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Monday, March 21, 2011

♠ The Mania Has Hit! ♠ Justin Beiber Invades Reggae!

At the age of 16, he has every teen flocking to get get a picture, and hooked on his lyrics like how we're hooked on chocolate!  His groupies and fans are not like the ones of yester-year, instead, they can make you a trending topic on @Twitter which comes equipped with the most cruel comments, or the most positive ones.  
In the case of Suga Roy & Jahvanti, we know the comments are going to be positive as they
did a good job with the chune!
Suga Roy & Jahvanti have just released their cover of the Beiber's massive hit called "Baby"
which is currently receiving good radio play in Jamaica, and is now ready to be shared with the
Jahvanti sings the verse, while Suga Roy DJ's the chorus to a nice uptempo Dancehall riddim which is a nice transition between a Reggae set and a Dancehall set!
Click on the title below to preview the song on youtube, and make sure to leave comments that we can pass on to Suga and Jahvanti!

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