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Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday Dinner with Rice & Peas!

For those of you who grew up in the Caribbean, particularly Jamaica, you know that Sunday is the day for Rice & Peas.  From the time you hear 'Sunday Dinner,' you know what's on the menu!

For those of you who are not from the Caribbean, or, for those who may have forgotten the sweetness contained in Rice & Peas, one of the UK's (a.k.a. Jambram which is short for Jamaica and Birmingham) hottest Reggae and Dancehall artists, Serocee (pronounced Ser-o-see) has released a brand new chune which has listeners licking their fingers and wanting more!

The song "Oh Na Na" has DJ's and fans around the world fiending for Serocee's touch on the popular phrase.  The original musical composition was produced by master-mind, Tony "CD" Kelly, lyrics by Serocee and the Rice & Peas remix by Joe Grime from No Manners Sound.

The original release date is scheduled for May 30th, 2011, but with the amount of requests coming in from all corners of the world, don't be surprised if the chune is released earlier.  In the meantime, and as a special treat, click the video link below for an exclusive preview for Serocee and the chune "Oh Na Na!"

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