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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Dancehall! ♠ Jamballaz - No Talk!

Sometimes in life, you have to get rude and let people know that 'yuh nah tek no talk.'  Thanks to Jamballaz, we now have an anthem that helps us make this point!
Using  the winning formula of the Dancehall DJ lyrics combined with an American Rap hook, Jamballaz says:  
We nuh take nuh talk from
nuh bwoy / so the street raise us / nothing don't
phase us / we nuh take no talk from ah bwoy ...
we from the West Indies / We burnin up dem
trees / dem eyes nuh ready dih least / welcome
the three headed beast..."

These lyrics can be taken at face value, or they can be taken as inspiration for athletes preparing to face an opponent at an upcoming game.
Either way you take it, Jamballaz has hit the mark with this song, and speaks for a generation of people who sometimes have to get talkative and let people know they're just not taking any talk!
Click on the title below to preview the song "No Talk!"

Saturday, March 26, 2011

✓ HOTTT New Reggae! ✓ Kimanda Cunningham - I Wanna Know What Love Is!

In 1984, the group Foreigner (Mick Jones, Ian McDonald and Lou Gramm) released the song "I Want to Know What Love Is" which reached #1 on both the British charts and the US charts, and remained there for several weeks.  
Today, in 2011, the song is still on the Billboard charts at the top of the 'Recurring Hits' section as fans young and old can't get enough of the song, and then comes Kimanda Cunningham!
With the support of the Road Crusher Music label, Kimanda has done a cover of the song "I Want to Know What Love Is." Using her powerful voice, Kim covers the song in such a way, Foreigner would be proud!  The music has been re-built with a driving drum beat
that matches the pace of Kim's voice (all lyrics remain the same) which automatically moves listeners with the song!
The team predicts that Kim will have a #1 in the hearts of fans and radio jocks with this cover,
and we have to co-sign on that!
Please note:  this song has been released in promotional format only, and is not available for commercial sale.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cali P Profiled in the Jamaica Observer!

If there is anything we LOVE to share with you is GREAT music.  GREAT music is the kind of thing that can be used to heal us when we're not well, and join us in our celebration when things are going right / well!
A few weeks ago we introduced the GREAT music of Cali P to you, as well his friend, partner and fellow musician Anil "Phantom" Montaque and the feedback has been incredible.  So incredible that, Cali P was featured in the Entertainment section of the Jamaica
We know that success does not come from a single source, but comes from when that single source is combined with other sources to produce greatness!
Click on the title below for more great music from Cali P!


Monday, March 21, 2011

♠ The Mania Has Hit! ♠ Justin Beiber Invades Reggae!

At the age of 16, he has every teen flocking to get get a picture, and hooked on his lyrics like how we're hooked on chocolate!  His groupies and fans are not like the ones of yester-year, instead, they can make you a trending topic on @Twitter which comes equipped with the most cruel comments, or the most positive ones.  
In the case of Suga Roy & Jahvanti, we know the comments are going to be positive as they
did a good job with the chune!
Suga Roy & Jahvanti have just released their cover of the Beiber's massive hit called "Baby"
which is currently receiving good radio play in Jamaica, and is now ready to be shared with the
Jahvanti sings the verse, while Suga Roy DJ's the chorus to a nice uptempo Dancehall riddim which is a nice transition between a Reggae set and a Dancehall set!
Click on the title below to preview the song on youtube, and make sure to leave comments that we can pass on to Suga and Jahvanti!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sharing Cen'C Love with the World!

As the dawn ushers in a fresh breath of air, so too, Reggae music ushers in a fresh sound which meets jazz and Soul, courtesy of the beautiful vessel, Cen'C Love.

Her debut album, Love Letter showcases her musical artistry as beautifully as an artist painting on a canvass which is especially showcased within her lead single, “Casanova” produced by Shaka "Top Gunn" Givan, and written by Cen'C herself.

Singing elegantly, Cen'C sings “you’re working, you’re working, you’re always working, I think you’re really lurking in the middle of the night, telling me lies like you think this is a joke thing, look inna mih eyes and tell me why…”  Going on to call her man ‘Casanova’ Cen'C asks where he plans to go for the night.

On a deeper and more socially connected level, Cen'C, through the song ‘Casanova’ speaks for the many women who are tired of the philandering ways of men who can’t commit to themselves and one partner, in effect sharing themselves loosely.

Said Cen'C from her recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia, "This song was created by me and my friend Georgia from swapping stories about men and their games, I said, they think they Casanova's. We laughed, and as the lyrics and verses started coming to us, we turned it into a full out drama-comedy.”

To balance the tone and observation in ‘Casanova,’ Cen'C sings “since, you’ve been gone, no one has touched my heart, never love another, I’ll never love another” in reference to the man in the title song, LOVE LETTER, who has touched her heart so deeply, while in the song “CYSTEM” Cen'C sings “She got the degree hanging above the door and not enough dough to pay back the school loan and not enough, working at the store, a little less clothes for a little more dough. Its the babylon cystem, makes me feel like a victim, babylon cystem.”  The music is an infectious composition which inspires the listener to want to hear her perform the song live.

