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Thursday, April 21, 2011

◄◄◄ Throwback Thursday! ◄◄◄ DJ Q + Jeremih + 50 Cent. Huh?!

When it comes to DJ Q from Brooklyn, we can't seem to tell the truth!  Just when I say "this is the baddest and best remix," Q creates another remix, which puts a lie on the statement we just made.  Now we've learned to just say "Q has done it again!"
Jeremih and 50 Cent have a song called "Down On Me" which is on the playlist of every music loving person from  Toronto to Trinidad and every country in between.  Released a few months ago, the song is considered new, so Q gave it a Reggae 'throwback.'
Remixing the song to the 'Tek A Train' riddim produced by Teka (which was released a year ago), "Down On Me" has become a Reggae favourite to people hearing the remix for the first time.
Q chose the right riddim for this remix, especially when Reggae enthusiasts are going from that genre to R&B / Rap / Hip Hop and vice versa.
Catch DJ Q's remix of Jeremih ft. 50 Cent and the chune "Down On Me" at the links below!
P.S.  Follow Q on Twitter:  @djq_djqradio

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