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Friday, April 29, 2011

Just 'Chill' with ZJ Sparks!

For this blog post, we have to set the mood...

Imagine it's a Thursday night and you've had a long day at work.  The only thing on your mind is to see your significant other who calls you to say they have the bottle of wine and should be over in a few.

You light the candles and start the fireplace.  The only thing missing is the music ... what do you play?!

Courtesy of ZJ Sparks, you now have 1 hour and nineteen minutes of 'Sparked Up Vol. 4 - Coconut Breeze Edition' which is the best musical selection of music in the 'chill category.'  "With this mix, I didn't want to go too fast, and I didn't want to go too slow ... I just wanted people to enjoy good music while in the company of friends," said the DJ from her mixing studio in Jamaica.

Team L3 tested the mix out during a recent company mixer, and the mix went over well.  Not only did the team like the mix, they requested copies!

Catch your copy of the certified 'chill' mix by clicking on the link below.  P.S.  Sparks was able to get some exclusive releases that you can't hear anywhere else so enjoy!


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