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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reggae Icon, EVER-G Snags 3 Nominations at Annual Awards!

EVER-G, Virginia’s Reggae music icon, has snagged three music awards nominations from the Virginia Reggae Music Awards continuing his roll of good news!

Nominated for Album of the Year (‘Jah Love’), Single of the Year (“My Special Place”), and Favourite Artist, fans have spoken overwhelmingly as to what they think of the icon’s music!

The album, Jah Love, gives fans an abundance of reasons to have faith in Jah, while it also uplifts their spirits to know that all obstacles will be overcome, and they will be successful with their goals.  “My Special Place,” is a song about that special person who knows, loves & appreciates the “real me” & not someone they want me to be.  Because this person takes the time to know me, she is taking me to higher heights and giving me new experiences, taking me to places (Our Special Place) I have never been & might never have gone, had it not been for her.

“I am really honored to have these nominations,” said EVER-G after his performance at Hampden Sydney College, Hampden Sydney, VA last weekend.  “Hearing what the fans think of my music is a blessing, and earning nominations from the Virginia Reggae Awards is prestigious!  I am truly blessed as a human being and more so as a Recording Artist.”

When the Virginia Reggae Awards first began four years ago, EVER-G was named Reggae Ambassador for his years of performing and representing Reggae from Virginia on a global level.

The Virginia Reggae Awards take place on Saturday May 14th, 2011 location is the intersection of East Queens Way & King Street, downtown Hampton, Virginia.  

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