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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Courtney John ft. Mr. Lexx - Hey Jamaica!

There are two things you need to know about The Famous Face!

1.  We have a BIG musical mouth
2.  If we hear news, and we're able to share it - we will!
Now that we've established that (again), we have some news for you!  The Wizard!
Believe us when we tell you The Wizard is a producer from Jamaica that you need to keep
your eyes, your ears, and your everything open for.  This chick is taking the production world
by storm!
Having produced remixes and original tracks for Nelly Fertado, Kresha Turner and FeFe
Dobson, we can now add Courtney John and Mr. Lexx  to the list!
"Hey Jamaica" is an uptempo feel good kind of  song that serves as a call to answer.  Courtney John puts out the call, and Mr. Lexx answers as he DJ's:
"what's good Jamaica / wha gwaan mih people / what a country full ah love ah swear mih nah guh leave you / mih ackee an mih saltfish an mih dumplin me ah guh need yuh / nuttin nah gwaan / mih nah believe yuh!"
Not only does this song speak to the people within Jamaica, it also speaks to all Jamaicans
who live abroad.  Believe us, this chune is an Anthem!  Play it and hear for yourself!


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