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Friday, June 10, 2011

Dreams Can Coem True ... Just Ask!

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

There are a lot of tools in the toolbox of your dreams.

One of the most important tools that we don't know how to use very often is the tool of asking. One of the great Uni-versal truths is, "Ask and ye shall..." yes - we all know this one, "receive".

But what does that mean? Well, if there is something you want and you don't have the courage or self-esteem to ask for it, OR - if you ask for it, but start feeling insecure and unworthy, then what you are receiving in that moment is the awareness of your own low self-esteem.

So, in this first stage of your asking, it may sound like this Uni-versal Truth isn't delivering 'cuz you aren't getting what you want. But if we take it one step closer, we will see that this Truth doesn't link up with what we want - it lines up with what WE ARE.

So... What's that mean?

In the case of low self-esteem, if you want something great big huge "Ask and ye shall receive" can be seen in this Light:

"I am asking for what I want and what I'm receiving is an internal signal that shows me that I have a core belief that I am unworthy of the thing I'm asking for. "

It's vital to have this awareness because it is through BREAKING this B/S ILLUSION that you change from being a person of low self-esteem to a person of more balanced and healthy self-esteem.

So, this Truth rings true, even when it doesn't seem like it does. It seems as simple as, "if I ask for something, it will be mine". But what will be yours, BEFORE you get what you ask for, is the awareness of all the inner blocks that are preventing you from receiving what you want.

And the cool and amazing thing is, when you get about the business of becoming a person of healthy self-esteem, by the time that transformation has happened, you may come to see that you don't even want the thing you were originally asking for. Why? 'Cuz many times we ask for things on the outside that we think will make us whole.

But when we go about becoming a whole person from the inside, the desire for outer things lessens and we become more focused on being of service and adding value to the world, instead of just taking FROM the world.

It's so interesting how this works. We want the things we don't need and in the process of achieving to receive them, we come to find out we don't want or even need these things. This is the beauty of desire and why desire is a good thing. We keep searching for wholeness and are tricked by all the "stuff" on the outside and think that these things are what make us whole.

It is in our pursuit of outer "stuff" that a sense of inner lack still continues until we realize that no matter how much "stuff" we have, we will never have enough stuff to make up for not being in contact with our own essence and core Self.

All this to say, get to asking. Start your journey. Go after the things you want, but focus on becoming the person it takes to receive the things you want. And all the while, while you are on your journey, stay open to new points of views and the fact that you are going to change your mind about what you want many, many times. But get to living, get to learning and say yes to your adventure.

We are all scientists testing out this thing called reality. Tap into the Truth that you have to ask and ask big for what you want, but by the time you get it, you will see that wholeness only comes from within. Travel outward to end up inside yourself. This is the journey we are all on. Don't hold back - get to livin'.




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