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Monday, February 28, 2011

CD Review: Etana – Free Expressions

Let us first begin by saying this album is a ‘must buy.’  Now that we’ve said that, here are the reasons why…

If one were to close their eyes and allow Etana’s voice to be their vision, one would clearly see the brightness of life, the freedom of living and the beauty that resides in all of us.  She achieves this through her newest studio album ‘Free Expressions’ which was released on February 7th, 2011.

Staying true to the authentic Reggae expression, Etana paints on the music canvass with songs like “Free” in which she begins, ‘every day I rise on a prayer / that’s all I got to take me through / I know one day I must and I will / free myself from everything that holds me captive ….’  She goes on to paint ‘poverty is a trap, but not for me,’ in the song “Mocking Bird” just as easily as she sings of her beaux on the song “Heart Broken.”

Beyond the shores surrounding her country of birth, Jamaica, the world agrees that Etana’s album is a collection of exceptional musical expression as she is charted at #11 on Billboard’s Reggae Album chart which is echoed by several charts in Europe, North America and the Asia’s.  We can easily see Etana touring the world as a result of ‘Free Expressions.’ 

Giving her fans the very best in all 15 songs on the album, there is one that fans should see as a personal dedication to them which is “I Got You.”  Etana sings:   I remember when I first saw you / I remember your heartbeat too / your smile was so much joy while holding me / I found a new world with you / so happy I got you ….”  This song can be interpreted directly as a girl singing about being in love, and can be extended to mean a singer who’s happy to have fans join her on her musical mission.  Having the hand-clap riff in the song only encourages listeners to clap, thus inviting them to ‘share her world!’

As we gear up for festivals and events around the world, make sure you attend a few with Etana on the stage.  You won’t be disappointed! 

Stay up to date with all things Etana by following the artist on Twitter @etanastrongone

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kimanda Cunningham Scores 2nd Hit Record!

Produced by DJ Karim for the Stainless Records Imprint, Road Crusher Records recording artist Kimanda Cunningham scores her 2nd international hit record with the song “My Baby!”

Built as a variation to the original Fade Away riddim, Kimanda makes the topic of love her focus whe she sings “mih tell him seh mih love mih love him / nih fraid fih kiss up and hug him / mih hug him / nuh mek nuh girl come take him / nuh mek nug bwoy come violate him / mih rate him …”

Tony Carr from WPFW in the metro DC area says the song is a “perfect blend of classic Reggae music and quality lyrics,” while Blood Preshah from Denver, Colorado says Kimanda is definitely one of his artists to watch.  “I am confident about her success” said the veteran DJ.

The international Reggae community of Radio music presenters agree as Kimanda is enjoying regular radio play in the Netherlands, France, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Antigua, the Cayman Islands, the UK, Australia, the US and Canada where DJ Wiz from CHRY 105.5 FM says “my listeners are impressed with what they’ve heard so far!”

“The song speaks to men and what their women feel about them” said Kimanda from rehearsal at the Road Crusher recording studios.  “I just wanted to speak for the ladies with this song!”

Media can preview / download “My Baby” by clicking on the song title below.  For management and booking inquiries, call Neil Road Crusher at 1-876-287-3024.  Media inquiries can be sent to

Rebel Liberation Sounds Presents Rockers!

Our friends at Rebel Liberation Sounds from Kenya called us with some HOTTT news!  They've released their newest mixed CD called Rockers Vol. 33, and the mix had been downloaded 22,000 times in 2 days.  Twenty-two thousand times!  Wowow!

Featured on the CD include the OMG Riddim, produced by our good friend Mr. Donovan Germaine at Penthouse Records, as well as music from Jah Cure, Collie Buddz, Anthony Cruz, Etana, Sadiki and more.  This mix is a definite 'must add' to the collection!

Click the title below to download, and send us your feedback so we can pass it on!

Monday, February 21, 2011

How To Win A Grammy...

