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Friday, July 1, 2011


Jeffrey Collins has arranged to expand ALPHA MUSIC into a worldwide operation to help bring back VINYL RECORDS. “With the installation of 6 more Record Presses at the Plantation Plant in FL, we will be able to increase our output by 200% of both 7” and 12” pressings.” Collins states… “We have also teamed up with and have an interest in 3 other Vinyl Pressing Plants (in the U.K., Italy and Australia) which will able us to offer a Worldwide Vinyl Service for Major & Independent Record labels. There is still a demand for Vinyl Records, which is the only true way to listen to good music and be able to listen to the way that it was recorded. Since the advent of the CD & then Digital Downloads, the true sound of music has deteriorated and our goal is to bring the real sound of music back to the people!”


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