating 40 years in 2013. The conversation could have lasted even longer but Bunny was expected at the VP meet & greet so he thanked Flagga and the fans and invited everyone down to Miramar.
BiggaBoss BunnyRugs
Bunny Rugs, Bigga Boss
At the VP retails store in Miramar, Bigga Boss and Jah Bungie had the place warmed up broadcasting their 'Saturday Vibes' show via live remote on WAVS when Bunny arrived at 3 PM that afternoon. The party atmosphere was buzzing thanks to special friends the crucial support of VP management, sales and distribution staff like Pat Chin (aka Miss Pat and the "P" in VP Records) and Howie Chung the retail space was transformed into a party space where fans and media mingled with Bunny for hours. And Bunny made sure every fan who came out went home with all the music, photos and face time they could hold. Big up the VP South Florida team including: Howie Chung, Natasha Thomas, Lloyd Campbell and Lorna Darby. Bunny had a special shout out to Miss Pat:
HowieChung, Bunny Rugs Miss P and Lorna at VP
Howie Chung, Bunny Rugs, Miss P and Lorna at VP
"I would like to send a very special thanks to Miss P' at VP Records for her life long contribution to the reggae music industry and to VP records and the staff for giving me so much love at the meet & greet last week end. VP Records & VPAL a true reggae family. Thanks again."
BunnyRugs Tanto Irie
Bunny and Tanto at HOT 105
Warmed up by the energy of the meet and greet, Bunny arrived at Miami's HOT 105 (home of Tom Joyner and Micheal Baisden shows) for Reggae Runnins hosted by Tanto Irie who gave a one-hour spotlight to Bunny's album. It was a special listening party in which the music did the talking with Bunny and Tanto dropping comments and stories whenever the moment hit them. Bunny also made sure to address the rumour that making a solo album suggests he is leaving Third World. "The album Time is an extension of Third World," Bunny would later say, "Just like me. There is no Bunny Rugs without Third World. I am not going anywhere without my Third World family".
BunnyRugs and RIch Davis
Rich Davis and Bunny Rugs on Sounds of the Caribbean
The party continued with two hours on WLRN, commercial free radio on South Florida's 'Sounds of the Caribbean' program heard on the National Public Radio station hosted by 'The Man Inside Your Radio', Rich Davis. Rich and Bunny treated listeners to an in depth journey about the lyrics, producers and musicians involved in the making of the music. Rugs even talked about how the music reflects his philosophy inspired by truth and rights and one love. By the time early Sunday morning came around every song got its due.
For those who didn't have the chance to see Bunny Rugs this past weekend or hear him on the radio, take some time to listen to the new album. It's available online and in stores courtesy of VPAL, VP's independent label group. Besides, his message is captured in the music. With the new album, Bunny Rugs is always ready to make time for everyone.
"Last weekend in South Florida was a media high for me," Bunny said recently. "I enjoyed every minute on the radio with Tanto Irie, Sir Rockwell, Jamusa, Rich Davis, Flagga, Eddy Edwards, the Egg Man, H-Love and the Saturday Vibes crew. Thanks to each and everyone of dem. To all the fans thanks for your kind words and your support for all these years. You all have been giving the new songs for the album positive vibrations. God Bless."

Saturday, October 20, 2012

HOTTT New Lover’s Rock! Faze ft. Patrice – Can I Have You!

From to YouTube, to SoundCloud to Twitter, Faze is gaining visibility thanks to his string Reggae and Dancehall production, and thanks to “Can I Have You” featuring Patrice!  Since the chune was released a few weeks ago, feedback has been swift and all DJ’s agree, this is some sweet Lover’s Rock!

No matter your age, your geographic region or your faith, there is one universal truth that exists between a man and a woman and that’s desire which (in some cases) turns to Love.  Today’s chune from Faze featuring Patrice is called “Can I Have You!”

Produced by Faze for Smoke Shop Productions in Toronto, this Lover’s Rock chune is a beautiful interplay between a man and a woman who clearly have desire for each other, and we see the development of Love.  She says:  “I need you, need you, need you, need you baby / can I have you, have you, have you, for my baby / tonight…?”

He answers by saying “cause when you give me your loving / and you give me your touching / girl you make my body hot like me did in a oven / as you gone through the door you got me reminiscing / about your hugging and kissing and your kissing and caressing ….”


As the chune progresses, we see that what starts as a question ‘can I have you,’ leads to something more.  Driving the lyrics forward is the riddim.  The bass line sits like a lizard on a limb riding off of every word performed, making you wonder if the riddim was made for the lyrics, or if the lyrics were made for the riddim.  Regardless, the chune is HOTTT!  And wait, one more thing, all Rastas will appreciate the drumming <<< big forward! 

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HOTTT New Music! Sample King – Jam Dung Gangnam Style!

The craze that’s sweeping the world right now is Gangnam Style.  Toronto’s leading Dancehall artist, Sample King has recorded his version of “Jam Dung Gangnam Style” that is sweeping Dancehall’s around the world! 

