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Monday, April 30, 2012

Playlist! Look Who's Getting Played in Italy!

Here is the Playlist from the radio show Reggae Radio Station hosted by Vitowar in Italy!

REBEL ROOTZ tu seimusica
REBEL ROOTZ il treno del pensiero
MR. TBONE then i saw you
MR. TBONE i keep saying no
MR. TBONE nothing to lose
RAPHAEL here i come remix
TARRUS RILEY won't regret
SIZZLA love the gal dem
BOUNTY KILLA dem buss up
CHAM tun up
THE UNIQUES my conversation
BARACCA SOUND foundation
THE FUGEES killing me softly (reggaesta remix)
ADELE  set fire the rain (reggaesta remix)
DERRIK MORGAN fouward march
JUNIOR BYLES festival da da
JUNIOR BYLES beat down babylon
THE MAYTONES & I ROY money worries
ULTIMA FASE articolo 1
GRAMPS MORGAN reggae Music lives
DUB INC el djazzair
FIDO GUIDO realtà e cultura
LADY FLAVIA niente da perdere

Download @

03.00 A.M  - 06.30 A.M.


[grampsmorgan]  Reggae Music Lives
[kreeshaturner]  Rock Paper Scissors
[BawseDawg  ft Esco] Imma Get The Money
[Charmello]No Longer
[Dubmatix]Dread Reckoning Dub
[Gillo] Odio
[Lustahfeat Johnny Crome] Herb Swagg
[baraccasound] Medley FOUNDATION
[Da'Ville]Took A Break
[Adele] SetFire To The Rain (reggae version)
[AmyWinehouse]  Rehab dub version
[AmyWinehouse] Stronger than me reggae remix
[Byron(Bobby) Treasure] - Simple Love
[fyahspying] don't cry mama
[KaylaBliss] Tears Of A Soldier
[RagingFyah] judgement day
[RagingFyah] music isnt bias
[Cham ft. O] Tun up
[KayshaLee] Do Do Do

[Oceana]  Endless Summer (Reggae Mix)
[mrmention] jamaica pop gal
[robert sutherland]Funny How Time
[ruffy] wukit
[cherine] eagles & doves
[TennaStar] Jah Give Us Life
[chrisdemountage] Love Is In The Air
[karamanti]african song
[rankingforrest] The Bubbling
[kush i]One More Chance
[ever-g]Teach Us To Love
[Jahbami ft. Pressure] Poppin
[Sakeenaman] Un nuovo mondo
[Phillye] Live Ur Life
[keithus i]Twisted
[DonSniper] One man Girl
[EdwinYearwood] good time
[Sass FeatNadia Batson] no pressure
[PotentialKid] She Say A Yah So Nice
[Gappy Ranks]Money Out Deh
[Popcaan]party shot
[Stylo G]Call Mi A Yardie
[elihu] tek9
[juniortoots'] Ethiopian From Birth
[LennyHines] This Party Is Jumping
[ChrisDeMontague] Love Is In The Air

Make sure you support Vitowar and his events!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Herbie Hancock Announces International Jazz Day!

Jazz pianist Herbie Hancock’s first major initiative since being named a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador last July is to establish International Jazz Day to be held annually on April 30, which coincides with the last day of what has been celebrated as Jazz Appreciation Month in the U.S.

This year’s inaugural event — organized by the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in partnership with the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, which Hancock chairs — will include star-studded concerts in Paris, New Orleans and New York as well as jazz-related events in several dozen countries from Algeria to Uruguay, reports the AP.

Hancock said it was easy getting support for his proposal from the 195-member U.N. cultural organization “because so many countries have been affected in crucial ways over the years by the presence of jazz.” 

“Jazz has been the voice of freedom for so many countries over the past half century,” Hancock told AP ahead of today’s official announcement of International Jazz Day. “This is really about the international diplomatic aspect of jazz and how it has throughout a major part of its history been a major force in bringing people of various countries and cultures together.”

The official kick-off will be on April 27 with an all-day program at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris that will include master classes, roundtable discussions and improvisational workshops.  An evening concert will feature Hancock, Dee Dee Bridgewater, South Africa’s Hugh Masekela and Brazil’s Tania Maria, among others.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Protoje's 7Year Itch!

Since the release of his Debut album 7Year Itch in 2011, Protoje has been engaging in activities to enhance his career and spread his music around the world.

To this end he travelled to the prestigious Media Conference, South by South Western (SXSW) in Austin, Texas in  the USA on the invitation of Matt Sonzala, Music Fest Coordinator,  to learn more about the business  of music and to headline Reggae night at the Flamingo Cantina where Uprising Band also performed showcasing  their excellence as musicians.

Fresh off that exciting performance with his band INDIGGNATION, the journey  having been made possible by sponsorship from Digicel, Red Stripe and personal contributions from some past Steths athletes and family members and friends, PROTOJE  is all set to commence the first leg of a planned promotional RASTA  LOVE tour in the USA starting with the West coast between the 17 th and 27th of May, with 10 shows in 11 days in California and Washington.

