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Sunday, May 1, 2011

♣ Artist Spotlight! ♣ Empress Shaneece - 2 Di Left!

Let us begin by saying don't let this Empresses looks fool you.  She might appear to be simple,
but when you're hit by her lyrics, you'll see just how far she is from that word.
Empress Shaneece, has stopped by to drop off some new material she's hoping you will embrace!  The name of the song is "2 Di Left" which is set to a hardcore Dancehall riddim (dancers will LOVE this song - trust us) and takes aim at the people who disrespect the Empresses regime.  Pree the lyrics at the 1:25 marker:
"Here come the gideon / swing low sweet chariot and watch me get it on / steady pon dih riddim haffi ride caw me meddi pon / the sufferer's / oh the long sufferers / dem suffer caw babylon ah sink dem claws / peace and unity deh pon lock / den know no dibby dibby coulda jam dis rock / an no dibby dibby coulda run dis block / and no dibby dibby coulda trod dis trod / slide 2 dih left ...."
If ever there was a 'gangsta Empress,' we would say we have it in Empress Shaneece.  That is not said to be disrespectful, rather it is said with praise as to how fierce her lyrical delivery is as she makes no apologies for challenging babylon, nor does she apologise for claiming her victory!  When you hear this artist, you'll agree, trust us!  
P.S.  Please make sure to comment to we can pass it on to the Empress!


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