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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Walter Saw Restores Roots Reggae with his new album ‘Stronger!’

With the release of his album ‘Stronger,’ Walter Saw and his labels J’Island Records and Calibud Music breathe new life into the Roots Reggae genre!

Blessing his musical journey, Walter intro’s his CD with the chant “I will life up my eyes onto the hills / from whence commeth my help / my help commeth from Jah / who made the heavens and the earth / though man perform evil things against I / I did not falter for Jah was with me ….”  With the blessed introduction, Walter goes on to perform fifteen tracks with careful lyrics about faith, love and upliftment.

Produced by Saunjay ‘Triple Ace’ Kerr for J’Island Records and Sheldon ‘Calibud’ Stewart for Calibud Music, the two producers and artist demonstrate the strength and beauty of roots music.

Choosing the right riddims such as the Satta Massagana (used for the song “Stronger”), the Pass The Kutchie riddim (used for the song “Selassie I Rule”), and the Boxing riddim (used for the song “How Does it Feel”), Walter weaves a fabric that, by the end of the CD, becomes a coat listeners rely on to keep them warm on days it becomes cold, and keep them looking fashionable when worn causally.

“This CD really was a journey about things I’ve experienced and about things I’ve seen happen to other people.  Life is not easy right now, so I’m giving fans spiritual strength through the music,” said Walter.  Saunjay ‘Triple Ace’ Kerr also added “we’ve all experienced the topics Walter sings about in one way or another, so this CD tells people they are not alone.”

One such song that offers comfort in times of hardship is “Deliverance” in which the singer pleads with Jah for help as he’s been suffering too long, and needs deliverance from those struggles.  Fans treated to an advance listening of the disk immediately connected with the song, identifying that they too have had times when they asked the Father for an ease to the hardships they faced.

Also included on the album is Walter Saw’s hit song “Gang War” which brought the artist to international notoriety.  Produced Sackie in 1996, the song’s addition to the album helps fans appreciate how much Walter’s voice has remained consistent over the years.  Additional re-mastered songs include “Child’s Game.” 

Walter Saw’s album ‘Stronger’ is available on iTunes, and all digital music retailers.

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