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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

♣ HOTTT New Music! ♣ Light Edition!

An article was recently published called
'How to make a Million Dollars,' which
offered advice to making the millions.  The
ideas presented are basic, yet effective.
Here are the top 5 ideas:
1.  Be a leader in your industry
2.  Upsell your customers
3.  Stay focused
4.  Develop best practices
5.  Experiment
I won't go 'in' to hard about the above 5,
however I will say that there is room for
all in our industry which means your
leadership skills can shine!  Upselling
customers can include offering to market
and promote an event to your e-mail database
for the event you've been hired to play.
Staying focused is sometimes difficult
with the amount of distractions around.
Know what you're doing and why you're
doing it and keep your eyes on the prize.
Develop best practices; maybe remember
that without fans, there is no pay.  Show
up on time, and interact with fans!  Lastly,
experiment!  Don't be afraid to do things
that are not necessarily 'the norm!'  Step
out and show the world you, even if 'you'
is a blend of this that and the third!
Difficulties will come, and events may take
place that look like failures, but that is
never the case.  All things are designed
for your benefit!
HOTTT New Music!
2Pistols ft. Jovi Rockwell - I Touch Myself
*Nice party jam.  Jovi on the hook is MADDD!
*Courtesy of Bottom Feeder Music Blasts
Beenie Man - Pree We Fah
*Beenie speaks / DJ's about some of the
madness going on with entertainers...
Benzino - Goodtimes
*Bar-B-Q Jam!
Black Sheep ft. Jean Grae - Party Tonight
*HOTTT Hip Hop with a pinch of West Coast
R-Cee - Why (R-Cee formerly went by the name Razor B)
*Nice conscious flow to the 'Hold Yuh' riddim
Robin Thicke - My Life
*Ladies love Robin, and this chune reminds you why!
Shareefa ft. Rick Ross - By My Side
*Nodding my head saying 'yes!'
Sophia Fresh ft. T-Pain - This Instant
*Courtesy Bottom Feeder Music Blasts
DJ Q remixes Keith Sweats "Twisted" to the Feminine
Riddim.  HOTTT!
In The Mixxx!
DJ Snypayush:  Water Pumpin'
*Nice singers mix
Kalibandulu:  Dancehall Mix Vol. 6 - June 2010:

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