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Friday, July 1, 2011

Alliance Next Generation Artist Profile: Fuze

Dancehall artist Fuze is one of the newer and junior members of the Alliance Next Generation (ANG) camp, but packs a mean lyrical punch that can't be denied!

Performing lyrics that are based on events past and present in his life, Fuze gives his fans consistent doses of reality; whether the meanness of the streets, the importance of family, or balancing a girlfriend with career needs, Fuze is know for speaking lyrical truth.

Holding it all together – Dancehall’s Fuze!

Dancehall is a music genre that deals with parties, sex and social commentary.  The fuse that holds all topics together while keeping us entertained is none other than Dancehall artist Fuze.

Born Ricardo Lopez and hailing from St. Ann, Jamaica, Fuze’s brand of Dancehall ranges in topic from encouragement to the youth, to holding a firm meditation, to events that transpire when he is around the ladies, and the ladies are around him!

Fuze’s artistic career began at High School where, encouraged by his peers, he participated in a concert held by the school which was met with such enthusiasm by his fellow classmates, Fuze knew that entertainment is where he belonged. Using High School as a stepping stone, Fuze went on to record professionally for Courtney McIntosh and the In Touch record label with a chune called “We Love All Girls.”  The song received good feedback and good support which led to the artist recording for Chezidek’s Chalace Palace label.

Developing his onstage personal, Fuze has performed at the St. Ann Kite Festival, The Rising Son Concert series, Full Clip Reloaded, Miss Seville Height (1998-2008) and several other shows.

Fuze has also received steady success on the radio circuit as his music has been played locally on Irie FM, and internationally on Canadian, UK, Italian, Australian, German and Gambian radio.

Bounty Killer recently named Fuze as a part of the Alliance Next Generation which sees the artist increasing his profile online in the next few months!

To contact Fuze for shows, interviews, jingles and dubs, contact  For hourly updates, follow Fuze on Twitter @Fuzeatdem1, or join Fuze’s YouTube community (where you can hear his latest music first!) by clicking here:  YouTube - Fuzedemup

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