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Monday, April 11, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Music! ♠ Nah Switch ft. Nature - Gargamel...

Born Music, headed by Mr. Garcia Campbell has released a new song on the label called
"Gargamel" which is one of the most moving musical tributes released.
Performed by Nah Switch and featuring the upcoming voice of Nature, "Gargamel" is just as powerful as the icon for which the song was written and sung as the lyrics draw paralells to other leaders who have suffered as a result of betrayal.
Sample some of the lyrics:  "now it sounds familiar,
does it ring a bell / another icon / them send go
to hell / Gargamel / Gargamel / time will tell ...
Half of the story has never been told / treat you
so bad they treat you so cold / behind the bars
write your song tell your story / tomorrow you
will live to see the glory / tomorrow you'll be free /
so free yeah ..."
The impact of this song is immediate.  Fans who have heard the preview were moved, as were the radio and sound system selectors who received the advanced copy.   Now you be the judge.  Join Born Music as well as Nah Switch and Nature as they salute one of Reggae's greatest Icons, Buju Banton a.k.a. Gargamel.
Click on the player below to hear the song.  Make sure you send us your feedback so we can pass it on!

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