However, Protoje was super pleased with having gotten the opportunity ahead of his USA TREK to perform in Dubai, UAE on the 20th of April at Club Trilogy along with Zjliquid.

So where next does the journey take Protoje?  As Protoje tweeted recently
"Finally Africa."  Protoje and his InDiggNation Band will be performing in South Africa alongside Ne-Yo, Shaggy, Ludacris and South African artistes on the 2nd of June, 2012 at the MBay Megafest at the Nelson Mandela Stadium in Port Elizabeth.

After returning from South Africa Protoje will then move on to Europe, where he toured twice in 2011. He has already been confirmed on several shows including two of the most successful Festivals, Summerjam in Germany and Rottotom in Spain. A Japanese tour is also expected in the first two weeks in September.

Protoje has not been shirking his recording career in all this though, having been working assiduously on his second album with chart topping producer and cousin, Donovan "Don Corleon" Bennett to be titled "8 Year Affair". He has released 2 singles in recent times, the hard hitting "Who Dem a Program" and a smooth rendition ft. Chris Watts titled "Around the World,"  both singles being produced by Don Corleon.

Protoje was recently chosen by the German  reggae Riddim Magazine As Songwriter of 2011 and it's readers voted him as International Newcomer of 2011.

The journey continues.

Radio Week! Sir Daddy D and Reggae 4!

The story of Sir Daddy D, and is one that can only expressed with pride!  Daddy’s journey with music began the moment he was born!  With the natural ability to entertain friends, and chat on the microphone, Daddy was always the source of Life where music and people are concerned. 

Having worked for well known radio stations in England, his hands were always in the musical pie, and the people were always in his heart.  He once went to a dance with 10 records in his hand (back then he played on vinyl!), and played for 2 hours with those 10 records and everyone had the time of their lives! is something that Daddy has always wanted to do.  He is backed by millions, yes, millions of faithful listeners daily who spend an average of 4.5 hours on the site.  How do I know?  I’ve seen the stats!

Assembling the best team, Daddy’s DJ’s showcase music from England, Europe, Canada, Japan and Israel, and of course the Caribbean!  Joined by his Queen, Lady Lee, is never short of entertainment and stress relief!

Make sure you tune in to the station, or take in Daddy’s Rice n Peas show on Sunday’s.  You will definitely enjoy!

Radio Week! Lady Pam and Irie Vibes Radio Detroit!

Unbeknown to some, Detroit has a thriving Reggae and Dancehall market, and a part of the reason for the area’s growing popularity is because of the work put in by Lady Pam and her team at!

The online radio station is a source of information for upcoming events as well as links to other people in the industry on a global level.  On the surface, this appears to be ‘just another’ online radio station, but Lady Pam stands out for an additional reason!

Now in its’ 5th year, Lady Pam founded the Spread the Love Festival which was created with the sole purpose of raising money for the Watson Town Basic School in Jamaica.  Through the fundraiser, Lady Pam and friends are able to contribute school supplies to children who may be in need.  Lady Pam is herself a school teacher, and understands these needs all too well!

Back to!

Alongside Lady Pam, listeners enjoy a mix of music from Gav Pauze (out of the UK), Babaloo Sound (out of Italy), Jah Lion and Roots Rock International; her listenership is truly international!

Make sure you visit her site, make sure you support the Spread the Love Festival, and make sure you support her DJ’s!

Check out the full schedule here:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gramps Morgan Declares Reggae Music Lives!

With a mission to heal the world through music, Soul Train Award nominee, Gramps Morgan unleashes his second, solo, album Reggae Music Lives tomorrow (April 24th), independently, on his Dada Son Entertainment label. A musical therapy of sorts, Reggae Music Lives is filled with angelic harmonies, authentic compositions and a unique sound brand, Gramps calls "Rockaz". Reggae Music Lives is more than Reggae; it's world-beat, with a little bit of country, a taste of what Americans call rap-Jamaicans call it toasting; mix it with a hint of r 'n' b, a dash of blues synthesized with contemporary reggae that maintains the integrity of the original art form and you get a sense of the musical accents that help to make Reggae Music Lives complete. 

After two years in the making, Reggae Music Lives arrives with inspiration, healing and Gramps' determination to make positive changes in the world. The album's first single 'The Almighty'  topped the charts in Jamaica, South Florida and New York while 'Life Too Short', released on March 28th, advanced in the fight for justice in the case of Trayvon Martin. Consequently, team Dada Son decided to donate part of the sale proceeds to the family of the slain Florida teenager. The song has since been added to the Justice for Trayvon Martin Foundation website ( where he is listed as an "Official Donor" for his commitment.

