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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Honorebel ft. Pressure Buss Pipe - I Wish!

Every fan in every city around the world knows Honorebel's music.  Some know him for his
club music, others know him for his remixes which sees him work with Pitbull, T-Pain and
more, and others know him for Reggae and Dancehall singles.

Today, you are going to know Honorebel for his collaboration with Pressure Buss Pipe on the song "I Wish" on the SoundCloud Riddim.

We spoke to Honorebel yesterday, and this is what he said about the chune:  "The fans will love this song because of the content.  There is something that everyone can relate to - everyone understands.  Whether it be a person speaking to your child in an inappropriate way, to a spouse cheating, to working and not getting paid for your work andeverything else in between - there is a lot in this song that everyone understands because they've been through it, or know someone who is going through it right now."

Pressure adds to the song with his vocals as he sings "I wish I could feel what you just felt / I
wish one day I could be somebody else / but at the end of the day / you can't be nobody but yourself..."

The SoundCloud Riddim is built to accomodate the vocalist as it's synthensizer and drum patterns are light, and the melodic tickle of the piano riff keeps your ear wanting more!  Featuring Wayne Wonder, Selena Serrano, Charly Black, Pressure Buss Pipe, Honorebel and more, this riddim is definitely for your listeners.  Radio and mixtape will love this! 

Preview the song here >>>Honorebel ft. Pressure - I Wish


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