The Grammy's are the only peer-presented award to honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position.
To be nominated for a Grammy, artists must first submit their material for consideration.  This is done by the record label or a member of the recording academy.
Next, submissions are 'screened' by 150 screeners whose job it is to make sure the submissions have been placed in the right category (it has happened in the past that people have submitted their material, and entered the wrong category).
Next, first round ballots are sent to voting members who then cast their ballots.
Next, nominees with the most first round votes pass to the next round where the recording academy votes on the final ballot.
Lastly, the results!
As we are mainly Reggae in nature, we've included the past winners for Best Reggae Album for the past 5 years.  All of the names are familiar, and all artists kept their music 100% Reggae.  Listening to each album exposes an audience to true roots Reggae; no additives, no preservatives which leads me to the punchline:
We need to encourage our younger artists to strive towards the Grammy's, and accolades on that level.  While we are encouraging them, we must remind them to stay true to their roots which is Reggae.  Not Reggae with Hip Hip, or Reggae with R&B, but 100% Reggae.  There is nothing wrong with collaborations, but when collaborations become the 'new' Reggae,
they take themselves out of the running for awards such as these!  They also help to water down and destroy our industry, which in turn leads to festivals not needing 'authentic' Reggae because they can get a watered down version to satisfy the people.  This is also true of stage shows, and most importantly, music being played on the radio.  Believe it or not, the people
want and need the roots!
Here's a look at the past 5 Grammy winners for Best Reggae Album!  Maybe you can guess who'll be nominated for the 2012 season!
For more information on the Grammy's, visit Grammy'
Note:  The download links are not for entire albums, but an individual stand out song from the respective album...


Saturday, February 19, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Dancehall! ♠ Patexx - Sell Me A Pound!

For those who are in the Reggae and Dancehall arena hardcore, you've probably heard the name Patexx and wondered who this person is.  If you haven't heard the name, we'd like to introduce you!
Patexx (Any Day Now) has been around music for quite some time and has been recording singles for various producers across Jamaica.  Last year, Bounty Killer heard about the artist and held a reasoning with him.  That reasoning led to Bounty giving Patexx an endorsement, which opened the door for him to record with and for several top notch producers.
He has two chunes going hard on the road right now.  "Jah Will Never" on the Jah Protect riddim produced by Sekou (Young Veterans) and "Sell Me A Pound" on the Full Size Riddim.  Today, we're going in on "Sell Me A Pound!"
Produced by Neil Road Crusher & Mafia McKoy for Road Crusher Records, Patexx represents for all herbalists around the world when he sings:
'beg yuh / sell me a pound / wedda dih purple /
chocolate or brown / dem ah bring it from country
come a town / dat ah dih high grade sound ...
Mih nuh hype but mih know how fih live dih high
life ...'
The way Patexx handles the riddim, DJ's on the radio and selectors in Dancehall have given this young artist full endorsement, and we have to co-sign on that move!
Click on the song title to hear the chune "Sell Me A Pound."  As always, pass on your feedback so we can forward it to Patexx!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nelly Performs in Montreal on March 25th!

evenko and Greenland are proud to present Nelly at Metropolis on March 25th. He will be performing hits from his latest album 5.0 released in November 2010 along with hits from his previous five albums. Cali Swag District will be joining Nelly as the opening act.

5.0 first single, “Just a Dream” reached multiple charts top 10 and was certified Platinum in United-States. The most recent single “Gone” currently has a lot of success on radio stations around North-America.

Nelly, winner of two Grammy Awards in 2003 and 2004, sold more than 21 millions album in career. In 2009, Billboard magazine ranked him #3 Top Artist of the Decade.