Shelling parties in Jamaica such as Bembe, and receiving full endorsements by selectors Boom Boom, Harry Hype and Flabba Dabba, Sample King is set to take the international Dancehall scene by storm … again!

This uptempo track is remixed with references to ‘Jam Dung’ has an Asian feel, similar to the original, yet incorporates references to Dancehall culture – really it’s perfectly designed for dancers and dance crews.  So infectious is this chune, I danced to it (I actually went beyond my one-step / two-step and moved my body)!

Broadcasting (((LOUD and CLEAR))), catch Sample King with the chune “Jam Dung Gangnam Style” at the links below!

P.S.  Connect with Team Sample King on Twitter >>> @sampleking | @L3Magazine

***This song is available for download for promotional purposes only!


Percussionist, songwriter and vocalist, Davi Vieira sings "It's Friday! Whachagonna do? Party!" A native of Bahia, Davi has played with an impressive line-up of Grammy winners including Angelique Kidjo, Carlos Santana, Sergio Mendes and David Byrne. He currently leads a 6-piece band that fuses propulsive old school Axe and Repente with a refreshing dash of Brazilian Hip Hop.

Top 20 Canadian Reggae and Dancehall Charts

Here are the Top 20 Artists and songs by Canadian Artists for the month of October 2012.  


This Chart is compiled by DJ Ron Nelson and accounts for radio play across Canada.  Canadian Artists can submit songs to and

Friday, October 19, 2012


Editor's Note:  We came across this article by Simon Tam and decided to share it.  If you're a Reggae, Dancehall or Caribbean-Urban artist, contact to be added to the booking roster!

Music booking agents are the people who make the live music happen. A good agent with well placed connections can make all the difference in getting a band in front of the right audience and increasing their profile. Agents work closely with promoters and record labels to make sure they bands on their books are getting the proper exposure. Music agents also take care of the negotiations with promoters and venues when it comes to the pay for performances and to arrangements for things like backline and accommodation.
5 Tips on Getting a Booking Agent:
1) Make sure that you are ready for a booking agent
A common mistake is for artists to oversell themselves. If you aren’t ready for serious regional and national touring (spending 4-6 months touring), then you probably aren’t ready to take that step yet. A booking agent is going to want to see solid tour history with a track record of success (making money at shows, around $800-$1000 per show). You almost always should have a publicist or PR agency, a manager, and some kind of distribution in place first. All of these things will help you when you make the pitch. Have you been playing industry festivals like SXSW or CMJ? That’s a good sign too.
Think about the reasons why you want a booking agent. Is it worth cutting up to 20% of your income? It is possible to book your own tour, that’s how I got started. I even wrote this piece on how to book your own tour, step-by-step. Besides, booking your own tour gives you a better insight into the process so you know what they’ll look for and if you are ready.
2) Find the right booking agent 
There are many agencies out there. Try and find one appropriate to your level, genre, and fits with your goals. Don’t leave your chances to a Google search. Find similar bands or artists who you’d like to work with and see who they’re using. Is that agency booking similar venues that you’re playing (or even slightly larger)? Do they specialize in a certain region or do they cover more territory (national, multinational, etc)? Also, figure out if you want to go with a smaller, boutique agency or a larger firm with many artists. You can also ask your manager, distributor, or other members of your team for recommendations.
3) Making the pitch
Once you’re ready, go ahead and make the pitch. Remember, the main objective of the booking agent is to make money. Find a way to prove how you will be valuable to them, worth their time. Read my article on pitching your band. A booking agent will want a different press kit than anyone else, cater to that. Specially address your average show attendance, detailed tour history, stage plot/tech needs, attendance records (if available), and the fees charged or guarantees you command per show.
4) What booking agents charge
Most booking agencies charge a percentage of your fees (10-20%) and a 3 year exclusive commitment is fairly common. These are usually more established agencies who only work with well-established artists, most who have strong label support or exceptional tour history. Some agents charge a flat-fee ($25-$45 per show). These usually do not require a contract and provide another option for up-and-coming artists. Determine what is the best deal for where you are at in your career. However, remember that often times, terms can be negotiable. If you are skeptical, hire a good entertainment lawyer to help you with the agreements.
5) Bring the team together
Make sure that everyone working with your band is working in concert together. Keep communication lines direct and clear so that the publicist knows immediately when you get a gig booked, that your booking agent knows when your record’s sales are picking up in a certain market, etc. Unfortunately, it’s common for things to devolve in the music industry where every member of your team will be working independently from one another, trying the best that they can instead of having an overall strategic plan. That’s where having a competent manager comes in handy!
By Simon Tam
Simon Tam is owner of Last Stop Booking and author of How to Get Sponsorships and Endorsements.

Editor's note:  If you're a Reggae, Dancehall or Caribbean-Urban artist, contact to be added to the booking roster!