Meanwhile, Mark Brantley, Senior Lawyer and Leader of the Opposition in the National Parliament of St. Kitts and Nevis says: "There is no voice in reggae music today as distinctive as that of Gramps Morgan. His sophomore album reminds us of the deeply spiritual roots of reggae music. Gramps' ability to make music with a global appeal which touches the human spirit and soothes the soul has been taken to new heights in his latest release. I believe that this new effort by this Grammy award winning artist will be a major hit with lovers of conscious reggae music the world over. But don't take my word for it. Pick up a copy, put your feet up and let the music wash over you."

Reggae Music Lives is an evolution of Gramps' professional and musical growth expressed through his singing, narratives, arrangements and compositions. His melodies and hooks are seasoned with mature, worldly lyrics that are delivered flawlessly. All of his experiences have culminated in the creation of a universal sound that he says stems from exposure.

Reggae Music Lives is about the preservation of art, music and culture and Gramps wants the world to know that "Reggae music is here to stay."  

Order your copy now:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Radio Week Featuring Rico Vibes from Da Flava

Online Radio is one of the most important outlets for artists and fans.  Traditional radio doesn’t always play the music we want to hear, and when we want to hear it so online has become the outlet of choice.

Essential in the online world of radio is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Founded by Rico Vibes (who also founded Natural Vibes Sound System based in New York), the focus and the vision of the station is to provide listeners with the best in programming which includes Reggae, Soca, Gospel, 80’s and the like.

Teaming the best DJ’s and music presenters, Da Flava Radio offers a musical variety that is heard online, and via AM 1430 in Atlanta.

Rico’s background in music is extensive!  Having been in the industry for 20-something years, he’s rubbed elbows with the who’s who of the music world and because of that receives incredible support from artists as well as fans.  When it comes to breaking music in the Atlanta Region and globally, Rico is the man, and www.daflavaradio is the station the industry turns to!  I should also mention the success built for the Singers Choice CD series which has made a pretty penny for several street and online CD vendors around the world.  Singers Choice is so popular; Rico receives requests from fans before a new project is ready to touch the road!  Back to the topic…!

Today, make sure you tune in to hear Rico Vibes most popular show, New Music Tuesday from 9pm to 11pm EST.  Special guest is Gramps Morgan who will be talking about his new album Reggae Music Lives!

P.S.  I’ll be looking at various online radio stations this week.  At least once a month (if demand is really high maybe 2-3 times per month), I’ll profile an online station.  Without you, Artists, Producers, and Journalists can’t do what we do and be heard! with Rico Vibes … Let’s Go!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Return of Morgan Heritage!

We’re going to let you in on a secret you already know!  Morgan Heritage is back and mark their return with the release of their single "The Return." Here's the story...

Waving the Reggae Flag high, the group sat down with Super Producer Shane C. Brown where they discussed the sound and direction they want their music and album to go in. Shane, being one of the most successful producers in both Reggae and Dancehall, decided that, as Reggae music is the order of the day, the only way to do Morgan Heritage is via live musicians!

The reason why you feel as though Morgan Heritage is in the room with you when you hear "The Return" is because of Kirk Bennett on the Drums, Aeion Hoilett on Bass, Kevon Wester on Keyboards, Lamont Savory on Guitars, and, the legendary, Dean Fraser on Sax.
What's more, both Shane and his Father Errol Brown Engineer the project (Errol Brown has engineered with greats such as Joseph 'Culture' Hill, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Peter Tosh, Alton Ellis and the list goes on)!

Back to the Return! 

You can hear how much Peetah, Gramps, Una, Mojo and Lukes have grown vocally, and in conviction. They don't mince words when they sing "the headlines say what's next now / all eyes on Kingston Town / Caribbean Queen's gone wild / what has the world come to now / nuff yutes ah skin out and call it entertainment / this is how they made it / for the girls to be successful they haffe half naked ...." Boom, and that's just the first 36 seconds from Peetah. Gramps takes it further.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Mix from High Fidelity Sound!

Thanks to @shastawallace we have the newest mix from High Fidelity Sound!
The new mix, called "Crazy World" (based on the song from Lutan Fyah) features the best of Reggae's heavy hitters as they lay down vocals on prominent riddims. 

We like that artists G. Maffiah, Little Hero and Otis Irie among others are featured as much as heavy hitters such as Busy Signal, Sizzla and Jimmy Riley.

Catch the full mix at this link:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Garance Film Festival - France!

The 21st Garance Reggae Festival kicks off on the 25th July for four days of unmissable Reggae vibes at the Arthur Rimbaud Park at Bagnols-sur-Cèze.

The Garance reggae festival celebrates the 50th anniversary of Jamaican independence and pays tribute to this remarkable Island whose influence has reached the four corners of the globe.

Following a record attendance last year (48000 tickets sold) this year's Garance Reggae Festival has adapted to accommodate its ever-growing public offering even safer and more reliable facilities. The festival has become the can't miss event for Reggae and dub aficionados throughout Europe. As always the festival will showcase the very best in Reggae legends, revelations, and surprises. Four days on holiday in Kingston-on-Sèze !


and many more...