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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Try Until...

"Dreams must be larger than your current position so you have room to grow." Anon

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

How long do you try? Until.

That's it. If you really understand those six words above, you don't need much else.

One of the most common patterns I see in my mentoring clients is this belief that if their dreams or goals don't materialize after trying a few times, it's never going to happen. That is a ridiculous thought if you think about it...

Tony Robbins always uses the example of walking. If we just gave up trying to walk after the first few attempts, almost none of us would be walkers.

And our parents don't give up on us after a few times of trying to walk either. They know it's possible, so they keep trying to help us - and for how long? UNTIL.

That's right. We keep trying to walk UNTIL we walk.

The same HABIT is true for creating a life of your dreams and living at your Highest Potential. See living your greatest life the same way you saw walking.

Try. Until.

The major difference between walking and dreams is that we all basically know walking is possible.

But not everyone knows that dreams are possible.

Many people believe that dreams and the good life are reserved for special people or people "not like them". Dreams begin with belief, and if we don't even have that first thing needed to make our dreams come true, then they never will.

But starting with the belief that dreams come true and then trying UNTIL is a powerful combination. Thomas Edison tried 10,000 times to invent the light bulb.

I personally have started two other businesses that failed. I have been rejected by more women than I can count. But none of that stops me. I get up and try - until. There have been all kinds of days where I thought negative thoughts about TDL and what it could become. I almost gave in to them a few times. But something inside me just knew I had to write and publish every day. And now, three years later, it's just finally starting to become one tenth of the vision I have for it.

But it's working. Every day a little more. And slowly over the years and sacrificing so much, TDL is starting to reveal the form that I have imagined for so long.

So this is your task today. Get your mind in a space where you let go of any deadlines or hasty thoughts. Get clear about what you WANT to create and then start. Make attempts. Every day. Make small progress. One step at a time. And promise yourself that no matter what, you are going to try - until.

Not until you think it should be done by now. No, try until it happens.

Pray like it depends on The Uni-verse and try like it depends on you. Don't give up, don't back down, and sooner or later your dreams WILL come around.




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