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Monday, May 30, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Dancehall! ♠ Patexx ft. Bounty Killer & Busta Rhymes - Summer Time (Remix)

When a song is HOTTT, you have to do a remix which is exactly what happened with Patexx and Bounty Killer for the Riddim Syndicate produced chune "Summer Time." 
Set to a heavily synthesised Dancehall riddim, both Patexx and Bounty talk about the lovely
sites that happen in the summer time.  Now, with the remix, Busta Rhymes brings his way
too HOTTT American flavour making this chune an easy selection in a Dancehall segment, or
when crossing over to a Hip Hop segment.
Speaking on behalf of the gents, the Five Star general, Bounty Killer DJ's:  "summer time is a party time / when mih clean an mih out an the summer is fine / an mih drinkin liquor of every kind / an mih deals wid mih girls dem one at a time / fine / inna Gucci an Louis design
you know anno war / is ah party time ..."
Patexx adds "when yu see the sun hot like fyah / all inna cool breeze we ah perspire / an yuh see the hot girl dem attire / it's summer time..."
Busta Rhymes laces these lyrics:  "you see it hot big big big gyal tek off yuh pants an put on yuh shorts / dan dadda wid dih lyrics an mih masta dih art / mih mash up every ting an you don't want me to start ..."
Together, this trio brings authentic Dancehall flava to get the bodies moving!

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