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Monday, March 14, 2011

Thank You Japan...

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has captured the attention of most of us.  Either we have friends / family / fans there, or we have business interests, or we connect with the tragedy on a human level.  Regardless of how or why we connect, Japan and its' devastation has impacted us all.

We don't have the right words to bring comfort to those who have experienced loss, and We don't have words to shield us from the after effects that will hit all of us environmentally, financially and beyond.  Instead, we have two simple words:  thank you.

Thank you to the Japanese for being a part of our global existence.  Thank you to Japan for the incredible contributions you have made to technology and more.  Thank you for being our friend, our partner and at times our ally.

The world supports you as you rebuild.  Your rebuilding is our rebuilding.  We love you Japan.  Please continue to stay strong... 

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