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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Dancehall! ♠ Fuze - Fly Pass Dem!

Thanks to Twitter, we had the opportunity to meet an up and coming Dancehall artist that girls say is as HOTTT as the sun!  He goes by the name Fuze, and he makes his debut via
his new chune "Fly Pass Dem!"
We hear lyrics about 'haters' all the time, but Fuze decides to go a different route by focusing
on going past the haters without focusing on the word 'haters' when he DJ's:
"Caan stop mih eye dem from open ah mawnin
time / when dem ah playa hate me tell dem all is
fine / yuh see dah phone ya / ah only real people
can call this line / ah nuff ah dem jealous an corrupt
an nuff ah dem bad mind ...."
Believe us, you will be calling for the 'puuuuuuuuuuuul up' on this chune as it connects
on every level.  Fuze even comments on the fact that our swag ah 'tun up' and we 'nuh listen to dihmouth when it run up.'  Bap Bap Bap!
Tweet with Fuze by joining him on Twitter @Fuzeatdem1!  

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