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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Drum And The Chant!

The drum is the oldest known instrument.  With
skin stretched over a bowl, a drummer strikes
the skin creating sound.  African civilization is
the first known to use drums as communication
with other tribes, and for celebration.
In 1995, Bobby Digital Dixon produced the
Kette Drum riddim which focused on the chanting
of the artist and the beat of the drum.  The riddim
acted as a 'calling' to all listeners, and a calling to
Jah's ears to hear the plea of the singer.
Bobby cleverly includes a male voice humming
in addition to the drumming and parallel to the
bassline enhancing the listeners experience without
them consciously knowing.
Garnet Silk chanted: "Be still all ye enemies of
God ... let the righteous be glad / sing onto God ...
Bounty Killer chanted:  "Before dem seek God /
dem seek dih devil / dat's why dem life so miserable /
but dih Killa say it's God / and not dih devil ...
Cocoa Tea chanted:  "Holy Mount Zion I'm coming
home to you ...
Mutabaruka chants:  "We know weh yuh up to / yuh
gih dih yute dem coke  / now dem tek coke fih joke /
yuh gih dih yute dem gun / now dih gun dem ah tun ...
simple Simon / met a pieman going to the fair / said
simple Simon to the pieman / gimme what yuh have
we nuh care / there was an ole lady who live inna shoe /
had so many children / she neva know weh fih do /
she gave dem some porridge without any bread / now
a gun man come een an shot dem all dead...."
Additional artists on the riddim include:  Beenie
Man & Determine / Cobra / Frankie Paul & Edi
Fitzroy / Josey Wales / Morgan Heritage /
President Brown / Shabba Ranks / Spragga
Benz / Terror Fabulous.
*In addition to Bobby Digital releasing the Kette
Drum riddim on his 'Digital B' label, chunes were
also released on, Donovan Germaine's Penthouse
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch the Kette Drum
riddim produced by Bobby Digital Dixon here:
P.S.  Happy Birthday to DJ C-Roy from Florida!  :)

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