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Sunday, April 17, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Reggae! ♠ Bescenta - Come Over!

There are some women who will tell you that when you experience the Love of a Rasta Man,
you won't want any other.  Reggae singer Bescenta helps support this claim with his newest single called "Come Over." 
Produced by Nicko Rebel of Nicko Rebel Music, Bescenta sits on the following lyrics: 
"girl I wanna love you over / and over / and
over ..."  All of that after asking "You want me
to love you continuously?!"
Singing with such passion, females listening to the song believe every word said.  Add to the
passion is Nicko's use of a rock-ish guitar which musically translates to the high ladies feel with this song.
We know, we know, you're looking at this and saying 'yeah right,' but seriously, it's true!
A few DJ's in Florida received the advance copy of the song, as well as a few DJ's in Toronto and the response from both audiences were the same!
You can preview the song by clicking on the video link below!  Make sure you send us your feedback so we can pass it on!
P.S.  Stay up to date with all things Nicko Rebel by logging on to!  Currently, Nicko is putting the finishing touches
on the video for Voicemail's hit Dancehall single "Bewitched" which was also produced by Nicko Rebel!

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