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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jazz & Reggae Go Together Like Ackee & Saltfish!

If you were to look at the history of Reggae music, you would see that Jazz has a lengthy
relationship with the genre.  So much so that we could say Jazz & Reggae go together like
Ackee & Saltfish!
We begin this journey with Ska which began in Jamaica in the 1950's.  Ska was the fusion
of Mento, Calypso and Jazz (American) which when combined, gave the distinct sound which
we hear in the voices  and music of Derrick Morgan, Prince Buster, The Skatallites, Alton Ellis, Phillys Dillon and Hortence Ellis to name a few artists.  Just last week we looked at Derrick Morgan's "Reggae Train" which is definitely Ska (see blog below titled 'Classic Friday - Reggae Train')!
Today's fusion of Jazz & Reggae is upheld by the legendary Bunny Wailer's daughter, Ms. Cen'C Love!
Cen'C, and her unique brand of music, has become one of the most stand out voices from the United States and Jamaica.  Her vocal tone is clearly Jazz, yet her energy fits Reggae, giving listeners one of the best musical experiences.
Having performed at the UCLA JazzReggae Festival, and having toured throughout the US and Europe, Cen'C's sound can only be compared to the finest of wines which is savoured by the finest in taste.
Cen'C will be performing on May 6th, 2011 at the Jonkanoo Lounge at the Wyndham Hotel in Kingston.


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