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Friday, July 1, 2011

Reco Jeans Charity Drive!

reco jeans and Love + Water Designs has partnered up to promote Love + Water Designs May featured charity, ROOTZ RISING tee shirt. We will be launching this promotion starting July 1st 2011 and will run until July 31st, 2011. The promotion will run on reco jeans website ( ) for the duration of the campaign. With every purchase of a ROOTZ Rising tee, reco jeans will donate $5 in your name to ROOTZ Rising, which aims to eliminate malnutrition in Africa. In addition to the donations, reco jeans will contribute an additional 10 cents to ANYONE who "Likes" our Facebook Fan page ( between July 1st and 31st. We look forward in having you be apart of this amazing charity and their amazing efforts as we ask you, our fans a readers to pay it forward and do something amazing!

The seed for Love+Water designs was planted in September 2009 by Alexis Fedor, a writer and actor in New York City, with the blog By featuring artists and charities each day on the blog, she wanted to create a company with philanthropy and artistry at its core. Her vision was to build a community that creates Wearable Philanthropy: clothing created for and inspired by organizations doing good in the world, and that gives back to those organizations on a regular basis. She was soon able to launch Love+Water designs; a place where artists are supported and connected, charities thrive, and a greater social awareness is inspired and boldly created.

ROOTZ Rising is committed to eliminating rates of chronic and severe acute child malnutrition by constructing 10,000 school gardens in the East Africa Community by 2025. More than demonstrating the transformative power of ecologically friendly farming and food, school gardens will offer sustainable and scalable, skills training to educate rural farmers and youth, with a long term commitment to the untapped potential of women and the girl child.


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