Don’t miss Nelly at Metropolis on March 25th


Playlist 30 - L3 Radio on 88.1 CKLN FM in Toronto

Bigga Boss – L3 Radio Show Intro

Gospel Segment

Tiki Mercury-Clarke – Lift Every Voice (@L3Magazine)
Kirk Franklin – Help Me Believe (@kirkfranklin)
Byron Cage – Wait on The Lord (@byroncage)
Marvin Sapp – Praise Him in Advance (@marvinsapp)
Kurt Carr – God is A Healer (@kurtcarr)
Bishop Paul S. Morton – Cry Your Last Tear (#bishoppaulsmorton)
Veolet Fleur Rose – Precious Love (@L3Magazine)
Sheri Jones-Moffett – Grace of God (@Sherijmoffett)
Byron Cage – Faithful to Believe (@byroncage)
Donald Lawrence – Back II Eden (@donaldlawrence)
Hezekiah Walker – Souled Out (@hezekiahwalker)

Reggae Segment

Willow – Natasha Von Castle – Dubplate (@L3Magazine)
King Ali Baba – Poor and Have Not (Dubplate) (@KingAliBaba)
Duane Stephenson – Black Gold (@FromAugustTown)
PZ – Ease (@luvbugmovement)
Codiac – My Life So Hard (@CrazyLoveSound & @knowdiac)
Ever-G – Can’t Steal My Joy (@L3Magazine)
Friendlyness ft. Treson – More Peace (@Friendlyness)
Prison Oval Rock – Commercial
Barrington Levy – Prison Oval Rock (@PlatinumCamP)
Collie Buddz – Hustle (@CollieBuddz)
Ibo Idiki – Free (@IboIdiki)
Avaran – I Will Rise (@L3Magazine & @Reggae4Us)
Kyenie ft Peter Tosh – Vampire (@PlatinumCamp)
Gyptian – Confess (@RealGyptian)
Pressure – Touch You (@pressurebusspipe)
Mackeehan Solomon – Love Will (@L3Magazine)
Dream Dayz Riddim (@Sekouyoungvets)
Maverick – Been Away
Cutty Corn – Dreaming
Bugle – Why Yuh Wish Bad
Hyaslice – Pressure We Bear
Teflon – So Hard (@Teflon_JA)
Rocksteady Riddim (@L3Magazine)
Alton Ellis – Rocksteady
Frankie Paul – Love Somebody
Sandy Smith – Make It With You
Bitty McLean – Walk Away from Love
Tony Curtis – Heaven Only Knows
Raymond Wright – Things (@L3 Magazine & @Reggae4Us)
Bigga Boss ft. Lady K – Miss Wire Waist (@BiggaBoss)
Lindo P – Loving You Forever (@IAmLindoP)
Kimanda Cunningham – My Baby (@L3Magazine)
Aria Morgan – Fulltime Love (@SongoJA & @AriaMorgan)
Jah Nyne – Love Crazy (@JahNyne)
RDX – Put It On You (@Krushproofmuzik)
Kimanda Cunningham – Striving (@L3Magazine)
Raging Fyah Bad – World Crisis (@RagingFyah)
Richie Spice – Black Woman (@1RichieSpice)
Biggie Irie – Baby Mama (@SirrBiggNezz)
Lt. Brooksie – Love In Your Eyes (@SounieProd)
J. Will – I Think I’m in Love (@myjwill)
DJ Q Remix – Michael Jackson ft. Akon & Lucki Lus – Hold My Hand (@DJQallday)
Gyptian ft. Honorebel – What A Woman (@RealGyptian & @Honorebel)
D-Major – Give Love (@dmajormuzik)
Jah Melody ft. Shaka Dee – Come Over Tonight (@jahmelody)
Honorebel ft. Sean Kingston, Lady Saw, Cecile & Etana – My Girl (@Honorebel)
Shauna – Show You Love (@L3Magazine)
Ice Black – Mek She Gwaan (@IceBlackMusic)
Muzik Souljah – Operator (@L3Magazine)
Lukie D ft. Busy Signal – Man A Yardie (@BusySignal_Turf)
Cat Paw Riddim – Galaxy P – Drop Top Caddy (@galaxyp)

