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Friday, April 15, 2011

►►► Classic Friday! ►►► Come And Ride This Reggae Train!

In 1975, some people were teens, others were infants and others still hadn't been born.  For
the Ska King, Mr. Derrick Morgan, 1975 marked the release of his album 'Feel So Good' and his hit record "Reggae Train" which without doubt is a Ska classic!
As the Ska master, Derrick is responsible for hits "Tougher than Tough" and "Do The Beng
Beng."  "Tougher than Tough" was featured in the video game Scarface:  The World is Yours
which helps to keep this legends music and catalog at the forefront of youth consciousness.
Among the more interesting facts about Mr. Morgan is his very public rivalry with Prince Buster in which the two battled out their differences via music. 
With the release of the song "Housewives Choice" Prince Buster felt Derrick stole his ideas, so in response, Buster released "Blackhead Chiney Man" which was a snipe at Morgan and his close relationship with producer Leslie Kong.  Morgan replied with the release of "Blazing Fire."  The back and forth got so out of control, the Jamaican government stepped in and staged a photoshoot showing the two rivals shaking hands and at peace with each other.  (Does this sound familiar?  We recall a major rivarly last year in which two Dancehall artists
went through something similar...)

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