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Monday, March 14, 2011

Why We Love R. Kelly...

I have always been a fan of R. Kelly's.  From the time he dropped his first album, 12 Play, I was there.  Many people wonder why I love R. Kelly as much as I do so here is the answer.  The year was 2003, and it was the year that my boyfriend of 4 years, the man I was supposed to marry, the man I had plans to buy a home with, the man who was going to give me children, all of a sudden, with no warning, decided to be with someone else.

The hurt I experienced was a shock to my system.  I went from 180 pounds to 150 in a week.  I went to sleep crying, I woke up crying, and couldn’t keep anything in my system. R. Kelly’s music changed that.

It began with the song “Chocolate Factory” in which Kells begins with the words ‘baby, there’s nobody like you, you’re a really good friend….’  As if by magic, I was taken from my heart break, and put on a journey that encouraged me to leave behind the ex boyfriend, and look forward to the future.  R. Kelly comforted me, he brought healing to me, and he encouraged me, not even knowing who I was, or that I even existed.

After listening to the album, including the bonus album (the song “Far More” is my favourite), I knew I was going to be ok, and I knew I was going to get through my personal tragedy, and I knew R. Kelly understood me.  All of this through the power of song(s).  You see, R. Kelly’s music became the doctor that performed surgery giving my body what it needed to gain its’ own strength so that its’ healing could be complete, and life could be restored and made better.

I have since spoken to other women around the world who have shared their stories, some of which are similar to mine, and all have come to the common conclusion that R. Kelly is for Women.  He understands us and sings to us and for us.

There will only ever be one R. Kelly.  No matter what he faces in life, his fans will always be there with him and for him because he was there for us.  I can’t go any further without saying, we all have to thank DJ Wayne Williams for signing Kells.  If it wasn’t for Wayne, we wouldn’t know this incredible entertainer the way we do.  I thank Wayne just as much as I thank Kelly’s parents for creating his life.

Thank you Kells.  On behalf of the millions of women and people around the world you’ve touched, thank you!

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