Dancehall Segment

Silver Cat – Fowl Affair (@L3Magazine)
Action Riddim – General Degree – Mr. Do It Nice (@L3Magazine)
Dickie Riddim – Buju Banton – Dickie (@Buju_Banton)
Marcia Griffiths – Closer (@L3Magazine)
Tony Rebel – Chatty Mouth (@TonyRebel)
General Degree – Brinks (@L3Magazine)
Terror Fabulous – Love Me if You Love Me (@L3Magazine)
Tanya Stephens – Handle The Ride (@TanyaStephens)
Tony Rebel – Jah Will Never Let Us Down *Special dedication to @peligrosamour
Buju Banton – Babylon Brutality (@Buju_Banton)
Admiral Bailey – Punany
Freddie McGregor – Fever
Shabba Ranks – Caan Done
Tonto Irie – World’s Best Love
Audrey Hall – One Dance Won’t Do
Beres Hammond – Standing in My Way
Da Eagle Riddim
Burro Banton – No Lye Low
Mr. Lexx – Gucci Store

Dynasty – Sexy Gyal (@MMRick)
Stylo Gee – Bank Robber (@StyloGee)
Stylo Gee ft. Chi Chi Ching – Dallah  (@StyloGee)
Shaggy ft. Mavado – Girls Dem Love We (@direalshaggy & @kuesound)
T.O.K. – Yuh Body Good (@TOKCrew)
Lady Saw – Beg You (@LadySawDHQueen)
Mikeylous – Swear (@CharlyBlack)
Tifa – Get Flat (@Tifamusic)
Busy Signal – F.Y.I. (@BusySignal_Turf & @djKarim)
Kimanda Cunningham ft. Busy Signal – Let’s Go (@L3Magazine & @BusySignal_Turf)
Santiago Riddim Run
Beenie Man – Bazzle (@kingbeenieman)
G-Maffiah – Gyal Dem Seh (@L3Magazine)
Villa Dutch – So Much Girls (@villadutch)
D’Angel – Hot (dangle_music)

Full Size Riddim Run
Patexx – Sell Me A Pound (@Patexxanydaynow)
Pistal – Gwaan So (dubplate)
Mafia McKoy – Wine & Touch (dubplate)
RDX – Tightly (dubplate)
Kimanda Cunningham – My Baby (dubplate)

Soca Segment

Dingolay Riddim
Blaxx – Tanti Woi (@SocaPoliceForce)
Deuce Man – Wine Yuh Waist (@L3Magazine)
Denise Belfon – Dance & Dingolay (Special dedication to @babyphat2D)

***Special phone call from Lisa Davis with the pre-carnival update

Fay-Ann Lyons – Pressure (@fayannlyons)
Biggie Irie – Attack She (Dubplate) (@SirrBiggNezz)
Sanctuary – Minglin (@SanctuarySoca)
Sanctuary – Pimpin (@FraudSquadSoca)
Iwer George – Come To Meh (@L3magazine)
Busy Signal ft. Bambino – Brum Pum (@BusySignal_Turf & @jukeboxxjamaica)
Bunji Garlin – This Time (@Bunji Garlin)
Blaxx – Carnival Jumbie (@SocaPoliceForce)
Razor B – Jump Up (@RazorB)
Mista Vybe – Bumper Season (@MistaVybe)
Lil Rick ft. Machel Montano – Go Dung (Remix) (@machelmontanoHD)
KES The Band – Electro Lights Riddim (@kestheband)
Machel Montano – Illegal (@machelmontanoHD)
Nadia Batson ft. Tallpree – Lighters (@nadieb)
Shurwayne Winchester – Paparazzi (@ShurwayneWinchester)
Mr. Vegas ft. Swappi – Under the Influence (@MrVegasMusic)
JW & Blaze – Palance (@L3Magazine)

