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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last Night We Fell In Love With Pee Wee!

Last night we fell in Love with the DJ, and the DJ is none other than Queen's very own Pee Wee from Pretty Posse.  So how did this happen?!
Collie Buddz performed in Toronto on Tuesday, and Pee Wee was the master of Ceremonies (MC).  What immediately struck us about Pee Wee is his immediate command of the audience.
Taking the stage, Pee Wee made it clear what the rules are, what's acceptable and what's not,
and the crowd fully complied, giving the salute to indicate they've understood every word said.  Once that deed was done, the mastery of Pee Wee's importance became more clear!
In addition to filling in part vocals for Collie while he's performing, Pee Wee is the hype man which keeps the crowd rocking when Collie needs to drink some water, he's the on-stage sound check man constantly making sure the levels are right with all the instruments (if they're not he gets the attention of the engineer to fix it), he's the band and back-up singer motivator, he's the liaise between the promoter and Team Collie letting the promoter know what's needed, what's missing, or if everything is fine, and, he's the crowd vibe-meter. 
If he senses something is missing, he's the man to fill in the missing link.  All of this while knowing the entire set list backward and forward.  Did I mention how he handles the rush of ladies backstage?!
Believe it or not, Pee Wee, is the one who's in control of the show!
We know several DJ's who tour with artists, and no one really understands just how much work you haveto put in to make sure all is balanced.  We also don't think people really understand (the common public) how integral the DJ is to the entire operation.  Pee Wee is an
example of how to do things the right way.  If you're a fan reading this and wonder why an artist has to travel with his DJ, we hope this explains the reason's why.
The Famous Face Loves Pee Wee.  We Love what he does and how he does it, and we Love all the Pee Wee's of the world (all the DJ's)!


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