An absolute fan favourite is lyrically rich song, “Hey You” in which Cen'C emotes “hey you, hey you, any time you’re in my space I’m in the mood, and every time I hear your base it vibrates in my womb" which speaks on behalf of the lucky women around the world who have found and are with their soul mate.

In total, Cen'C has 13 tracks on her album, LOVE LETTER, which is perfectly suited for the mature audience who appreciates the meeting of the raw honesty contained in Reggae, and the sultry yet sensual vocals contained in Jazz and Soul, yet its fresh sound is being welcomed by the young audiences equally.

Fans can buy Cen'C’s album online at or, by clicking here for

Track listing:

1.       Mailman
2.       Love Letter
3.        These Lies
4.       Casanova
5.       Paradise
6.       Hey You
7.       Ghetto Slang
8.      What about Love
9.       Nuhbadi Else
10.   Gave You My Love
11.    Feel Good
12.    Springtime
13.    Cystem

More about Cen-C Love:

Musician, singer, songwriter, fashion designer and visual artist Cen'C Love is a 21st Century renaissance woman.  Born in America to Caribbean parents, Cen'C was raised in Kingston, Jamaica and Atlanta, Georgia spending time equally between the two.  As the daughter of Reggae icon, Bunny Wailer, she is proving herself capable of raising the bar of today's Reggae offerings, and maintain the high standards expected of a Wailers' offspring.

In Atlanta, Cen'C attended the Dekalb school of the Arts.  There, along with talents such as crooner, Lloyd, professional dancers La Kendrick, and Saheeda Fishenden among others, she studied dance, drama, writing and was trained in classical voice by Jamaican born opera singer Mrs. Dawn-Marie James nee Virtue.

Cen'C Love has the sultry voice and soulful sounds of Billie Holiday, the musicianship of Lauryn Hill, and the word wit of Jill Scott.

For more on Cen'C, visit her at  For management inquiries, e-mail  Media inquiries can be sent to

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cali P From Switzerland to Guadeloupe to Jamaica - Lyrical Fyah!

If you read Cali P’s official bio, he says that he is lyrical ‘faya,’ but there are some who don’t agree with that single word description!  For many, Cali P is more than lyrical fyah; he’s a truth teller, a nation builder, and female empowerer, all within the strides of music and entertainment.

Originally born in Switzerland and raised between Switzerland and Guadeloupe, this Reggae and Dancehall artist speaks to and for the Caribbean and African diaspora as he regularly chants that we are all one with no division.  These lyrics are evidenced in the song “Roll Deep” where the artist proudly states “we roll deep, and when we flex then we flex with the flex of the West Indies …” and goes on to sing “some call it West Indies, some say Caribbean, some call it yaad, but inna mih heart mih know we ah real African!”

In addition to being an incredible entertainer, Cali P is also an astute business man.  Partnering with medal earning ski giant Tanner Hall, sound selector turned record producer Anil "Phantom" Montaque and movie producer Eric Iberg, this foursome run Inspired Music Concepts which is responsible for hit records including "No Time" and “Like A Lion (Hotsteppa)” which were used in the soundtrack for the movie ‘Like A Lion’. In Switzerland the combination "As one" between Cali P and Switzerland's top rapper Stress, which was also co-produced by Inspired Music Concepts, is currently enjoying regular radio and TV play.

Spending time equally at home in Switzerland, Guadeloupe and Jamaica, Cali P is focused on staying true to his roots, and connected to the spirit and energy of the people, the very ones he represents through his music.  “Since I came to Jamaica I've been overwhelmed by the support and love of the people which means a lot to me, as it is the home of Reggae music” said the artist.  “My greatest inspiration comes from life and the people in this beautiful world.”

Partner Anil "Phantom" Montaque, the music producer says "Working with Cali P is always fun. Sometimes he provides the lyrics first and I make the beat for it. At other times my riddims inspire him to write a song. It's just a good vibe!"Cali P has collaborated with industry greats such as Freddie McGregor and Mykal Rose, and young artists GWhizz, Wasp and Devano.  He is also featured alongside Tarrus Riley, Omar Perry and Ziggy, and more on the Gorilla Riddim produced by Europe’s Necessary Mayhem.

Currently on tour in Europe, Cali P continues to draw large fans to venues, a reflection of the numbers his music receives on YouTube.  The artist is performing songs from his catalog, as well as songs fans can expect to hear on his upcoming album 'Unstoppable.'
For additional inquiries, contact  For Media inquiries, contact

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Dancehall! ♠ Fuze - Fly Pass Dem!