R&B / Hip Hop / Alternative Segment

Ciara – Promise
Rock City – Words Can’t Explain
R. Kelly – Number One Hit
R. Kelly – Lost In Your Love
Lloyd – Cupid
Candice Gayle – Good Morning Sunshine (@L3Magazine)
Amanda Marshall – Everybody’s Got A Story
The Noisettes – Young Wild Hearts
Saidah Baba Talibah – Place of Grace
Bryan Adams – Run To You
Bruce Springsteen – Glory Days
Sass Jordan – Fell In Love Again

Thanks for joining us!  If you're a Soca artist, send music to  If you're an R&B / Hip Hop artist, send music to  If you're a Reggae / Dancehall artist, send music to

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

KroniK Muzik: "Nah Goh Si Mi Fail" - Video Premiere

Congrats to KroniK and team for a great chune and positive vibes for the people of Jamaica and the world!

KroniK Muzik: "Nah Goh Si Mi Fail" - Video Premiere: "The video premieres on Hype TV and RE TV tonight (February 16th, 2011) and will be on FIWI TV tomorrow and CVM and TVJ by the Weekend"

Something Fresh!

If you're in Jamaica, you must check out an artist showcase called 'Something Fresh' which shows off some of the best talent coming from the younger generation.

Team L3 had the pleasure of meeting with some of the artists on the showcase and can assure you this is definitely an event you cannot afford to miss.  The level of creativity and performance will leave you inspired and uplifted, and will make you want more!

Click on the flyer below for additional details!

♠ HOTTT New Soca! ♠ Razor B - Jump Up and Down!

As Trinidad Carnival draws closer (3 weeks away), artists are releasing their best chunes which includes music from Canada's best, Mr. Razor B who has recorded a HOTTT Soca chune called "Jump Up and Down!"
Produced by Mark Mosca for Razor B This mid tempo chune takes us to a club, or the parade route where men and women free up their inhibitions by letting loose and celebrating in the spirit Soca!
Catch Razor B's HOTTT Soca chune "Jump Up and Down" by clicking on the download link below:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rihanna's Loud Tour 2011

evenko and Live Nation are thrilled to present RIHANNA at the Bell Centre on Friday, June 10th!

Rihanna, sparking a fan frenzy with her sold out 45 date European tour, including six nights at London’s O2 Arena, today announced that she will bring her highly anticipated LOUD tour to North America this summer.  Rihanna’s extraordinary new show will feature all new production, costumes and stage design creating a visual and audio event with the once in a lifetime excitement her fans around the world have come to expect from one of the brightest stars in music today. The North American summer tour will begin on June 4th in Baltimore, Maryland at the 1st Mariner’s Arena. 

“We’re creating an incredible ride with this tour.  I’m excited to get out on the road and share my new music from this album.” said Rihanna. “We are going to have an amazing time and I know my fans are ready to get LOUD!”.

Rihanna’s 2010 global tour, Last Girl On Earth drew nearly 500,000 fans in 44 markets. She was at the Bell Centre on August 7, 2010.

Rihanna’s third single “S&M” follows the #1 hits, “Only Girl” and “What’s My Name” both reaching the top of the singles charts. The new video for “S&M,” directed by Melina Matsoukas, premiered on February 2nd showing fans Rihanna will continue to push the envelope of creativity. LOUD is Rihanna’s fifth album released since 2005. The album has reached #1 in six countries and is currently the #1 UK album.  Rihanna has sold a collective 22 million albums and 36 million digital singles since her debut in 2005.

At the prestigious Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday night, Rihanna won for Best Dance Recording for "Only Girl (in the wordl)".

Rihanna LOUD North American Tour Dates:

June 4       Baltimore, MD - 1st Mariner Arena
June 7       Toronto, ON -  Air Canada Centre
June 10     Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
June 28     Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center
June 30     Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena
July 19      Uniondale, NY - Nassau Coliseum
July 21      East Rutherford, NJ - Izod Center
July 23      Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center