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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sean Kingston ft. Nicki Minaj + More!


There is a very important man in Toronto,
Canada who goes by the name Roy Gordon
Roy is the backbone to CARN 98.7FM.
Toronto does not have an all Caribbean radio
station, instead we have 'borrowed' time; 12-2pm
on one station, 6-9pm on another and 12-5am
on a third etc.

Mr. Gordon proposed to change that when
he petitioned the CRTC (Canadian Radio and
Television Commission) to grant him a point
on the dial.  The CRTC gave the proposal consideration,
and today, CARN 98.7 is operating in test mode.
Mr. Gordon would like your support.  If you're
in Toronto, tune in.  After you've listened, send
in your feedback here.  We need this, Canada
needs this.  Thanks in advance for your support!

HOTTT New Music!

Bobby Valentino - Alter Ego
*Definite half on a baby jam!
Game ft. T.I. & Robin Thicke - Pushin' It
Jay-Z ft. Swiss Beats - Ultra
*Preview only from Evil Empire
Lloyd Banks ft. Lloyd - Any Girl
Ne-Yo - Champagne Life
Plies - Goonette
*Raw and not fit for radio play - mixtape Kings
and Queens will appreciate
R. Kelly - I Don't Care
*Can Kells do wrong?!  No!
Rock City - My Heart goes Out To You
*Super HOTTT R&B

HOTTT New Reggae / Dancehall

Suga Roy - Gyal Swear
Gyptian - Mama Bawl
I-Wayne - Famine & Drought
Sean Kingston ft. Nicki Minaj - Dutty Dutty
Serani - What You Need
Unknown Voice - Kirkledove Records
*Super HOTTTTTTTT!  Different sound, different
vibe.  Loving it!
Poirier ft. Mikey Dangerous - Can't Stop My Flow
*Certified Heat!  Don't sleep, pause or blink!

One the come up...

Vybrant Yute ft. Sher Sher - 1 & Only


Dennis Blaze with his industrial strength remix
of Beyonce's "Baby Boy" on top of a little Tribe
Called Quest, on top of some Super Cat and more!
3rd degree burns from Mr. Blaze.  Yikes!

DJ Q remixes R. Kelly's "Be My #2" with a nice
electronic sound.  Super HOTTT!

DJ Snypayush remixes Ludacris's "Stand Up"
on the Flash Forward Riddim.  Super HOTTTT!

In The Mixxx!

Hurricane Sound - Ever Fresh
Super HOTTT mix with some Reggae and Dancehall

P.S.  I got an e-tap the other day from a good
bredrin who asked me to break down Major
case you have the same inquiry, they are musical
composition that begin in a major key and end
in a minor key (the parallel minor).  The most
famous example is Beethoven's Symphony
No. 5!

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