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Monday, July 18, 2011

Without Apology - Chaka Demus on Blast

For the most part, the Reggae industry works on even levels.  The promoter contacts a booking agent and or manager to book an artist or a sound / DJ, pays his / her money, and signs a contract.  The artist shows up and performs.  Fans are happy and the promoter is happy, not to mention the artist.

In the case of Chaka Demus, this was not the case.

Chaka Demus was paid his deposit via his manager Jeffrey from Free People Entertainment, and decided not to come to Toronto to do the show with Pliers because his girlfriend and baby mother was not able to obtain a visa for travel.

Although the promoter paid for the Visa application, police record checks and travel expenses for Chaka Demus, Pliers, Tiger, Jeffrey (the manager) and the girlfriend, Visas were only issued to Chaka Demus, Pliers and Tiger.

Chaka Demus was contacted several times and gave assurances that he would come on the original flight date.  He didn't make the flight.  A new ticket was purchased for travel for the next day, he didn't come.  A fresh ticket was purchased for him to travel with Patrick Roberts to Toronto on the day of the show, and he didn't come.

Why am I telling you this?

Chaka Demus has a history of doing this.  We spoke to Pliers who told me that Chaka did this for an Australian tour, and European tour.  He refused to travel because his girlfriend couldn't obtain a visa.  Not his Wife, his girlfriend.

We wish someone had shared their experience with the media so that no one else could go through the headache and stress we went through with this show.  We're sharing this information with you so you don't have the same experience.

On a brighter note, Pliers and Tiger are the talk of Toronto for the incredible performances they gave, as are Mel Dube, Uncle Jonny and Ammoye! 

Pliers gave an exceptional performance and reminded his fans of the hit records he has under his belt.  He also performed Bob Marley classics such as "3 Little Birds" which won the crowd over!

To see pictures from the show, click here.
For YouTube video's of Pliers and Tiger performances, click here!

P.S.  Our feelings about Chaka Demus are not a secret.  Feel free to share this blast with him...


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