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Monday, May 9, 2011

Roots Reggae Represented by Switzerland’s Premiere Artist Elijah!

You are going to LOVE this song because it resonates on so many levels!  Let's first begin
with the 'story!'

The story is that Elijah is a Reggae artist from Switzerland who has a passion for the music.
So passionate is he that he entered competitions, promoted his craft and developed himself to the point that creating the music came, and comes as naturally as breathing!

To build upon the vibes in his music, Elijah and his team ventured to Jamaica to record with the legendary Bobby Digital as well as John John, son of the legendary King Jammy's.  The result of working with these two greats is the Reggae chune "Do Good In Life" which is so certified HOTTT, the chune will be on repeat.  Here's what he says!:

"do good in life and jah bless you twice / I have
a loaf make we share the slice / me love the fresh
mango outta tiger yard / him have a lot of love
to give though his life is hard  / mih see him as
a bredrin right from start / on the battlefield of
/ life he carries love inna him heart …."

Once you take in those lyrics over an authentic roots riddim with a bassline that drives the chune, you will be hooked like a child to candy.  Don't listen to us, listen to Elijah!  Click on the link below:


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