Thanks to Twitter, we had the opportunity to meet an up and coming Dancehall artist that girls say is as HOTTT as the sun!  He goes by the name Fuze, and he makes his debut via
his new chune "Fly Pass Dem!"
We hear lyrics about 'haters' all the time, but Fuze decides to go a different route by focusing
on going past the haters without focusing on the word 'haters' when he DJ's:
"Caan stop mih eye dem from open ah mawnin
time / when dem ah playa hate me tell dem all is
fine / yuh see dah phone ya / ah only real people
can call this line / ah nuff ah dem jealous an corrupt
an nuff ah dem bad mind ...."
Believe us, you will be calling for the 'puuuuuuuuuuuul up' on this chune as it connects
on every level.  Fuze even comments on the fact that our swag ah 'tun up' and we 'nuh listen to dihmouth when it run up.'  Bap Bap Bap!
Tweet with Fuze by joining him on Twitter @Fuzeatdem1!  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Why We Love R. Kelly...

I have always been a fan of R. Kelly's.  From the time he dropped his first album, 12 Play, I was there.  Many people wonder why I love R. Kelly as much as I do so here is the answer.  The year was 2003, and it was the year that my boyfriend of 4 years, the man I was supposed to marry, the man I had plans to buy a home with, the man who was going to give me children, all of a sudden, with no warning, decided to be with someone else.

The hurt I experienced was a shock to my system.  I went from 180 pounds to 150 in a week.  I went to sleep crying, I woke up crying, and couldn’t keep anything in my system. R. Kelly’s music changed that.

It began with the song “Chocolate Factory” in which Kells begins with the words ‘baby, there’s nobody like you, you’re a really good friend….’  As if by magic, I was taken from my heart break, and put on a journey that encouraged me to leave behind the ex boyfriend, and look forward to the future.  R. Kelly comforted me, he brought healing to me, and he encouraged me, not even knowing who I was, or that I even existed.

After listening to the album, including the bonus album (the song “Far More” is my favourite), I knew I was going to be ok, and I knew I was going to get through my personal tragedy, and I knew R. Kelly understood me.  All of this through the power of song(s).  You see, R. Kelly’s music became the doctor that performed surgery giving my body what it needed to gain its’ own strength so that its’ healing could be complete, and life could be restored and made better.

I have since spoken to other women around the world who have shared their stories, some of which are similar to mine, and all have come to the common conclusion that R. Kelly is for Women.  He understands us and sings to us and for us.

There will only ever be one R. Kelly.  No matter what he faces in life, his fans will always be there with him and for him because he was there for us.  I can’t go any further without saying, we all have to thank DJ Wayne Williams for signing Kells.  If it wasn’t for Wayne, we wouldn’t know this incredible entertainer the way we do.  I thank Wayne just as much as I thank Kelly’s parents for creating his life.

Thank you Kells.  On behalf of the millions of women and people around the world you’ve touched, thank you!

Thank You Japan...

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has captured the attention of most of us.  Either we have friends / family / fans there, or we have business interests, or we connect with the tragedy on a human level.  Regardless of how or why we connect, Japan and its' devastation has impacted us all.

We don't have the right words to bring comfort to those who have experienced loss, and We don't have words to shield us from the after effects that will hit all of us environmentally, financially and beyond.  Instead, we have two simple words:  thank you.

Thank you to the Japanese for being a part of our global existence.  Thank you to Japan for the incredible contributions you have made to technology and more.  Thank you for being our friend, our partner and at times our ally.

The world supports you as you rebuild.  Your rebuilding is our rebuilding.  We love you Japan.  Please continue to stay strong... 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Brilliance in Vybz Kartel...

You’ve never read a review of his music, nor have you heard us play one of his songs.  We’ve never commented on his shenanigans, nor have we joined the debate about his destruction (or non destruction thereof) of music coming from Jamaica, but today, we have to salute Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel as being one of the most, if not, the most brilliant artist to come out of Jamaica from a marketing perspective.

Undeniably, Mr. Palmer’s brilliance is not limited to his ability to lyricize listeners into doing what he does, especially in song.  His brilliance is not limited to the fact that he has seized countless business opportunities in developing his line of condoms, rum, shoes, music and more.  His brilliance is further not contained to the fact that he generates conversation daily because of what he does and does not do with the colour of his skin.  No!

Vybz Kartel is the most brilliant artists to come out of Jamaica because he’s in tune with the universe, and has mastered the use of energy emitted by the very people who profess to ‘not like him’ because of his antics.  By tuning into that energy, Vybz Kartel continues to receive inspiration as to what he can and should do next to keep the masses talking about him, and keep the money rolling in.

While some pundits were deliberating why it is his album couldn’t sell units, he was busy sealing a deal with his rum company.  While some people talked about whether or not his lyrics were appropriate, and whether or not his music would be, should be, or could be banned from their radio station, Mr. Palmer was counting the stacks of money he made from the sale of his condoms.  Let us repeat; Vybz Kartel is brilliant.

The latest talk about him bleaching has only caused his cake soap to be sold by the case throughout the Caribbean, America and several countries in Africa.  Some people feel sorry for him and the fact that he can’t travel to perform in other countries.  Don’t be fooled!  He can travel, he just chooses not to!

As it stands, Vybz is on a level where if he decided to run for Prime Minister, he could, and would win!  Perhaps we should see that the music he creates his a front for his ability to harness and convert universal energy which enables him to be brilliant…

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