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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Live Like Your Inner Child!

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

"The choice to follow love through to its completion is the choice to seek completion within ourselves."  - Marianne Williamson

I am going to make a bold and audacious claim on this Saturday morning: EVERYTHING your heart truly desires, yes EVERYTHING that is meant to be yours will come when you are finally willing to become the person it takes to manifest it.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines being willing as "inclined or favorably disposed in mind: ready". And ready is defined as "prepared mentally or physically for some experience or action". To prepare is defined as "to put in a proper state of mind".

And there, yet again, is the root of all things: our "state of mind". If we were to reverse this and string all this together, we could infer that:

"When we are in the proper state of mind that has physically and mentally prepared us to be ready and willing, life opens up."

This statement begs the questions: "What is the proper state of mind?" and "What are we preparing to be ready for?" If you want the answers to these questions, read on.

First and most importantly let us ask, "What is the proper state of mind?"

It is written that we must have the mind of a child in order to grasp the deeper meaning of life. What is a child like?  A child is new, untainted and curious. A child knows nothing of failure, of heartbreak, of death or other people's opinions. A child lives curiously in the present. Let us make our goal to let go of the tainted old thoughts that hold us back. The thoughts that there is no love out there, that our dreams are not achievable, that happy endings don't exist or that you're just not supposed to succeed. Let us make it our aim to return to having the mind of a child. Not forgetting our past, but learning from it and not allowing it to taint our present moment.

Let us not know anything of failure and just proceed daily with the intention that we will eventually get it right. Let us not give up in frustration but instead return to curiosity and see everything that happens as a lesson and let us remember that delays are not denials.

Next, "What are we preparing to be ready for?"

The journey. When we meet the journey of life with a new mind, in every moment we begin to step into it's magic. We begin to enjoy the journey instead of being terrified by it. When we have the mind of a child, we are humble and receptive to new information. We do not let our egos get the best of us, so that we can humbly follow guidance rather than thinking that we know it all. Having the mind of a child is the first step, but once we do, we have now properly mentally prepared ourselves for the journey. If we enter our journey with a tainted, jaded and cynical mindset, we will miss many opportunities and improperly label grace as disaster.

Let us make it our intention to set out on the journey of life today with the new mind of a child. Not throwing away what we've learned, but learning to reinterpret what we've been through so that it serves us moving forward, rather than holding us back. Let us meet the journey from a curious, humble, yet empowered point of view that turns disaster into grace, rejection into protection and crisis into opportunity.

You see, when we meet the journey in this new way, life opens up. We begin to let go of what pains us and embrace what sustains us. We see everything in a new way and can receive, where before we may have judged and kept out.

To be humble, curious and new in our approach, but still honor our intelligence will produce the highest form of living. This is the approach that enables us to manifest that which we truly desire.

Let us be willing today. Let us meet today with the new eyes of our child. Let us decide to be brand new today.




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