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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sharing Cen'C Love with the World!

As the dawn ushers in a fresh breath of air, so too, Reggae music ushers in a fresh sound which meets jazz and Soul, courtesy of the beautiful vessel, Cen'C Love.

Her debut album, Love Letter showcases her musical artistry as beautifully as an artist painting on a canvass which is especially showcased within her lead single, “Casanova” produced by Shaka "Top Gunn" Givan, and written by Cen'C herself.

Singing elegantly, Cen'C sings “you’re working, you’re working, you’re always working, I think you’re really lurking in the middle of the night, telling me lies like you think this is a joke thing, look inna mih eyes and tell me why…”  Going on to call her man ‘Casanova’ Cen'C asks where he plans to go for the night.

On a deeper and more socially connected level, Cen'C, through the song ‘Casanova’ speaks for the many women who are tired of the philandering ways of men who can’t commit to themselves and one partner, in effect sharing themselves loosely.

Said Cen'C from her recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia, "This song was created by me and my friend Georgia from swapping stories about men and their games, I said, they think they Casanova's. We laughed, and as the lyrics and verses started coming to us, we turned it into a full out drama-comedy.”

To balance the tone and observation in ‘Casanova,’ Cen'C sings “since, you’ve been gone, no one has touched my heart, never love another, I’ll never love another” in reference to the man in the title song, LOVE LETTER, who has touched her heart so deeply, while in the song “CYSTEM” Cen'C sings “She got the degree hanging above the door and not enough dough to pay back the school loan and not enough, working at the store, a little less clothes for a little more dough. Its the babylon cystem, makes me feel like a victim, babylon cystem.”  The music is an infectious composition which inspires the listener to want to hear her perform the song live.

An absolute fan favourite is lyrically rich song, “Hey You” in which Cen'C emotes “hey you, hey you, any time you’re in my space I’m in the mood, and every time I hear your base it vibrates in my womb" which speaks on behalf of the lucky women around the world who have found and are with their soul mate.

In total, Cen'C has 13 tracks on her album, LOVE LETTER, which is perfectly suited for the mature audience who appreciates the meeting of the raw honesty contained in Reggae, and the sultry yet sensual vocals contained in Jazz and Soul, yet its fresh sound is being welcomed by the young audiences equally.

Fans can buy Cen'C’s album online at or, by clicking here for

Track listing:

1.       Mailman
2.       Love Letter
3.        These Lies
4.       Casanova
5.       Paradise
6.       Hey You
7.       Ghetto Slang
8.      What about Love
9.       Nuhbadi Else
10.   Gave You My Love
11.    Feel Good
12.    Springtime
13.    Cystem

More about Cen-C Love:

Musician, singer, songwriter, fashion designer and visual artist Cen'C Love is a 21st Century renaissance woman.  Born in America to Caribbean parents, Cen'C was raised in Kingston, Jamaica and Atlanta, Georgia spending time equally between the two.  As the daughter of Reggae icon, Bunny Wailer, she is proving herself capable of raising the bar of today's Reggae offerings, and maintain the high standards expected of a Wailers' offspring.

In Atlanta, Cen'C attended the Dekalb school of the Arts.  There, along with talents such as crooner, Lloyd, professional dancers La Kendrick, and Saheeda Fishenden among others, she studied dance, drama, writing and was trained in classical voice by Jamaican born opera singer Mrs. Dawn-Marie James nee Virtue.

Cen'C Love has the sultry voice and soulful sounds of Billie Holiday, the musicianship of Lauryn Hill, and the word wit of Jill Scott.

For more on Cen'C, visit her at  For management inquiries, e-mail  Media inquiries can be sent to

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