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Monday, June 20, 2011

Make Your Dreams a Reality!

Taken from The Daily

"Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want."

-Esther Hicks

One of the greatest skills we as dreamers can acquire is the ability to ground and make manifest our dreams. Dreams without action are just delusion.

As TDL is growing and I am taking steps to move it closer to the vision that I have for it, I am seeing the BIG contrast between where I see it going and where it is now. As I am expressing my vision to potential investors, programmers and partners, I have been amazed as how hard it is for many of them to grasp the vision.

So my new motto for myself is "SHOW don't tell."

It's so easy for me to see it. It's obvious to me. But to many on the outside world it may as well not exists. And that is very frustrating to me because I feel that it's obvious. So the lesson I have been learning lately isn't one of trusting my intuition or believing in my dreams, it's been a very earthy and grounded lesson of "it's time to take your vision to the next level and actually create it".

It's very hard as a dreamer to see something so clearly and not have the world see it, too. In this gap between what we see in our minds and what actually is lays the journey we must take. This is where work and persistence come into play. Once we have the visions for what we must create, we must start building it, taking it down from up above and grounding it down below.

As we go through this process, it can be scary because we risk the outcome of our dreams and visions not working or coming true. But we cannot let that fear stop us. If we wish to live our lives as fulfilled people, we must take as much action as we do seeing our visions. We must put ourselves out there and risk rejection, but not take it personally. Instead we see "rejection", "failure" and "naysayers" just as part of us gathering more information about what we want to create. Think of it as reality testing our ideas.

As we reality-test, it's key to let our faith in our ideas and vision stay stronger than the doubt of the outside world. It's so easy to let the opinions of others be stronger than our own, but let's not go there. Let's just keep plowing ahead, grounding and reality-testing our dreams, one day at a time.

Let's just take ALL the responses we get, POSITIVE and NEGATIVE, as feedback rather than a final pronouncement of our ideas worth or validity. And finally, let's not talk about it. Let's step into action, not just vision. Not just talking about it, let's start creating something that other people can see, feel, touch and hear. This is the magic. The moment we start writing down our ideas and taking action we make the invisible, visible. This is our job as dreamers. Not just to have big ideas, but to take small persistent actions towards making them come true.

It's also important as a dreamer who is taking action to be able to change course and adapt. As we reality-test we will see that some of our ideas and assumptions weren't true; this doesn't mean our dreams can't happen, it just means we gotta take a different course.  So be firm in the outcome, but flexible in your approach. You are reality testing - don't give up when you don't get the results you want, keep working the problem until you do.

Today we dreamers are taking real and grounded steps towards our dreams. Let's let our motto be "ideas grounded" today.

Much love,



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